gainax’s “final” gurren lagann thoughts

Too much info? At Gainax’s wrap party for Gurren Lagann, apparently the following nuggets were dropped: Viral is a shark/cat hybrid. Leeron has had plastic surgery. Adiane played volleyball with Nia. Nia is Lord Genome’s biological daughter. Simon and Nia had seven days between defeating the anti-spiral and the wedding, and they aren’t virgins. Did I need to know any of these bits of information? No. At least they didn’t reveal Kittan’s drinking problem or that Boota has rabies or what really happened before the wedding. But, one thing that was interesting: they are planning a related series in two years. The whole transcript should be out soon in a normal (read: not 2ch) publication.

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  1. Well, that’s interesting. So Nia managed to hold on 7 days before disappearing. Gainax seems to love to put Yukari Fukui in roles that really incite respect and moe in the bucketfuls.

    Also, Leeron having plastic surgery nicely explains why he hasn’t aged at all. I’d been suspecting so.

  2. lol. Too much information indeed. :D Although the one about Simon and Nia is nice. (At least they have some time together). I don’t even know why they mentioned Leeron has had a plastic surgery, but that might explain why he didn’t changes after the last time-slip.

    Anyhow, the great news is of course the new related series. More Gurren Lagann can only be a good thing. Too bad we had to wait 2 years for it though. I wonder want Gainax will gives us in that mean time?

  3. Simon and Nia had seven days between defeating the anti-spiral and the wedding, and they aren’t virgins.

    My imagination is running wild, alright.

  4. Nothing about Yoko Aka the Black Widow?

  5. Simon and Nia had seven days between defeating the anti-spiral and the wedding, and they aren’t virgins.
    Good for them but could this mean Simon also lost his potential heir when Nia passed away? I fear the fan fiction that could spark…

    I always like these pieces of extra, useless info. It’s nice to see what extra details the writers came up with. Now we just need to get them to recognise Bruce Ironstaunch as an official character…

  6. I don’t quite get this. If Nia is a artificial life form created by the anti-spiral, how exactly is she Genome’s biological daughter? And in that case, what about all the other discarded princesses?

  7. If Viral was part-cat they should’ve let him add nya to the end of his sentence like Nishiyama Kankuro did… I would’ve busted a gut.

  8. Lesson well learned from Evangelion. Although I don’t know what good it does to kill fan speculation.

  9. Also, I feel for Kamina, having been one-upped by Simon in yet another area.

  10. LOL WHAT
    I don’t know whether to be glad or weirded out by this new info!

  11. Turambar: Nia wasn’t the first child for Genome to throw away. That’s because the anti-spiral “gene” was passed on from him.

    As for this news… all very interesting. It gives some closure, I suppose. I admit, though, that I’m skeptical of a related series. Very skeptical. I hope they don’t do it, because I can’t imagine doing anything that would live up to that legacy.

  12. @mac

    the could od a recap movie

    Gurren Lagann – Death and Rebirth

  13. I’d still be skeptical about stuff posted on 2ch. All those information may or may not be true.

  14. So the question remains: will this be the adventures of Spiral Knight, Lord Genome — The Travels of Simon — or a Darry-tastic moe-fest?


  15. Clearly, the next series will be

  16. and they aren’t virgins.

    hmm sure?

  17. The devirginizing of Nia sure makes the spiral/anti-spiral thing quite filthy now.

    So, indeed, Simon pierced the heavens with his drill.

    And how.

  18. I’m sorry. i had to share this. i know the dub is terrible, but I never thought they’d replace the god knows. I wept as I saw this.

  19. Saw it, and wept.

    GodDAMMIT, Bandai and Kadokawa. Leave Aya’s singing alone.

  20. I couldn’t even listen to more than 1 second of it.

    Dual-audio DVDs for PAL, please.

  21. Of course, then there’s others like me who’ll want to watch it just to die of laughter. Amusing, really. Honestly, with their attempted promotion of the english dubs at Anime Expo, this isn’t terribly surprising anymore. At least they didn’t screw around with Hare Hare Yukai. Now that would have been a horror.

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