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Well, probably not what you’d expect for a post titled “Genshiken 2 1.”


I loved the first two/three volumes of Genshiken. I thought that they were hilarious, driven mostly by Sasahara’s decent into the dark side and Saki’s confrontational nature. Unfortunately, by the end of volume three (and about the end of the first season), Genshiken became less of the real life vs. otaku life struggles and more about… well… otaku life drama. Once Sasahara became chairman, the drama and comedic dynamic changed to be more focused on otaku tasks rather than otaku tasks and how they are perceived by the outside world. I found this part of Genshiken to be less enjoyable as it doesn’t have the same “edgy” style the original volumes. Basically, if the first portion of Genshiken were Clerks 1, then the latter half would be Clerks 2. Draw your own conclusions from that.

The new season picks up pretty much after the OVA with Sasahara as president and Saki resigned to her new lifestyle. The gang is now dealing with the drudgery of creating their own doujinshi for comic-fes (a completely new and original idea never previously explored in anime… oh wait, it’s not). Genshiken has been methodical and pragmatic in its approach. I think it tries to be “more real” than something zany like Doujin Work. It’s almost like Genshiken is a typical 9-to-5 company with its ISO 9000 while Doujin Work is the start up where they hold meetings using a ping pong table. The problem is that once Genshiken develops this approach, the earlier focus on Saki trying to acclimatize herself to the otaku world disappears, and I feel that’s the best part of the franchise.


Since I have nothing more to add and have some time to kill before Sarah Silverman, I’m going to spend the next thirty minutes writing my own doujinshi… let’s see what I can do in thirty minutes… mmm… got it! These events take place the night before Simon’s and Nia’s wedding…

It was a night of celebration. With the future of the spirals safely secured, the Gurren Brigade could turn its attention to more important things: Simon’s bachelor party. Knowing Simon’s grounded nature (and that the primary planners were Leeron and Rossiu), it wasn’t going to be a massive stripper orgy, and that was fine with Simon. His thoughts were elsewhere, anxiously waiting for his promised day with Nia. They were at Kaji’s Brew, the hottest bar in town, and the drinks were flowing, thanks to Viral’s numerous toasts to everyone who should have been at the table with them. No, they are at the table with them.

Lord Genome. Makken. Jougan. Barinbou. Kittan. Ailac. Kidd.

One drink a piece. No exceptions.

Viral: [With as much enthusiasm as Madarame extolling a Gundam h-game] “One more Simon. For Kamina!!!”

Viral pulls out a bigger glass, it’s an Arc Gurren Lagann compared to th Gurren Lagann shot glasses used previously.

Simon: [Visibly subdued and uncoordinated] “For Kamina… burp!”

He doesn’t succeed getting most of it down. A lot end up staining his tight black T-shirt with four stars over the left chest.

Leeron: [Wiping dribble off a zonked out Simon in a way that suggests this doujinshi is not what everyone expected] “I think the commander is done. Let’s call the limo and head back.”

Rossiu and Leeron carry Simon out, where they are greeted by Arc Gurren, which they pimped out with those rims that keep spinning after it stopped. Gotta travel in style, beyotches.

Enter the captain’s quarter’s. There’s a large living room, but fairly spartan with a table, chairs, and a sofa. Adjacent to the living room is a bedroom with a simple bed. No other furniture of note. The place is in a mess and could sure use Maria’s loving touch. Rossiu and Leeron carry Simon to the bedroom, heave him onto the bed. Leeron has that “I hope that’s not what where jason is going with this” smile. They actually leave the bedroom and try to head out of the captain’s quarters.

Leeron: [Pointing to a passed out Viral, still babying a quarter full bottle of Cristal] “I’m out. Good night, Simon.”

Rossiu: [Wobbling] “sdfhajef” [Collapses]

Leeron: [Haughtily] “Mmmph. Boys today. They wouldn’t last five rounds with me.”

Leeron exits, averting worst case scenario.

15 minutes pass. Yoko is returning to her room after a night out with Nia and the girls when she passes the captain’s quarters. She’s wearing something classier than the double star top, but not by much. She never leaves much to the imagination. She didn’t have too much to drink… buzzed, maybe… drunk, no. Yoko does a double take due to the strong scent of booze…

Yoko: “What the fuck happened here?!?” [In her booming voice as she enters through the unlocked door] “The wedding is like in seven hours! Shoo shooo!”

She drops her purse off in the doorway, which prevents the door from fully closing. Motions at Rossiu and Viral to wake up. It’s an automatic door, standard issue on all Spiral Warships.

Rossiu: [Kinda waking up] “Dfjdklfjsdf” [Collapses]

Viral sleep mumbles something, takes a sleep-swig of Cristal, and is out cold, just like Rossiu.

Yoko: “Hopeless.” [Face palm] “Better check on the groom.”

Enters the bedroom, leaves the door mostly closed with a small crack

Yoko: “Simon! You’re a mess!”

Simon: [Sleep talking] “Hai Yomako-sensei.”

Yoko: [Sighs, then starts kinda muttering in a disapproving kind of way] “Can’t believe you saved the world. OMG you can’t get married reeking of cheap booze.”

Yoko tries to remove Simon’s alcohol-soaked T-shirt, only Simon turns over in his drunken haze and traps Yoko between him and the bed.

Yoko: “Simon!”

She struggles to get free. Simon slurs stuff about homework and Yomako-sensei unintelligibly, but his lips are very close to Yoko’s skin, and her skin tenses up at the warmth of his breath.

Yoko manages to break free. A bit sweaty from the effort. Huffs for a second, but then stares at Simon’s still baby-like face.

Yoko: [Quietly] “I was never able to give Kamina a send-off… Simon, I’m going to give you one kiss before I hand you over to Nia…”

Yoko watches Simon’s face, she pulls her face closer to his… her mind is in a jumble, staring at Simon, his nakid chest, her last probably chance… she’s about to give him a gentle, sweat kiss on the cheek… only she can’t… decides against it, but instead of pulling away, she moves down his neck and onto his torso… she moves down his torso, her hands following the curves a few centimeters beneath her lips… her fingers moving the path of a spiral… the heat from his skin… the movement of his heart… the calls for Yomako-sensei… she tugs at his pants and moves her head between his thighs, determined to give him a memorable kiss.

Cut away from the bedroom to the living room. Rossiu is still passed out. Viral’s out too, but his partially empty bottle of Cristal is now fully empty. The outside door is trying to close itself, but fails due to Yoko’s purse in the way. Through the hallway, Darry, who was returning from patrol and was unable to join Nia’s night out. She’s still wearing her customary jumpsuit. She notices Yoko’s purse stuck in the doorway.

Darry: “???”

Confused, she picks up the purse and goes into the captain’s quarters. She’s a bit disoriented by the chaos at hand, but she hears a distinct sound from the bedroom. The door’s slightly ajar… she goes closer to investigate…

Darry: (Gasp, but a quieted one as only Darry can do) “Yoko-san!?!”

Yoko pays no attention to her. She’s busy.

Darry: “That’s so unfair of you, Yoko-san. I want my turn too.”

Darry closes the door, locks it, and approaches Yoko and Simon while reaching for the zipper on her back…

Oh damn, thirty minutes are up. Probably should have picked Genshiken as my doujinshi script topic… oh whatever. Due to, uh, nature of this post, I will be more strict in that inappropriate comments will be deleted/edited.

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  1. first post o yes

  2. Whoa! Nice Yoko fan pic (Saved). :D

  3. I bet you’ve wanted to write something like that.

  4. Now finish the rest of the fic dammit! You damn tease! D:

  5. “inappropriate comments will be deleted/edited.”

    What? Wouldnt that be the majority of posts made after one of your blog posts, risky content or not?

  6. i’d unzip her, if you know what i mean.
    Genshiken isn’t really that big a deal for me this season, i mean, we all read the manga. I’d rather spend my time exploring the new stuff, but know that it’s there should i need a little entertainment.

  7. what is unfair is that we don’t get the rest of that !

  8. So is this irony, or sarcasm?

  9. Even better, it’s the blueprint for the next ZnT novel.

  10. Eh, Genshiken reeaallly starts to decline once they try to turn it into a Romantic Comedy.

  11. FUND IT. Or at least get Gainax’ creative staff to see this. I hear they’re working on side story OAVs, which MIGHT include one about the night before the funeral disguised as a wedding…

  12. embarrassing comments are prohibited!

  13. Thank you for reminding me why I keep reading this blog Jason.


  15. Well more of Genshiken Doujins
    Continuing the unstopped fictional story he left off (alternate)..
    Yoko was shocked ” Whoa, Darry you grown a lot. But I think you are not capable of yet for Simon so back off.” Yoko seems enjoying every last minute with Simon until she finally got tired. Darry still undress, pulls Yoko away from Simon and starts to kiss Simon then all of a sudden, Simon awakened.
    Simon told Darry ” You are still young, I already have Nia. Yomako sensei seems lonely over the death of Kamina and Kittan so I let her do what she wants.” Darry starts to cry “You are so unfair Simon, I also developed feelings to you, Simon then get a blanket and put it into Darry. “Don’t worry there is someone special other than me you would fall in love with someday.” Despite what Simon have told her, she kiss Simon and bid greetings for his marriage with Nia.
    Then the time went pass, everyone is preparing for the wedding as Yamako and Darry remembers their wonderful memories with Simon forever.

  16. YTIOB

    (Yes, This Is Our Blogger)

  17. Holy shit, AoMM HAS YET to blog the new KyoAni moefest #4596? I’m speechless.

  18. Just watch. Simply from this, a real doujin will spring foreward in gloriously medium-level drawing (or maybe if it hits the right person’s eyes, beautifully drawn) full out perversion that Jason started. Even if he may not finish the fight…someone else will. And it’ll be on 4chan faster than you can say “Mine is a drill that will pierce the heavens!”

  19. >> FUND IT. Or at least get Gainax’ creative staff to see this.

    Hey, I’ve volunteered my help in the past, but I don’t think any anime studio reads this blog. I do know a few people in the US anime industry reads it… I really hope ADV is reading this blog and sends me an advance copy of Gurren Lagann’s DVD.

    >> Holy shit, AoMM HAS YET to blog the new KyoAni moefest #4596?

    I said already that I wasn’t going to blog that one. But I also said that I wasn’t going to blog Gundam 00… but I found out it’s 26 episodes with a Suzaku of the Counterattack tossed in.

  20. If Jason had gone further, would it have ended like so?

  21. This

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