a drill that pierces between 8 and 16 bits



13 Responses to “a drill that pierces between 8 and 16 bits”

  1. They could start making the famicom again just for this and it would should outsell the wii.

  2. Good work, but the backgrounds don’t really look like 8-bit stuff. The sky at 0:50 could use some work.

  3. 16 bits, 16 bits!

  4. Is this just a joke, or is something out there actually making a Gurren Lagann game using RPM2k?

    If so, that’s awesome.

  5. I would play this nonstop if it came out.

  6. Dusted out my Famicon after seeing this…. This would be so awesome as a game!

  7. I got chills all over watching this. It’d be badass.

  8. Better than the anime, but then again, that’s just me.

  9. I have a sudden urge to play Dig Dug.

  10. I definitely want that 8-bit OP song. :3

  11. That’s RPG Maker 2000. I used to fiddle around with that.

    The music could’a been a bit better, and less use of the standard Run-Time Package would’a been nice; otherwise, nice job. :3

  12. Oh jason — that is 16-bit style.

  13. 16-bit!!!!!!!! R*** NAOW.

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