zero no tsukaima 14

Did they like increase Louise’s ツンデレ and Saito’s whippedness by like 400% and no one told me?


Congrats to JC Staff for continuing to turn Zero no Tsukaima from trashy novel to attempted ツンデレ fanservice comedy, only there’s not enough fanservice, not enough comedy, and waaaaaaay too much ツンデレ. I’d hate it if this “Louise doesn’t like Saito oogling other girls so she applies some domestic violence” theme became the dominate entertainment value of this series, but, what else is there? We already know from the first 13 episodes that JC Staff hasn’t exactly woven a compelling lore to go along with the parade of medieval fanservice. There wasn’t anything spectacular about the first season, and aside from rooting for more Siesta, Henrietta, and Jessica, there’s not much keeping my attention here.

The problem is upside. At least with the original episodes, the focus was more on Saito (who desperately needs new clothes) trying to fit in than Saito being Louise’s S&M plaything. Big difference. By reading the translated parts of the novel, we know that there’s more to ZnT than what was originally present, but the anime adaptation just doesn’t do them justice. Judging by the first batch of 13 episodes, we know that JC Staff can’t save this series with plot, we know that they’ll drive home the ツンデレ bit to the point that will make me slit my wrists or douse myself with gasoline by episode 18, and the won’t go the Sunrise route and just give us softcore pr0n (like what gleefully is happening with Code Geass). There’s no forseeable upside to the second season, and the max potential has already been reached. ZnT just now seems more like the Chrim Mihm or Joe Smith of anime.


Well, for people who did enjoy the train wreck status of the first season, we get another! Not only do we continue where we left off, this episode pretty much affirms that Louise is the Gurren Lagann or Strike Freedom of ツンデレ. (Note to JC Staff: ツンデレ works better when they’re not always in violent emo mode.) There are a few nuggets to keep people interested though. There’s always the “so bad it’s good!” factor that I’m a big fan of. (From the first season, we got a dude who looked like he was 50 macking on the loli-looking Louise, so I’m eager to see what unintentional comedy we get here.)There’s all the possible flashbacks to Jessie Spano and AC Slater. There’s Siesta and more Siesta. There’s hopefully gonna be Tiffania and Louise’s hawt sisters, which at least deserve a cursory glance. There’s also the train wreck descent of Saito from hero status to whipped lecher status, i.e. the Keitaro All-Stars, which probably isn’t a good thing. The only more depressing turn of events for an once-heralded character would probably be Gainax showing us Nia and Simon married in episode 29 and Nia badgering Simon with a honey-to-do list.


In anime, there are tons of bad harem comedies. The history of anime is littered with them. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of trashy soap-opera-ish series, and while ZnT had the chance to really be the evolutionary series in the genre, it’s turning into a modern day Love Hina. In the meanwhile, maybe I’ll just get that canister of gasoline ready…

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  1. Extreme Tsundere situation.
    Finally you start blogging ZnT, I have been waiting XD

  2. >Finally you start blogging ZnT, I have been waiting XD
    Now do Higurashi! :D (Though I’d think Hanyuu is a controversial subject… I don’t think she’s doing justice in a horror anime in both ways.)

    Hawt sisters come in episode 4, so you’ll have to wait. Though everyone thought she was a MILF at first…

  3. No gasoline please! Where am I gonna get my doze of Jason humor from if you do that?

    Though unlike you I don’t have an actually reason for why the second season of ZnT doesn’t interest me, and yet I still can’t bring myself to watch it. Strange thing is: I enjoyed the first season, moderately so, but it was entertaining, but that when there was absolutely nothing to watch.

  4. for some reason, the memories i have of season one are better then when i rewatched it, must be that i just see a fanservice scene and then fantasise the rest.

  5. > No gasoline please! Where am I gonna get my doze of Jason humor
    > from if you do that?

    Using your humor to fall asleep to? Try valerian or A-.

    I’ll start watching this as soon as Jessica makes an appearance.

  6. Hmm, yeah I’ll start watching this as soon all the melonpans have gathered. But those shots of Siesta’s melonpans…. woohoo… I love melonpans… Oh yeah, melonpans

  7. nah jason woun’t kill himself. He’ll just try to make himself taller, probably by hanging himself off a tree.

    next thing we know, saito finds the sword of gryffindor and OH SHI~

  8. Tsundere isn’t such a theme in the next two eps as they seem to be going for a bit more plot and action and although the 2nd/15th ep does have a pretty lame plot and a fight scene that wasn’t very fun to watch it does seem to provide progression for Saito/Henrietta due to her getting over the person she loved. Episode 3 of the season shows that it’s the beginning of the war and Saito and Louise will probably be leaving the academy next ep.

  9. watched ep 3, it’s already way off track from novel… again

    wtf with Vindalfr make a sudden appearance, that’s just totally random

  10. 3 eps into the show, and it’s still pretty much the same ol’ lukewarm harem show the 1st season was… Nothing new here.

  11. my imagination or does Siesta seems bigger :D

  12. Prepare to die then Jason ^_^
    Becuase Zero isn’t chaning is course…

  13. Sounds like I can safely skip this show. I didn’t think very much of the first season and this sounds exactly like more of the same old, same old.

  14. yeah.. znt anime adap is horrible

  15. I’ll trade you acetone for the gas, since all you seem to want is some liquid flammable… I could use the petrol.

    In any case it seems that Saito did get downgraded and they seem to pushing some sort of plot like substance this time around more heavily. Looks like we are going to be treated to Japanese pitiful excuse for a high fantasy war soon enough.

  16. Crusader’s right.. It would take a weeks worth of salary to kill yourself that way. Not cost effective…. I have watched 3 episodes and only laughed once. When Saito was naked and being mounted by his BSMD master…. That was Pron in itself…maybe some more is on the horizon…

    *off to watch 17 Gurren*

  17. So Jason, do you think that we are going to get an episode that can inspire a post like this one?

    If I had to vote on best post in this blog, it would have to be this one. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the upcoming war that comes to mind as inspiration. Not even the the animation of this scene if they get that far:

  18. The worst part isn’t that there isn’t plot, it’s them failing miserably to concoct some kind of zombified version of a plot, enough of which may make my brain implode.

  19. See ZnT is like my vegitative anime, you dont have to put in alot of effort to enjoy the fun developments of the charaters (personaly Im a fan of the Saito-Louise thing, and I hate this new blond dude! ep3). Its a nice downer to place inbetween Bokurano and eather Claymore or Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. Gota enjoy the super simple stuff from time to time.

  20. Claymore seems to get better by the week while seto no hanayome seems to have leveled off… So I am really hoping Higurashi – Kai doesn’t collapse. Looking at episode 2 and 3… I don’t see the purpose of the 1st episode anymore OTL… I though adult Rena was gonna be like a narrator and they was gonna go the horror dramatic road first. >_> Although Rena selling out K1 was quite entertaining.

  21. Is it just me, although it has been a while since I last saw Siesta of the first season, but….doesn’t Siesta’s jumblies look much bigger than they were last time? I am referring to the screencap used in this specific entry. Is anyone else feelin me on this one?

  22. With Louise knowing Void Spells, she has more ways to punish the dog…i mean saito.

  23. [quote post=”1115″]Is it just me, although it has been a while since I last saw Siesta of the first season, but….doesn’t Siesta’s jumblies look much bigger than they were last time? I am referring to the screencap used in this specific entry. Is anyone else feelin me on this one?[/quote]

    It’s hard to say for sure… so far she’s gotten less than 3 minutes of total screentime.

  24. do anyone know where can i download zero’s familiar novel (eng sub) or do you have it?
    Gimme some…
    email me at

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