spice and wolf, adjusted scales and wolf

“I’m beautiful, the lay of my tail is awesome, and I’m smart.”


I think the most mesmerizing part of episode 8 of Spicy Wolfgasm is watching Horo play with her tail. Honestly, it’s also the most interesting as everything else that’s happening in this series makes Lucky Star seem like Cowboy Bebop.

(Note: episode 7 is a DVD fanservice special, or so I’m told. I can’t believe that we’re at episode 8, and, well, it feels like not much has happened. At least by episode 8 of Clannad, Fuko gave out at least 200 or 300 starfishes by then. Dozo!)

Market Report and Wolf


UP Wait, what happened here?… I think if I had to do a power ranking for “anime with the most opportunities to go pr0n,” first would be They Are My Noble Masters. Spice and Wolf would be second. I mean… wow… what were they thinking, besides the obvious?


DOWN Lawrence… wait, what’s the point of getting Horo drunk if he’s not going to take advantage of her? He’s going to get her drunk and then bill her?

(Though for that scene for the previous item, Horo did say, “I’ll pay you back… with interest.” Wait, this is supposed to be an anime based off of a trading light novel? Spice and Wolf is as much of a trading light novel as Haruhi Suzumiya is a mental psychology light novel.)

(And I think 85% of Spice and Wolf‘s best scenes are when Horo and Lawrence are shacked up in a dark inn room together. Just like any JAV episode of COPS.)


UP Medival outfits… I like Horo’s outfits, but I still don’t understand why, at the very beginning, Lawrence is traveling around collecting fancy women’s clothes in the first place? Unless, of course… OH GEASS NO !


DOWN The slanty optical illusion? I’ve been to a few of these, the most famous of which would be the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot. The key to success for this kind of optical illusion is to make sure the victim doesn’t get sick from disorientation (since the visual horizon change affects people’s equilibrium in different ways) and to hide tall trees. When I first visited the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, I figured out the optical illusion by noticing that the trees were slanted… only trees grow straight so the things around me are slanted instead. Oh, well, it was a fun learning experience, and I got the obligatory bumper sticker out of it. I’ve also been to similar type of attractions in the Upper Peninsula and Knott’s Berry Farm, and they’re all very similar (only the one at Knott’s is very easy to figure out since there’s a roller coaster behind it).

(So far we had Horo trick someone with apples and now figure out an optical illusion. I’m still waiting for actual trading-based A-HA! to take place.)


UP Tail… the way Horo was playing with her tail this episode… I’m surprised she didn’t start making out with it or anything. Or dip it in honey before licking it in an frenzy of ecstasy… uh… if that’s not the premise behind episode 7, I’m not interested.

DOWN Animal accuracy… wolves are carnivores! Why would they like sweet fruits? And, yes, I was very disappointed we didn’t get to see Horo~n’s “Sweet delicious honeyed pears” face. I bet it’s a cross between Homer Simpson eying a donut, Chikage eying Wataru, and 33% of my readers eying Mako-cakes.


(I’m conflicted about the Gray Wolf being removed from the endangered species list. On one hand, it’s great that they are thriving. On the other, being off of the list, they can now be hunted by the ranchers and farm owners.)


UP Jealous?… is Horo jealous that another pretty girl has entered Lawrence’s life? I dunno, but Horo sure has the same face on that the Crazy Chicken Girl has when Shinichro is looking at the Jealous Half Sister.

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  1. First!

    Doesn’t look very interesting still… seriously looks like they’re planning to simply turn this into a dorama or something in that direction.

  2. >> http://derailedbydarry.com/ima...../08_01.jpg

    >> http://derailedbydarry.com/ima...../08_02.jpg

    Whoever has dirty thought upon seeing those screencaps raise your hand.


  3. I have seen wolves at Wolf Park in Indiana devour apples and watermelons. They really loved fruits.

  4. 33%? I think 99% would be more accurate. o and dont forget yourself.

  5. At some science museum there is an optical illusion like that called the crazy kitchen, where the floor is actually straight but everything else is slanted in weird ways. The trick is to close your eyes.

  6. If Lawrence isn’t interested in playing with her tail too, I know I wouldn’t mind a go.

  7. One almost wonders if maybe Imagin should just stop and do an OVA entirely of Horo playing with her tail. Or one of the those strip mahjong games, only along with Horo’s clothes coming off, she plays with her tail every time you score a point (and just imagine what she does with her tail when you win.)

  8. Ugh, how could you mention the Mystery spot? That place is basically tricks of physics to fool dumba–

    –wait. You live near my neck of the woods??? (Scotts Valley-an here… basically the rich white-trash town between San Jose and Santa Cruz. :P )

  9. I bet Lawrence was thinking “Ooh what big teeth you have” or “Lay off the biting”

  10. I don’t get all that “let’s skip episode number 7” stuff. AniDB list this episode as number 7 but fansubbers as 8, so, can someone explain this to me?

  11. Raw: It’s because the 7th episode is a DVD-only exclusive fanservice thing. I don’t know what they consider unsafe to air, but it’s one way to sell DVD’s… sorta like the Ep 13 Kashimashi trainwreck, or the ‘no censor tape’ DVD releases.

  12. Haesslich: Thanks for the heads-up.

    Jason: I’ll be waiting for your impresions on this fanservice thingie when it’s available.

    How come i don’t have a flag aside my name?

  13. Wolves like fruit (and anything sweet, and bread, and garbage), they’re always eating rotten apples off the ground at our farm in fall (I live in Northeastern Alberta).

  14. The Crazy Kitchen is at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa Canada. The floor is tilted and so is everything else in the room. If you can make yourself ignore the tilt, it looks normal.

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