gurren lagann movie announced

Kadokawa indicates that they are distributing the next Keroro Gunso movie as well as a movie for Gurren Lagann. More details revealed in the 3/10 edition of Newtype. Mmm… 75% probability of a recap… 0.01% probability I’m reading this wrong, and it actually says something like “Keroro to appear in new Gurren Lagann movie.” Ooooo… chills from Powered Natsumi taking on Gurren Lagann…

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  1. Woot! TTGL will rejoice with the announcement ! I can imagine my friends going Spin ON with that news lol

  2. whoops meant to say TTGL fans will rejoice

  3. lol recap

  4. Pekopon Toppa KeroLagann & GIRORO IMPACT!!

  5. Please please please please please, Gainax, please don’t let this be another Nadia movie.

  6. Wait, no one else thinks the trailer’s going to be that 300 voiceover?

    I’m just saying.

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