what has science done?!



Some of my final thoughts on Ptolemaios, before it fades off into the sunset to never be tagged again, and definitely before Guchuko blows everything up to smithereens. But, there’s no better way to go out than a DVD special with meido…


… except broken meido. (Physically broken, as opposed to thoroughly, completely, utterly, or mentally).


But that’s not to say that most of the cast of Potemayo aren’t thoroughly, completely, utterly broken as well.


A literal train wreck (or plate wreck as the case would be), as opposed to the other kind. I think that because Guchuko has those two… uh… things… Guchuko will always be the Exia to Potemayo’s Flag.


Rie Kugimiya’s greatest role. I will not argue this. Nene is like Sexy Voice. If I had to rank the greatest anime in the past two years involving cute midget moeblobs, it would go (1) Shakugan no Shana-tan (2) Potemayo (3) Anno Domini Tieria-tan. And, no, that’s not a diss on Potemayo. Shana-tan is just ridiculously good. It’s the Gurren Lagann of cute midget moeblob anime. And is “moeblob” one word or two? Or is it a don’t care?


Kyo is awesome. My favorite non-moeblob character in this series. She desperately needed to be sporting thigh highs and get locked in a closet somewhere. Wait, am I getting my “京” and “杏” confused? Or is it applicable to both?


I was just sitting there… counting… as to when Mikan would discombubulate. Did. Not. Disappoint. Now if only the Kimikiss heroines were paying attention.


Just a completely random, fun, cute series. And when I say “random,” I mean really random. Like, “Hey, I’ll just name this… this… this thing after random stuff I have in my fridge.” The world could use a few more series like Potemayo.

9 Responses to “what has science done?!”

  1. Guchuko!!!!!


  2. Whatever science has done, I approve. For something so seemingly inconsequential, Potemayo was a very satisfying watch.

    [Also, nice idea on the red spam protection box.]

  3. Is this sum Potemeido?

  4. Obligatory: “What HASN’T science done?!”

  5. Between Shigofumi, Kimikiss, and the upcoming Nabari, I was wondering what on earth happened to the real J.C.Staff.

    It seems they’re still around, just resting, keeping their skills up with these Potemayos and Shana-tans while they prepare the next shameless cute assault to take over the world with.

  6. PoteMAIDyo!

    Rie is showing great range despite being casted as tsundere loli again.
    So apologise. =P

  7. yay4moeblobs

  8. Guchuko looks so cute. I have to see this!

  9. I just got back from Red Lobster.

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