is it in her face?

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Is it in her face?
(No, no, that’s just her charms.)

The I Just Realized My Girlfriend Humps Tables Thinking of My Best Friend Face
… But It’s Okay Because I’m Secretly Attracted To Him Too Face
The Kyou and Ryou Going To Lose The Prize To Nagisa Face
The Flay Memorial I’m Willing To Do Anything To Not Lose The Prize To Lacus Face
The I Caused This Mess By Not Confessing To My Half-Sister, Yet I Have No Qualms Or Reservations About Confessing To A Girl Who Talks To Chickens Face
The I’m So Cool That In Three Years I’m Going To Be A Jazz Saxophonist Who Takes Out Garbage For A Living While My Girlfriend Dumps Me For The Dorky Kid Who Likes Girls With Big Breasts Face
The Even Though I Talk To Chickens, I Might Not Be The Craziest Person In This Anime Face
The I’m Cute, Please Think Of Hooking Up With Me Even If We Have The Same Dad Face
The I Want To Make That Previous Face Happen So Bad Face
The Plot To True Tears Is Sure Similar To Typical Shana-Tan, Hecate-Tan, And “Kurose” Yoshida Antics Face
The I Should Have Gotten A Divorce When I Was Still Young And Pretty Face
The Junichi Asakura / Haruhiko Amami Face
The If I Find My Boyfriend Cheating On Me, I’ll Feed His Chopped Body To The Chickens Face
The Shinji Ikari Face

18 Responses to “is it in her face?”

  1. Hell Yeah you add random Shana-tan to your random articles.

  2. I have the god damn it I have to track this down and watch it now face.

  3. True Tears is win.

  4. This post is made of win.

    Damn, True Tears looks entertaining. I guess I’ll watch it when it’s finished its run.

    Also, jason, I hate your spam protection. (Damn having to retype this because I forgot to fill the simple sum in…)

  5. *chuckles at the random Shana-tan insertion*

    I’ve been holding off watching True Tears, since I’ve got a significant series backlog as it is — just barely finished Higurashi and Higurashi Kai last week, and my word, was the last segment VERY fulfilling (though I fear for the eventual Higurashi Rei, which MIGHT cover Saikoroshi-hen, Daybreak and, Hinamizawa no Hanayome… I kid about the latter of course, given the ticking timebomb that is the Hinamizawa syndrome mixed with yakuza family antics, erm…). Although my series platter for this season ain’t that big to begin with (been watching only Shana and CLANNAD with any frequency), real life has more than made up for it. ^^

    Still, a certain Tanuki and Zaku beckon to give the series a chance… Hmm..

  6. How can you not put in the dad with the newspaper making the “I’m glad my wife takes it out on my bastard child instead of me” face?

  7. This post is more entertaining than True Tears itself

  8. Email inbox saturated much?

    The only one I didn’t get is the saxophonist. Otherwise, I had to contain the surge of chuckles that would otherwise bother a 60m radius in my neighbourhood.

    And just to fill this post with more RAGE, CLANNAD isn’t doing so hot with the Kyou and Tomoyo routes dropped for Nagisa while the cliffhangers in true tears have left me in despair every week.

    Noe is loev.

  9. Heh, you got me there with Shana-tan.

    Chicken girl Noe is moe. I want to find out her 11 secret herbs and spices, if you know what I mean…

  10. The saxophonist is Kai from Kimikiss, currently the guy in that anime who, if he existed in the real world, would be getting laid by a different woman or two at the same time every night, but instead is the cuddlebuddy of the genki girl/childhood friend/manstealing whore character.

    I like how Shin(ji) found his balls in time to confess to the wrong girl! Well done Shin! Even though I defended him in the past, what the heck is he doing here? Is this entire show going to be “I couldn’t get with the person I wanted, so I’m going to make out with second choice” wait no, Ai just found her balls about 1 episode too late, so I guess that’s out the window too. I think we need a “Who’s going to go Yandere first” pool going. Last week I would have said Miyokichi (he even flashed Kaede face!) but now he’s going to denial and rationalizations so I’m now going to say Hiromi. She has the right combination of pent up angsty unrequited love, the knowledge that she probably was going to win before this whole “oh I’m your half-sister” thing, and the fact that her boy is now making it with two hot chicks while she gets stuck with creepy guy on a bike.

  11. Well the faces in True Tears do say a lot.

    I am surprised you didn’t make a basketball reference with Jun. Maybe something about playing for the Washington Generals…

    It’s in her kiss.

    Kudos on the Cher reference.


    OK, that’s all I have to say.

  13. The Flay Memorial I’m Willing To Do Anything To Not Lose The Prize To Lacus Face

    SO TRUE.

  14. terrefic post Jason, exactly what we needed for True Tears.

  15. “The Even Though I Talk To Chickens, I Might Not Be The Craziest Person In This Anime Face”

    I LOL’d. Great post. NEEDS MOAR AI-CHAN!

  16. I usually highlight the text and hit Ctrl+C now because I’ve lost too many paragraphs to the spam protection. If you don’t see this post, then I forgot.

    I’ve only seen True Tears through Omni’s summaries and Jason’s funny posts, and yet it seems enough that I may not watch it although I’ve got a few eps on my HDD. I seem to go back to watching the same Gundam 00 eps and I just can’t start any other series. Now when spring comes around…

  17. Noe isn’t the wrong girl. Noe is the only choice. I want a Noe of my own! Noe is moe!

  18. Oh, the faces they make!

    “The I Just Realized My Girlfriend Humps Tables Thinking of My Best Friend Face”
    Obviously I want to see that actually event. :V

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