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One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents of it was in pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one’s cheeks burned with the silent imputation of parsimony that such close dealing implied


When Saji broke out the gift that he labored long and hard for to Louise… and then she revealed what happened to her hand… I just thought about Jim and Della. If only giant killing machines and crazy Rie Kugimiya-voiced characters were involved. I kept complaining about what Sunrise intended for Louise and Saji, and, well, we know. They’re the innocent civilians who are the first ones majorly screwed by “Celestial Being,” and they’re definitely candidates (especially Saji) for revenge. Sunrise kept them swimming along to this point to lower the hammer… or… more fittingly… toss laser bolts into a wedding ceremony.

(Though if Nena attacked Fuko’s sister wedding, and a starfish-shaped mobile suit launched to fight her, that would be pretty damn cool. As long as Kyou, Tomoyo, and Tomoya are still stuck in same, GN particle-proof gym storage shed.)


This episode does quickly shift the premise of 00 from Gundam vs. AEU/Union/HRL to Gundam vs. Gundam. It’s about time! Maybe we’ll get some non-contrived mecha battles now… oh, who am I kidding? It’s Sunrise. It’s like visiting Derailed by Darry for a week and not encountering any melonpan.

Points of Interest


Not to be forgotten with all the jazzy new mobile suits… Graham Acre is awesome. He’s the anti-Sunohara, and I apologize for even thinking they’re similar. I think he’s the most likable pilot, with Sergei being a close second. They’re both no bull military men who take on superior machines and win. I loved his, “I’ll rip those Gundams apart… but with a Flag” line. Chill moment. How can you not root for the Flag Fighters after that? Especially that they’re based in Obama’s state now. Then Graham took it to another level this episode…


… emo facial distortion! I’m definitely giddy.


Remember when I said that the Thrones were evil? Yep. Right on cue. Sunrise is capable of two types of plots: the linear path and the “we’re just tossing shit together.” Fortunately, we’re still on the linear path, though I’m not sure when we’ll enter “tossing shit together” territory, but it’s a given we will. Something dumb like Saji getting his own Gundam will happen.

(Anyway, after seeing the Gundam franchise go through star female seiyuu after star female seiyuu, when does Aya Hirano get a turn? Choco coronet Gundam 4tw!)


I know the problem with Veda. It’s running Windows Vista! Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. That’s why it’s secure and unhackable. Seriously, Celestial Being is governed by a supercomputer? No wonder they picked this crop of pilots for Meisters, and it’s probably the same supercomputer that powers Guarderobe. Even the Thrones have their own computer, Laguna. It’s a scary future that people are controlled by computers. Now, excuse me as I have to do a virus scan of my PC and then I gotta check my e-mail and RSS reader.

(I swear, Tieria’s sweater gets more and more gay every episode.)


In the future, computers will still be keyboard entry with monochrome screens. Awesome. Do they also run on just 640kb of RAM?


Someone who is in the running for both the Rukia All-Stars and the Trapped in a Gym Storage Shed All-Stars. Now that Louise and Saji are contributing (albeit lightly and in a roundabout way) to the plot, it’s just Ms. Wang that needs to do something– anything– besides changing outfits and looking like jailbait. The funniest (I think unintentionally) moment of the episode was when Sumeragi conceded that they are blind against the Thrones and that “It all rests on Ms. Wang now.” Hilarious considering she hasn’t done anything but polish her 500 word essay for the Rukia All-Stars.

(Corner and his green haired boy toy… I think there’s a 75% chance they’re the main villains. Like we haven’t seen the boy toy in a while, and suddenly we get menacing close ups of him this episode. Oh Sunrise and your foreshadowing.)


When Setsuna goes to intervene the Thrones, I couldn’t believe the strategy that he used. “Hey, they think I’m a friend, and I have a melee-class mobile suit. So I’ll just announce my intentions and shoot from afar! HEY LOCKON LOOK AT ME I’M YOU! LOL!” He should have flown in close, pretended to be friendly, and then taken out Michael by stabbing him in the back (since Michael’s the most mentally stable). Then he should have systematically gone after the other two while still in close range.

(Needless to say, I’m all out of face palms this week after Tomoya and Setsuna. Now I know what Sunohara’s imouto feels like day in and day out.)


And from last time

K.K.: They had a plot? I thought it was “blah blah blah *sparkly boom boom* New costume vs. ever increasing cleavage”

You meant Minami-ke, right?

teabeans: Sunrise has a clever ruse planned for us. We must look towards Saji who currently meets one of the two gundam meister requirements being the hair length. From what I see Sunrise can easily kill off Louise to fuel any lacking emo properties in Saji leading to Saji ascending to gundam meister status a la Shinn Asuka style and we’d be down two Rukia All-stars applicants and HOPEFULLY up one sane gundam meister(assuming the emo-molding process doesn’t corrupt him).

There is no doubt otherwise. None. But Saji is not sane, and there’s always a chance that Sunrise would toss us a curveball like if, instead of piloting a mobile suit, Saji starts dressing up in old ladies dresses and pretends to be Louise’s mom to comfort her. I’m not sure to file that in the linear path or the just tossing shit together category.

Epi: I’m still waiting for Graham Acre to kick some real ass instead of seeing his minions kill themselves…

He was awesome this episode. He walked a fine line between smooth and unstable, and it was fantastic. He reminds me a lot of a cross between November 11 from Darker Than Black, Mwu La Fraga, and Sunohara’s much more capable oniisama (the one that his imouto has a secret crush on).

Syaoran Li: I asked one of my friends when was the last time one side had so many Gundams (7 units) and his answers were none. Just Wing almost reach that number

Very observant. Though G Gundam had a boatload (since everyone had one), and if you count Strike-variants, Gundam Seed had a good number as well. But I don’t think there ever has been a Gundam series that didn’t have Gundam on Gundam fighting, and, well, we’re getting it now. This just leaves the mobile suit upgrade and obligatory milked death scene as Gundam staples to be checked off.

Tim: Has Fllay been reincarnated as an even more psychotic hottie?

I thought Flay was plenty hawt the first time around. She was crazy, and then corrupted… but ultimately crazy. Though she doesn’t pilot a mobile suit, so Nena has a much greater potential for destruction… and Nena’s fulfilling that role, uh, aptly.

Aura031: At 2ch, I saw a prediction of the next chapter saying that Louise would lose her left arm during the wedding ceremony of her brother. And later Saji’s sister would die in later chapter……

2ch is fearsome. I wonder if they could put their powers to the greater good, like hunting down Osama Bin Laden or hooking up otaku with cute girls they meet on the subway.

(But I’m wondering if they are priming Saji to be the star of the next season of 00. That would make the most sense… especially if Setsuna accidentally kills Louise on the final episode of this season.)

Phil Collins: I would, without a doubt, pee in Nenas butt.

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. “Hey, they think I’m a friend, and I have a melee-class mobile suit. So I’ll just announce my intentions and shoot from afar! HEY LOCKON LOOK AT ME I’M YOU! LOL!”

    I lol’d.

  2. I don’t think Graham is going to survive to see the end. When he pushes his custom Flag to the point that it can match/exceed a Gundam, he looks like he is on the losing end of a street fight from all of those G forces. A shame too…

    I’m not a big fan of Obama…no one can challenge his high rhetoric w/out being labeled as against hope. And when he says he’ll end the partisanship, I ask how and get nothing. It’s like when Celestial Being states that it will end war through intervention, I ask how (when it is looking more like a regular war that CB is winning). I blame you Jason for expecting more out of my politics, anime, and melonpan.

  3. Well MSG had no Gundam vs Gundam combat (unless you considers Geloogs and Zakus gundams). And in my opinion Ai Shimizu (who lacks Mecha roles) and Hitomi Nabatame (also lacking mecha roles) should be on the next gundam series.

  4. Its not a sweater–Its a cardigan!

  5. Neena is being bullshit.
    killing innocent… WTF?
    Look at Saji’s face, he’s like so sad..
    I’m sure the old Gundam Meisters is gonna fight the Thrones. I’m sure, because in the current opening you can see the might (near the end)

    I’m looking forward for more episodes.

  6. The hospital scene made me feel sorry for Louise and Saji since I’ve gotten to know them over so many episodes. Although Saji should have manned up and gone for the smooth move by slipping the rings onto Louise’s and his right ring finger. Except I know he doesn’t have enough of guts to pull off something like that off, but after all of this he just might develop a spine.

  7. So, let’s see this out…

    Neena kills Louise’s relatives because they’re having a pleasant moment meanwhile the Thrones were going to accomplish a new mission. WTF is wrong with you Sunrise? Is funny to see how the World hasn’t reacted differently from this new ordeal of atrocities committed by the Gundam Thrones. Every single group thinks than this new Gundams are teaching them a lesson for their attempt to capture Setsuna and friends with their joint plan. Now Louise family will live in infamy, because everyone thinks Celestial Being only kills those who were involved in war and conflicts. Saiji is officially broken now, bringing the question all of us ask; will he play an important role for the series in the near future?

    The silliest part of this episode has to be when they’re told the Thrones had an imitation of their GN- particles generator and couldn’t come with a better excuse than someone hacking their system (Veda’s system). Sunrise sure is predictable, with everything going on around them. I guess we’ll get some twists before this first season ends on March.

    I know, if you include Freedom, Justice and Providence on Gundam Seed, they’re eight units, but never at the same time and in the same side. We know now that Exia, Dynames, Virtue and Kyrios will fight the Gundam Thrones.

    Only eight more episodes, damn it.

  8. Gundam tricked me I thought Saji would be the one who got a hold of a Gundam and kill the evil trinity. No Louise gets a hold of a one armed gundam and avenges her left arm. I love Sunrise

  9. >> In the future, computers will still be keyboard entry with monochrome screens. Awesome. Do they also run on just 640kb of RAM?

    Maybe it’s Sumeragi’s vague tribute to Battlestar Galactica’s idea of using old-gen Win 95 equipment so the hypothetical baddies with access to Vista can’t hack into her plans? Maybe she’s a FAT32 fan? Or maybe Celestial Being ran out of funds after making a huge loss on the Haro vs Haro fight.

  10. Funny thing is, no matter how powerful these Gundam 00 units are, they are NOTHING compared to SEED units. Remember Freedom and Justice slicing through entire colonies with one shot?

    I’m happy Graham Acre finally got to do some ownage. Good move on his part to use the enemy sword to chop it’s own arm off. Of course I wonder, if the Flag’s sword and the Gundam sword cannot cut through eachother, why does one need Gundam weapons to harm the Gundam, and not just the Flag’s sword? (As we remember, the outer shells of Gundams are impervious to all attacks).

    Finally one last tidbit:

    Billy: Graham oh how you please me when you bend over into that cockpit.
    Graham: Billy I will *not* yield to this.
    Billy: If there are some things you can’t yield on, there are some things I can’t either.
    Tieria: Hey guys…
    Billy: *blushes*

  11. By the way, knowing Sunrise, everything is possible. I was trying to think if Saiji could become a Gundam pilot in a short amount of time. In Gundam Seed, they’re able to pilot thanks to their genes (the superhuman abilities of the Coordinators). Even in Destiny, Shinn managed to flight a Gundam in less than a year (from CE 72 to C 73), not to mention how Mr. Impossible managed to flight the Strike thanks to Kira’s modified OS. Now here in 00, I can’t picture Saiji becoming a pilot, even for the AEU (a Flag pilot), less a Gundam Meister. I guess Jason was right; Saiji and Louise’s presence on the series is only to remind us how pointless is a fight, if the ones you’re trying to protect got killed by those who fight for the “weak”.

    Now, if “Celestial Being” true goal isn’t eradicate war, then what? I can’t imagine their true intentions, so Sunrise, surprise me once again with your stupidity.

    If you would excuse me, I need some stress relief after writing this post. Clannad 17, here I go…

  12. >> If you would excuse me, I need some stress relief after writing this post. Clannad 17, here I go…

    Wait, you watched Gundam 00 18 over Clannad 17? That’s a high crime in these here parts, yaw.

  13. Welcome to Clannad 17, one of Earth’s finest remaining urban centers.

  14. Ahh, the paradise known as Clannad 17. Ah, Hallelujah I too hear the world’s deire for moe and kyou’s thigh.

    Good that Eins lost. Over powered gundams like in SEED was boring. You go Graham, take that G-force like a man, YEAH!

    Anyways How long do you think some one drunk would state their Fantasies about a psycho Nena or being turned on by a one handed louise. Oh God, the possible Doujins, damn I m not making any since, damn alcohol. ………

  15. Graham Acre is going to kick some ass now with the new beam saber technology. I also elect that Louise should be the new Gundam suit; her body can take more damage than all of the meisters’ mental health combined… oh wait, that doesn’t really say much does it?

  16. Mmmm….one handed Louise…..ohh Wait, am I thinking out loud? I’m not even drunk either damnit….

  17. And after all this, you know what? I’d still hit Louise. She’s lost that annoying side and gained a depressed side, so it’s finally perfect.

  18. Well, wouldn’t be the first time they tried using a one-armed pilot. Last time I can remember was in Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories and the guy was piloting a modified mobile suit/armor. Though that story arc was short-lived, but he sure went out with a bang. Let’s see if Sunrise digs out ancient history and make it happen again.

  19. I felt no pity for Louise at all, she should have fled for the hills when seeing the Gundam since they never come out just to give an airshow. Now that Louise is the sole heir of her family’s fortune she will probably spend 6 million euros on self improvement. After all this sounds awfully familiar…A girl barely alive. We can rebuild her. We have the technology. We can make her better than she was. Better…stronger…faster…possibly smarter. If not then she should get a hook, peg leg, and an eypatch to become a pirate to make this series more interesting. I wonder which she’ll pick monkey or parrot?

    Good to see that Graham did something more than lose wingmen this time around. Though if he does experience excessive Gs his circulation would stop and he will black out, there is no coughing of blood IIRC.

    Watching the episode again I thought for a second there that evil Haro was some dude’s head at 1:05 and 11:04 when I paused it. Given the relative position of the Haro and what Nena was doing at the time it just looked like something completely unrelated to piloting…

  20. “I know the problem with Veda. It’s running Windows Vista!”

    jason if the computer was using Window Vista they would not fail as much
    (its not that bad)

    The OS of that computer is obviously Window ME the uselesses of it and the crashing failing plan is proof

  21. Val: The hospital scene made me feel sorry for Louise and Saji since I’ve gotten to know them over so many episodes. Although Saji should have manned up and gone for the smooth move by slipping the rings onto Louise’s and his right ring finger. Except I know he doesn’t have enough of guts to pull off something like that off, but after all of this he just might develop a spine.

    That was exactly what I was thinking…who the hell sits there and watches their girlfriend cry? I seriously wanted to punch Saji’s lights out this time around, even more than when he didn’t have the guts to kiss her goodbye at the airport…he seriously needs to learn from Lacus Clyne…at least she could comfort people…(as a side note, I have re-evaluated Louise’s intelligence level to be roughly the same as that of a deer…”oooooo…shiiinyyyyy”)…

    Oh, and go Graham Acre…new favorite male gundam character…quite possibly the first to chop a whole limb off of a gundam in 1v1 combat.

    On a second side note, *adds Nena to the “somebody kill this bitch” list*…

  22. Chotto matte kure Jason

    I watched Clannad 17 like five times before watching Gundam 00 – 18. I never would betray Kyou or Tomoyo for Sumeragi’s melonpan, that’s for sure.

    Now, if you would excuse me, again; I’ve some “unfinish business” to take care off… <>

  23. The Thrones Gundams should’ve had something to avoid other mobile suits from activated snatched weaponry-wireless signals perhaps? But then again G.N. particles would probably have interfered, and they don’t honesty expect anyone to get near enough to steal beam sabers.

    As for Setsuna, shooting from afar is a bad move especially if your Gundam is a close-combat specialist, but just floating by with little explanation is suspicious enough. Then if he fails he’ll be surrounded by two or three vengeful siblings-not good.

  24. Who cares if Setsuna shot at the Thrones and didnt sneak up on them because Exia is a close-combat suit? Who cares Graham coughed up blood instead of passing out due to high Gs?
    This is Gundam. Minute details of the plot/reality/insightful character development are not – are not supposed to be – its forte.
    Coolness, however, is supposed to be.
    And Graham coughing up blood after damaging the invincible Eins, the Thrones going into evasive maneuvers from Exia’s shots, Setsuna’s “Eliminating target” dialogue at the very end…those were definitely moments of “cool.”

  25. @ Syaoran Li

    errr, the thrones was not copied from vedo -.- the ones who copied the GN Drives are the ones who picked up Haro in Jupiter after it was abandoned….. and it took them 80 years to complete them.

  26. heh, graham is the man

  27. Finally a Gundam that takes place in A.D….. with physics, politics, and logic thrown out the window.

    I greatly despised this episode. They’re making Nena look bad, and I’m getting convulsions of Isaac from Gundam SEED (and hopefully they take that path lol). D:

  28. Omg, he mentioned Darker than Black!

  29. Damn it SUNRISE!!!

    I knew you’ll find the way to ruin Gundam 00. Just read the resume on Onmi’s page. Now Union, AEU and HRL will have the chance to built Gundams, since they recieve the info that in Antartica are 30 GN Drivers….

    This’s the end of teh coherent plot…. I know the Thrones GN Drivers aren’t the same as the 4 originales, but now 30 more Drivers, is stupid….

    Damn it!

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