mirai nikki chapter 24

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All I can say is OMGWTFBBQ.

Both suppositions are now official: Yuno’s craziness has completely and utterly broken any scale that I can come up with, and Mirai Nikki‘s gained epic manga status. The story has realized it’s potential, and, even though we all knew something bad was going to happen from chapter 23, 24 just kicked it up like 10,000 notches. Great chapter. Can’t wait to see how this story turns out.

(And if you haven’t read any Mirai Nikki yet, shame on you. Shame, shame, shame.)

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  1. Please….where did you get the chapter? Can’t find it, only found the RAW on 4chan

  2. The 1st!

    I read, and I was freaked out

  3. I just read the raw……OMFGWTFBBQGTFO!!!!!!!! I droped my sandwitch when I got the THAT page…….holy shit

  4. Do things just start getting awesome when multiples of 12 are involved?

  5. Opening pic reminded me of Justice of Guilty Gear.

  6. Baka-manga.com can link you for 24

    I was impressed.

  7. Shame on me… *becomes a lurker* ^^

  8. Ooh the plot thickens. Let’s see if Yukki gets out of this alive. I wonder if Yukki will still want to be with Yuuno even after this…

    I think the author will somehow make that happen… since I’m pretty sure Yuuno’s gonna be the last boss.

  9. Shame on me indeed.

    I just read all 23 chapters. I <3 Yuno.

  10. yep..chapter 24 was one …freaky one.
    Yuno is utterly completely mad. Yuuki should have gotten rid of her when he could , but with all the faith Deus seems to have on him I suppose he will eventually win the game eh.

  11. I was shamed into download all 24 chapters of Mirai Nikk today. What can I say apart from “What a great series”, and “Batshit insane taken on a whole new level”. Thanks for the recommendation Jason.

    Btw, ch 24 is here: http://rapidshare.com/files/83.....4.rar.html

  12. Wow, it only took some of you three pimpings to finally read this thing… I mean, I gave it a Best Manga award and all. I’m so proud of everyone nonetheless.

    Anyway, I have a few more thoughts. One is that I don’t think Yuno did this to rape Yuki, as Yuno already worn Yuki down and Yuki would have slept with her irregardless. There was an old Creepshow or Outer Limits or something of that ilk that had a female fan stalking this pop singer. Eventually, she muscled her way to become his mistress, but she wasn’t satisfied with that. She eventually killed him and then pretended to be him. I think that’s would be the next logical step for Yuno if Detective Conan didn’t show up. It also warrants mentioning that this was actually done and tried in an anime… Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig! Any plot twist that reminds me of both Creepshow and 2nd Gig is gold.

    My second thought is that I’m really hoping for a non-traditional ending… it would be awesome if Yuno won. Can you imagine her as Kyrios? She would blow Haruhi Suzumiya out of the water. If I were the writer, that’s what I would do. Especially since everyone believes that Yuki will pull out a victory nonetheless, and I’m not sure if you can have a happy ending with Yuki and Yuno anymore. If you did, it would be really cheesy and cheap. And having both die would be lame cop out.

    My third thought is that I can’t think of a studio that I would trust to make this into an anime. I’m not sure if any studio can nail Yuno’s craziness just right, but I think Gainax has the best shot. It’s not cute enough for Kyoto, and I wouldn’t trust any A material to Shaft, JC Staff, Studio Deen, or Sunrise. Madhouse and Bones would do a competent job, but I don’t think they can nail down Yuno’s craziness either. In the end, it’ll probably be like Gonzo that gets to make it… OH GEASS NO!!!!!

  13. >> Wow, it only took some of you three pimpings to finally read this thing… I mean, I gave it a Best Manga award and all. I’m so proud of everyone nonetheless.

    You are right – we were lazy and we have no excuse!

    First of all, in terms of anime studio choice, I would happily give this to Sunrise. imagine the train-wreak that would come out in the end! Maybe they can push Yuno’s off the chart insanity to another level. Remember that this is the studio that gave us table humping, superior facial distortion, Wong + Nina, and all of those OH GEASS NO!! moments. I bet half of the blogging world would love the result of this unholy child. Another studio I would like to make this series is Production I.G. simply because they have the ability to make any fight scene awesome. However, in the end, I agree with you that I would not trust any studio to “get” Yuno.

    I think Yuno’s mind in her brokenness is in the process of causing Yuki to starve to death.

    I also loved her “JUST AS PLANNED” face this chapter. Far superior to Light in planning and killing ability.

  14. I apologize, I’ve read the 24 chapters today and it’s fucking awesome. And yes, Sunrise with the same budget as Gundam Balls.

    I’m gonna try Wolf and Spice, thanks again for having made it known.

    Uh not sure of my poor english, I’ll get some sleep another day, maybe.

  15. This series has just destroyed the awesomeness meter. Yanderes are the new Tsunderes LOL

    I agree with above: Bones or PRODUCTION IG would make this series GODLY if it were to be an anime. But we’d have to wait at least two years, or else we’d be facing fillers galore :(


  17. Mirai Nikki is a perfect example why stalkers are beyond creepy.

    I always knew that Yuno would snap someday. But, this just blew it out of proportion.

    BTW Jason you should try Psyren its good.

  18. Yuno’s freaking creepy. That’s all I’m saying.

  19. wow. thanks for another great recommendation. this manga is just incredible.

  20. Yuno’s freaking creepy. That’s all I’m saying.

    I started reading this after Jason recommended it along with the Koharu Biyori manga, but after a few chapters Yuno scared me so much I couldn’t continue. I like the premise of teaming up in a “there can be only one” contest, and the story seems to be solid, but this just isn’t for me.

  21. This series is definitely in my top 10 list. Yuno crazyness added to the fact that yukki needs her (due to his own diary flaws) just make for one insane plot. I also think it is awesome how yuuki is nothing more than a normal kid, compared to those super heroic manga heroes that just dont act like a normal human would in these kind of situations (i find it quite normal when yuuki cryes when he is afraid, hell in his place i would probaly shit myself XD)

    this manga is a must read

  22. shames on me as well, guess i better start lurking too…

    “the 1st” guy reminds me of Metal Gear Rex and Eva 01 at the same time, this coming from a non-reader. Just my 2 cents

  23. I’ve read two, maybe three chapters of this. I didn’t find it interesting at all, seemed to peddle to cliche character archetypes and pedestrian plot devices too much. I don’t think I’ll pick it up again.

  24. Where did you get your scanlations? I got mine from /rs/ and its different from yours I’d think (it left the panel you posted uneditted, page 41 is untranslated HUEG file 30MB, etc.).

  25. Northernshadows: There’re two websites you should have on your bookmark now:
    http://gotlurk.net/ & http://www.mangaupdates.com/

    gotlurk has an massive archive, and whatever you can’t find there, mangaupdates should cover you.

  26. That was Pakx asking about sauce, not me. ;) But I agree, those two sites should belong to every manga aficionado’s basic vocabulary. Lurking moar is what I do whenever I want to check out a previously unknown series.

  27. >>Wow, it only took some of you three pimpings to finally read this thing… I mean, I gave it a Best Manga award and all. I’m so proud of everyone nonetheless.

    I only started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago so it was really only one pimping for me.

    After reading some archives of this blog, the next on my read list is High School of the Dead

  28. Yuki’s decision to stay with the crazed, homicidal cutie, Yuno, is a classic example of leading with one’s testicles and not with one’s avoid-a-horrible-death-due-to-severe-semen-shortage part of the brain. Lament the many poor male leads lost thus.

  29. Look at the evidence ppl she wearing underwear why the hell would she be doing that and there is food on the floor so i’m guessing she has been feeding him so you can’t say she going to kill him there is no evidence. ( well any strong evidence not saying i’m ruling out the possibility just saying that don’t jump to conclutions. )

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