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I so wanted Nena to go “URACHAI URACHAI URACHAI!” at least once during this episode.

(Oh, well, at least she regrets kissing Setsuna.)


It’s almost like every episode we get some new “shocking” news. The previous episode, yes Throne is evil. The non-recap episode before that? Throne exists. The one before that? Gundams can be defeated. It’s like shocking revelation of the week… only because there’s one every week, it kinda cheapens them collectively. Oh well. This week we get the revelation that Lockon’s family was killed by Setsuna’s organization. Instead of taking the bullet like a man, Setsuna goes and fingers the boss man, Gauron. While this information does further tie together Celestial Being as a dysfunctional unit, it really doesn’t explain how Veda came up with this combination. If Veda’s goal was to build the best fighting unit, any of Graham’s Flag Fighters would be a huge upgrade over any of the Meisters.

(By the way, this season’s almost over, and not much has been accomplished by Celestial Being.)

Points of Interest


I could have done without the sappy Louise and Saji intermission. While it’s almost a foregone conclusion (nothing is 100% with Sunrise) that Saji will be the Shinn Asuka of the second season, the love song really, really killed the mood. It’s just not a very good way to bridge the Meisters vs. Throne and then Setsuna vs. Lockon.


Is it just me, or did Louise become more sane after losing a limb? Amazingly, I don’t think she can compete with that other Louise in the tsundere triathlon anymore.

(And big thanks to my readers who showed some self-restraint in not making any, “So what if she’s missing a hand, her melonpan are still okay, right?” comments.)


The way he grazed Setuna… shades of Nia and Yoko. Adds to the suspicion that Yoko is Lockon’s and Sumeragi’s love child… how else do you get the perfect storm of sniping abilities and melonpan?

(Still can’t get over Lockon’s name… I keep hearing “Neil Belldandy.”)


Seeing the three of them bicker about their pasts only makes the Friends ED even more unintentionally hilarious. How are we supposed to take a Setsuna and Lockon disagreement seriously if the sniper is cutting the meleeist’s hair in three minutes?


Not a complete human– what a shock! Let me put on my Mei Sunohara “My Failure of My Brother Likes Other Guys?!” face. But, overall good mix for the Meisters… a Sagara rip-off, a guy who talks with bouncing mechanical balls, a crazy/druggie with MPD, and a poor excuse for an integrated data entity. Is this the SOS Brigade or Celestial Being?


Watching Tieria’s TRIAL mode made me sad that we don’t have a SEED mode in this series. Though the odds that Setsuna will “break through” and develop a quasi-SEED mode by episode 24 is very high.


Still one of my favorite Ms. Wang outfits. Still doesn’t help her from being nominated for the Rukia All-Stars.


I can only imagine Bandai and Sunrise beating down the Loveless team: WE NEED MORE MOBILE SUITS!!! TOY SALES ARE SLIPPING!!! And, as such, 30 solar furnaces right here. Nevermind it takes years to develop and use new military technology, I’m sure we’ll be seeing Graham, Sergei, and Gauron in Gundams in three episodes.

(Also confirms that the “bad guy” is Corner and his boy toy. That boy who follows him around… really creepy.)


A good mecha battle cut short. And I enjoyed the part when Tieria activates Nadleesh, only it takes like 30 seconds while everyone watches him transform.


And from last time

Andrex: And after all this, you know what? I’d still hit Louise. She’s lost that annoying side and gained a depressed side, so it’s finally perfect.

Plus, she’s missing a hand. The thing that bothered me was that when she told Saji to basically go away, Saji didn’t protest or even drop an “I love you!” on her. Instead, he just walks out brooding and ripe to become the next Shinn Asuka. That’s not a good thing. Though if the Neo Shinn Asuka bit doesn’t work out, with that kind of ineffectualness towards females, he can always find a role on True Tears.

Freedom III: That was exactly what I was thinking…who the hell sits there and watches their girlfriend cry? I seriously wanted to punch Saji’s lights out this time around, even more than when he didn’t have the guts to kiss her goodbye at the airport…he seriously needs to learn from Lacus Clyne…at least she could comfort people…(as a side note, I have re-evaluated Louise’s intelligence level to be roughly the same as that of a deer…”oooooo…shiiinyyyyy”)…

Saji is on par with the male leads of Kimikiss and True Tears. They’re so horrible, they got 2,000 words.

TK: Who cares Graham coughed up blood instead of passing out due to high Gs? This is Gundam. Minute details of the plot/reality/insightful character development are not – are not supposed to be – its forte. Coolness, however, is supposed to be.

Gundam… coolness? Uh, have you ever watched Gundam, Gundam Wing, G Gundam, Turn A Gundam, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam X? How does “cool” describe any of them?

(By the way, the cool kids in your high school… do they bring Gundam 00 lunch pails with them? If they don’t, how do we know that Exia is cool?)

pakxenon: Finally a Gundam that takes place in A.D….. with physics, politics, and logic thrown out the window.

The logical premise at the beginning wasn’t bad, just they couldn’t execute. Nothing new for Sunrise (or Gonzo). I’m beginning to think that for the next Gundam project, Sunrise should let the Keroro team work on it. I mean, some of the best Sunrise mecha action happens in Keroro, and the greatest Sunrise mecha of all time is still Powered Natsumi.

(When I heard that Gonzo was working on adapting Shina Dark, I crossed that series off of my list. It’s a great manga, but it’ll now go straight to the gutter. I think my nightmare scenario is Gonzo buying Kyoto Animation and prompting announcing Mirai Nikki to go along with a remake for Kanon that’s about futuristic cowboys. Nayuki is a cyborg.)

Turambar : Mmmm….one handed Louise…..ohh Wait, am I thinking out loud? I’m not even drunk either damnit….

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. I enjoyed the fight this episode. If 00 has one thing going for it over past Gundam shows it’s battle choreography. The fights are interesting from a visual standpoint, but each one is different (read: no stock footage). Setsuna showed some decent skill this episode. The Nadleeh scene was actually pretty cool stuff. The way Virtue stopped the Eins and Drei from gattai was great. The whole combining during battle is a really old school cliche and Tieria’s, “You think I’ll sit back and let you!?” was pretty epic. When they turn to shoot at Virtue and it purges its armor, it noticeably took longer, but I attribute that to dramatic slow motion.

    The Setsuna/Lockon standoff was much appreciated. It’s about damn time the meisters actually had some, you know, interaction. And now Lockon and Setsuna have the common goal of taking out Ali, and Tieria, amazingly enough is a bit more likable this episode. amazingly enough, I do believe this is the first time we’ve seen either Setsuna or Tieria genuinely smile. It was kinda…weird. The only thing that bothered me about that scene? WHERE THE HELL DID LOCKON PULL THE GUN FROM?

    Also, I’m surprised you didn’t mention (or post a pic of) the extended Sumeragi ass shot. Best part of the episode imo.

  2. The fact that Tieria actually smiled was perhaps the most frightening moment in the entire episode.

  3. i guess i’m the only one who kept thinking during the Exia-Zwei fight, “goddammit, stop slapping your swords together and actually TRY to give us a decent fight!”

    i guess i’ve been pampered by the slick CQB sequences thus far, especially Graham Acre.

  4. Well I hope that in the end this injection of solar furnaces will allow Sergei, Soma, Graham, Gauron, and even Patrick to be able to kick some ass before losing miserably to Exia MkII. Though I wonder if they’re going to bother explaining the real reason why Corner even planned on giving them away like that, one would think that he could have built 30 more Gundams and conquer pekopon since I am sure Keroro would like a huge perfect grade Gundam to add to his collection. Still since these furnaces are essentially engines maybe it will work out for the best with Flag and Enact becoming real world beaters ala the P-51 with the famed Rolls-Royce Merlin.

    Still can’t get over the fact that it was Al Qiada in Ireland, errr… KSPA that killed Lockon’s folks instead of the IRA.

  5. Actually I read somewhere Shina Dark will be done by Shaft (I could be wrong thou)

  6. I must say, Keroro Gunso is the best sunrise production I have ever seen.

  7. Wikipedia says Shina Dark is being done by Shaft.

  8. The first time I saw those solar furnaces, I thought someone had stockpiled some nuclear warheads. The thought of that was pretty exciting too if they were nuclear warheads. Wonder how these Gundams stand up to a Nuke?

  9. Wonder how these Gundams stand up to a Nuke?

    Knowing the reverence some (and Sunrise) hold for the massive amounts of inherent pwnage lovingly built into every named Gundam chassis ever, a nuke would be lucky to discolor the paint.

    I on the other hand would like to see one thermo-nuked into its raw materials and dropped in a deep ocean trench.

  10. So what if she’s missing a hand, her melonpan are still okay, right?

  11. WOW because of one hand, Saji actually has a chance at being the dominant in this relationship!? Or perhaps that’s asking a bit much? Oh well he could always just rub her left arm on his happy area as a bad joke ;o~

  12. So thats how Saji met Louise, DAMN IT ALL why did he hook up with a cute girl so easily? I wish I could take a nap on my campus, and be woken up by a cutey with melonpan, who automatically introduces herself to me and laters labels me as “boyfriend” without me having to make one advancement on her.

    Hmm well maybe I should take a nap, see if that works for me too, wish me luck!!! (*goes to college to take a nap*)

    btw about the Gundam = Cool, damn back in my High School, actually quite a few people knew about Gundam, and was also labeled “cool”, due to SEED being released at the time, and girls were still drooling over Wing. And yes, I have watched EVERY Gundam series (and side series)

  13. Even if the Celestial Being are fighting amongst themselves, why the heck would they give everyone information about the solar furnaces? That’s just stupid unless they want everybody to kill each other… hmmm….

  14. oh look, Sunrise-brand pacifist plan B: kill everyone on Earth to end warfare.

    at least the new OP rocks.

  15. So what if she’s missing a hand, her melonpan are st…..DAMMIT someone beat me to it.

  16. Lockon probably hid the gun at his balls, like Val Kilmer did in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

    And there’s no way Yoko’s his lovechild either, I thought you mentioned it yourself that Haro is the one doing the sniping while Lockon sits there looking pretty?

  17. Was there any reason for Virtue to purge its armor? I mean, yes, it was faster – but considering the fact that he was going to shut down their gundams I don’t really think it was necessary.

    What is this, Magical Girl Nadleeh? You shouldn’t need to transform to activate a power like that.

  18. Magical girl Nadleesh? Was the hair not enough to clue you in?

  19. Veda we have a problem.

  20. graham in a gundam would make him lose his awesomeness though
    no longer gonna have “fight the power” feeling

    He did say he will love the flag fighters more because of his deceased subordinate though, so I hope he follows through.


  21. That was lame. I wanted to see Hallelujah go berserk on the Thrones.

    I’m sure Louise can still do the job with only one hand. Not like she HAS to have two…
    No, I’m not intoxicated in any way.

  22. Did anyone else look at Nadleeh’s TRIAL System and suddenly hear someone saying “THE POWER OF BISHOUNEN SPARKLES COMPELS YOU!”?

    ….just me, then?


  23. (And big thanks to my readers who showed some self-restraint in not making any, “So what if she’s missing a hand, her melonpan are still okay, right?” comments.)

    Now if you could only insert that “Jim Rome crumples the paper emails” sound with every single time that pops up…

    So what if she’s missing a h….

  24. Seriously, how does Ali do it? It’s his first time fighting seriously with a Gundam and he owns an experienced Gundam pilot. It’s kind of sad to see Lock on do so poorly against a false GN Drive Gundam with a noobie pilot.

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