what has mako-cakes done?!

Kyon-ko is bad enough, but now it has spread. I don’t know what steps need to be taken to stop this, but I’m getting utterly confused.


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  1. I’ve seen and read a bunch of stuff that’s come out of the genderbending Haruhi project, and I have to say that it actually works, most of the time. Not to mention Kyonko is strangely attractive. Ponytail moe ftw.

    Genderbending Clannad doesn’t work as well….do not want.


  3. Kyonko’s appeal is easy to quantify. She’s a strong-willed tsundere with very little ‘dere’ and Kyon’s snark attacks. And a ponytail.
    I respond well to this :)

  4. Genderswap Haruhi is the current madness in the jpn fandom. I like how Itsuki got genreswapped and still stay the same, yet turns tenfold hotter, for a yuri fanboy like me.



    (Kaisos, back me up whenever you decide to show up.)

  6. wait ouch my brain… ok if Tomoyo is gender swapped, and I still dig it dose that make me gar for him…ug back to the kyou video loop i go

  7. >> I don’t know what steps need to be taken to stop this

    Fire. Fire and burning.

    But like a lemming wondering what was at the bottom of a cliff, I went and found the animesuki genderbending thread, and its serious discussion of the swapped characters, some bad novel rewriting fanfiction, and accompanying images. And it was terrifying.

    (Though some of the female Itsuki images looked kinda hawt…)

  8. Why in the world would you want to stop this jason? If anything, you want to spread it more. Like you’re doing now…. YES HE IS ONE OF US.

  9. Tomoyo looks better in this other gender swapping version. Must be the ponytail:


    And yes, Itsuki is much hotter then Kyonko.

  10. Needs moar melonpan.

    But yeah, I was years ago…

  11. Why are you acting like Haruhi genderbender is a bad thing? IT’S THE BEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED. Kyon-ko FTW

    The Clannad genderswap is completely fail though.

  12. *darn, that should’ve said “broken by Sol years ago” T_T

  13. Why does Tomoya look like Akagi without the nose?

    A female Sunohara would be awesome.

  14. >>(Kaisos, back me up whenever you decide to show up.)

    Yo. Backing you up here.

    Yeah, Kyon-ko is the greatest thing to come out of the fandom EVER.

    >>Like you’re doing now…. YES HE IS ONE OF US.


    >>some bad novel rewriting fanfiction

    BAD rewriting? ‘Scuse me?

  15. Thank you to the supporters of this project.

    @Neriya: Haruki is gonna smack your ass down so hard, you couldn’t even begin to understand how GAR he is.

  16. Genderbender is a fine art … THIS is just fanart gone (even more) stupid.

  17. the googles.. they do nothin

  18. Kyon-ko works amazing well, so well in fact it scares me! However, I think the rest of original cast as still superior to the genderbender versions but the thought of an all female Haruhi series raises a lot of interesting possibilities …

  19. Jason, stop whining and blog us a storm about this.

    You know just as well as we do that Mitsuru / Minoru is ~100x better than Mako-cakes.

    Victory will be getting a genderbent OVA – your influence can help!

  20. @Dan: TO VICTORY!

    Everyone’s influence can help this thing. The Japs have already churned out a bunch of the character songs too. I suggest that Jason blog about those.

  21. It’s gone further than Kyon! Oh NOEs!

    Seriously though, Love Kyon-ko. Mako-cakes, we salute you!

  22. The first image doesn’t resemble the originals at all so it’s just another picture to me. But the second one is scary…

  23. >>The first image doesn’t resemble the originals at all so it’s just another picture to me.

    I don’t think the idea is make them look like the originals, more how would the characters act if they were the opposite sex.

  24. >>The first image doesn’t resemble the originals at all so it’s just another picture to me.

    It’s permissible to use them as fap material because of this.

  25. Actually, a friend of mine was talking about how QUICKLY this thing spread from the Animesuki forums to the other side of the Pacific — it’s like the idle Japanese artists jumped on the idea… And ran away with it.

    The idea of a small, sarcastic, and very female Kyon is compelling though, as the original’s personality seems to work just as well as that of the original. And I have to add VERY female, since the kernel of the idea is that this is an alternate retelling, not Haruhi getting bored and turning THE Kyon and Itsuki into girls (unlike, say, 3 months ago).

    The male versions of the CLANNAD folks was around longer though, Jason, and they’re not as good as the current Kyonko thing.

  26. Oh, and did I mention that I actually reacted with HORROR at the idea, wanted to petition the Inquisition to send a contingent of Grey Knights AND Sisters of Battle to purge the idea with holy bolter and cleansing promethium burn? After reading the source of the thing (the Animesuki forum thread that’s fast growing out of control) though I’m less worried about it.

  27. Mark: The idea isn’t a literal transition from male to female, hence why Kyonko only ACTS like Kyon (as conceptualized in the forum), but doesn’t actually look like the loveable cynic we’ve come to know in the Haruhi series. She’s a short, sarcastic — probably even MORE so — little thing with a ponytail. The current image fits, more than what the Japanese cooked up more than five months ago with a LITERAL gender swap (real Kyon and Itsuki turned into girls), which really didn’t work as well.

  28. The character songs aren’t too good though, as most of them are just pitchmods of the original songs, but there ARE some that have actual girls and modified lyrics (with emphasis given to language girls usually use) like this one that are pretty good:


    Note that Kyon’s version of Hare Hare Yukai was actually embarrassingly male, with all the male language. This one is surprisingly well-done.

  29. >> After reading the source of the thing (the Animesuki forum thread that’s fast growing out of control) though I’m less worried about it.

    Sige lang, huwag kayong mag-alala sa amin. =D

  30. … You’re FILIPINO?!? Mein gott in himmel… Okay now I’m back to worried again, since one of my countrymen is apparently part of the project.

  31. Lolwut? What’s that supposed to mean eh?

    Like I said, don’t worry about us. We’ll bring the fandom results that it’ll be pleased with.

  32. Ignore me, paranoia (and fatigue) affecting my posting judgement. Still, it’s impressive how quickly this thing has grown. While my friend Axel ascribes it to the fan-religion of Haruhiism growing in unexpected directions, for better or worse, the zealot in me really was tempted to call dial-an-Exterminatus (chuckles)…

    The only problem here is that the Japanese side of the fandom often don’t really care about how this thing started, and just want their moe — with all of its bright and dark connotations.

  33. We’ll show them that the strength of the fandom is greater out here than in the place of origin.

    And Kyon-chan is already way into their moe quota, along with RAGING LESBIAN Itsuko. =D

  34. ‘I don’t know what steps need to be taken to stop this’

    And who says it needs stopping?

    Also, the best thing about that first image is the ambiguous ‘H’ in the background. ‘Haruhi’ or . . . ?

  35. omg if kyonko has the same attitude as kyon, i think i’ll..
    oh too late… gotta calm down the monster in the pants.. :(

  36. RmX: Ha ha, I was actually amused that Itsuki’s vaguely gay tendencies in the novel and anime actually made the transition in the Genderbending Project ™ better than the rest of the characters, except on the flipside it has indeed transformed into something unabashedly YURI. How my friend would laugh.

    As for moe, well, the dark side of things have actually begun to manifest themselves, as I think the NSFW images have started appearing on the image boards.

  37. >> As for moe, well, the dark side of things have actually begun to manifest themselves, as I think the NSFW images have started appearing on the image boards.

    Seen the nekomimi Kyon-chan dakimakura yet?

  38. Well, I’d go with Koizumi, but I’d be thinking of Kyon……….

    (Erm, I meant Kyon-ko)

  39. RmX: I did, it’s one of the first vaguely NSFW pics that came out, but that was pretty isolated at first (since it came up at the end of the first week or so of the Genderbending Project), but, uh, there are other pictures now…

    Oh, do you find it amusing that some artists aren’t exactly digging the ponytailed look for Kyon-ko?

  40. >> I did, it’s one of the first vaguely NSFW pics that came out, but that was pretty isolated at first (since it came up at the end of the first week or so of the Genderbending Project), but, uh, there are other pictures now…

    It’s still the best one so far. =D

    >> Oh, do you find it amusing that some artists aren’t exactly digging the ponytailed look for Kyon-ko?

    That’s heresy.

  41. RmX: The ‘short sarcastic girl with a ponytail’ image actually fits better than the earlier tries like this one (dated 3 or so months back before the Project started):


    And, by the God-Empress Haruhi, this is verging on Heresy as it is, but the Inquisition is intrigued. :) It’s all good though, as the idea is proceeding in a semi-systematic fashion.

    But never count out the Japanese and their twisted, uh, desires.

  42. The God-Empress does not have dominion over this universe. Haruki is the God-Emperor of a different world.

    Heresy this is not. >=D

  43. RmX: The image is from, I BELIEVE, a Chinese fanfic that involved Haruhi turning Kyon and Itsuki into girls. It’s relatively old, and like I mentioned, it didn’t really work out as well as the stuff you guys are churning out, as a transgendered Kyon didn’t really work out, unlike the ‘Kyon that just so happened started out as a girl’ you folks are doing.

    Another related pic to the one I lined:


  44. … I just realized I’ve just posted more in this thread than I’ve ever posted in Jason’s blog. And it’s about something I initially had extreme reservations of.

    Uh, wasn’t this like Haesslich with Minami-ke?

    OH MY GOD! SUZUMIYA HARUKI NO YUUTSU/The Suzumiya Haruhi Genderbend Project HAS JUST BROKEN ME! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh…

  45. Honestly, I think genderswapped Haruhi kind of works better than the original–if anything, it’s funny as hell. Funny like Ouran, the *other* Haruhi.

    But despite all the hilarity, Nagato is still Nagato.

    Even funnier considering the issue as to who’s REALLY God.

  46. Dorian: The question of who’s the God in Haruhi’s native universe is unquestioned. The recent Heresy of Sakaki aside, of course, which will be swept away with holy bolter fire and liberal use of chainswords in due time…

    The question on who’s the God in Kyon-ko’s universe, however, is up to debate. One could think that it’s Haruhi’s genderbent alternate Haruki/Haruhiko, or the demented/talented folks who started the Project in Animesuki.

  47. Theory: Brokenness of Readers.

    Proof: Entire commentary of this thread.

    Conclusion: Not a theory, actually a fact. Case closed.

  48. @Taltos: Point of thesis?

  49. Smallfry and Myssa Rei, what you’re saying’s clear when it comes to Koizumi but I can’t see a gender-swapped Kyon acting like s/he does in that pic. I don’t know anything about them beyond the picture above so that’s all I’m commenting on.

  50. Mark: It’s because what’s in the pic is not the INITIAL intent of the RmX and his companion’s project. The yuri idea was a given with Itsuki’s genderbend, but I do agree about Kyon-ko’s response (insert ‘Your Face is too close!’ equivalent here). It’s the Japanese running away with the idea, is all.

  51. Oh my the kyonko va is delightfully sardonic…keep aya hirano as haruki and you might well have a good show. any hoo here’s a few images to clear every ones pallets of this train wreck.

    I can’t make heads or tails of the writing, but i think he’s taking her home that’s what I’d do.

    Information being would make a bitch’n peace keeping force i think.

    and the crowd goes wild!

  52. Or rather, them being rather enthusiastic about the idea. For example, there’s the twist on Kyon’s ‘Ponytails turn me on!’ line that was turned into the ‘Ponytails are hot’ pic for Kyon-ko.

    Personally, this is my favorite of the current bunch:


  53. I’m strangely attracted to Kyon-ko. The female to male ones don’t work so well, though. Their faces are too pudgy, for one thing.

    So I guess Koizumi hitting on Kyon-ko isn’t OH GEASS NO anymore, eh Jason?

  54. My poor attempt at a motivational (yes, I’ve fallen so low, it’ll take the Sisters of Haruhi weeks to rehabilitate me):



    Although I’m secretly curious on how it would turn out…

  56. I know, I should leave this thread as soon as possible before I get broken too … but Kyon-ko looks kinda hawt … especially the neko version … … eh … damn …

  57. *shakes head*

    Another broken reader.

  58. OTL

    It should have been a logical conclusion, given the Blog’s content, but I have to say Jason, it darned well broke me too. Took a while though.

  59. The pics in those motivationals are pretty good. Haruki / Kyonko definitely looks interesting.

  60. You are, all of you, vermin. Cowering in the melonpan and thigh meat folder, thinking…what, I wonder? That you might escape the coming fire? No. Your minds will burn until it is but glass, and not even your Kyou’s thighs will live to creep, blackened from its hole, to mar the flashing of the Mako-cakes/Kyon-ko revolution. The culmination of our journey, for your brokeness is the will of the gods! And Mako-cakes? She is their instrument! :P

  61. … Crusader, you and I have played too much Warhammer.

    But ’tis true!


  62. In 2 years, just one year after the release of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, KyoAni will present us with a REMAKE of the original series that started it all, titled “The Melancholy of Haruki Suzumiya”.


    Also, CLANNAD and everything KEY genderbending isn’t that great. Kyonko WORKS because of her personality and great looks.

  63. Well… that settles it – the Trap meme has officially both broken the Internet AND the world. It’s like O-Haruhi-sama has decreed things be so… and thus they were.

    I’m starting to think we need to break out the Inquisition and start preparing to launch an Exterminatus offensive…


    We need more of this. Seriously.

  65. Actually Haess, Kyon-ko ain’t a trap (RmX can attest to THAT as well as Animesuki), but your feelings are understandable. She’s a natural girl, who also happens to be the mirror, personality-wise, of a character we’re very very familiar with.

    Looking at it one way, this is Heresy of the worst sort, even worse than the Heresy of Sakaki and her Anti-SOS Dan… Buuuuuuuuut, when one considers the fact that this is an alternate universe, then the righteous anger and urge to cleanse using bolter, chansword, and promethium dies down a bit.

    Besides, while raising the name of the God-Empress Haruhi is all good and well, in Kyon-ko’s universe, it SOUNDS right to go shouting ‘FOR THE GOD-EMPEROR!’

  66. I’m still a Tomoyo and Kyou fan, no matter what gender.

  67. Myssa: Kyon-ko is NOT a trap, but the impact is similar; people who know of/understand Kyon as a guy… well, make him Kyon-ko and they react similarly to people who get the reverse (Mizuho looks like a very pretty girl… but isn’t, Jun Watarase looks like a girl… and isn’t….); they break. Hard. Some harder than others, in ways which we should not discuss on a public forum.

    THAT is the problem that exists with Kyon-ko and the others; they deal Trap-like damage… but aren’t, which almost makes things worse – at least with a trap, the gender’s always been that way (a boy pretending to be a girl, or vice-versa), so the impact isn’t quite as bad; they’re very pretty as the opposite gender, but they’ve always been that… so that’s okay. Or at least, it’s easier to justify. With Kyon-ko and swapping genders in general…. you’ve gotten used to the idea that they’re a very sarcastic guy or moe-riffic female, but then that suddenly changes – it’s like suddenly going outside one day to discover the sky is green, that gravity sends you flying up instead of down, and that your mother is actually your father.

    And I will continue to fight for the honor and the glory of the God-EMPRESS, thankyouverymuch. To quote:

    * The nature of Chaos is deceit – unless one looks past surface impressions, one can never hope to divine the purpose of the enemy.
    Inquisitor Silas Hand

  68. @Haesslich
    The Unbroken have many forms. You must know them all. You must tell the unbroken from his disguise and root him out from all the hidden places. Trust no one. Trust not even yourself. It is better to die in vain that live in unbrokeness. The zealous martyr is praised for his courage, the craven and refusniks are justly abhorred. – excerpt from the First Book of Indoctrinations

    It matters not what the God Empress wants to be. If she dithered to take the guise of a man to walk the her worlds to experience the trails of wooing women then so be it. The God-Empress/God-Emperor does not give four stolen laptops about what you think, all she/he demands is complete obedience to the Tao of the SOS-dan and complete and unconditional adoration and worship. To suggest that an enemy of the God-Empress can create Kyon-ko is to suggest that Haruhi-sama is less than all powerful. That would imply a lack of faith that will not be tolerated… ;)

  69. I think we have achieved maximum breakage. This is Hosaka laughing on the snow covered mountain top with noodles for four level broken. There is no going back. There is only forward.

  70. The powers of Chaos are strong – and the God-Empress made all things as they were meant to be – any deviation from her initial creations is not to be tolerated, for that is the mark of the Heretic and the Mutant, neither of which can be allowed to live.

    “Heresy is like a tree, its roots lie in the darkness whilst its leaves wave in the sun and to those who suspect nought it has an attractive and pleasing appearance. Truly, you can prune away its branches, or even cut the tree to the ground, but it will grow up again ever the stronger and ever more comely. Yet all awhile the root grows thick and black, gnawing at the bitter soil, drawing its nourishment from the darkness, and growing even greater and more deeply entrenched.”

    For the God-Empress! WE SHALL HOLD FIRM!

  71. Oi oi, this is turning into something similar to what I’ve come to expect from the Thorians and the Amalathists. It would be easy to think of the adventures of Kyon-ko and her compatriots as occuring in a parallel universe (no, no, I do NOT correspond with Czevak, that’s a lie I say!). Case solved. Really philiosophical bickering among the Inquisition… :P

  72. I would call this parody rather than heresy. The god-empress may even like it. (New things to cosrape under her mercy. From Kyon-chan to possible trap Mituursu.)

    Judging by the readers I’d say that to “hold firm” is the least of their worries when it comes to Kyon-chan. The main thread is growing very very rapidly, like it is racing to catch up to the image thread.

  73. If the The God-Empress has indeed made all things as they were meant to be then how do you explain the existence of the Mikuru moe modes? Her creation of history is proof that the God-Empress will not have a reign onto stagnation. St. Mikuru is always undergoing changes forced encouraged by the God Empress. If there was no need for changes and things were fine as is then why did the God-Empress create Nurse Mikuru, Bunny Girl Mikuru, Combat Waitress Mikuru, and Meido Mikuru among others? Each master piece was a new creation, the result of change. It is heresy to suggest that change is inherently a deviation from the vision of the God Empress. The vision of the God Empress is ever changing, as attested by her numerous NEW acquisitions from the computer club. If the brigade headquarters were perfect from the outset there would be no need to force the computer club to wire the God Empress an internet connection. If the God-Empress had already created the perfect abode 3 years ago prior to her arrival then there would have been no need to plunder the school for supplies.

    There is nothing in the arcane and blasphemous arsenal of the forces of the Unbroken that can compare to brokeness. With the power of brokeness, our weapons become shining instruments of deliverance that can cleave the mightiest Unbroken in twain. With the power of brokeness, our minds appear as slivers of pure agony to the Unbroken, driving into the wretched forms of those who would dare stand before us. With the power of brokeness, our words become commands that cause the Unbroken to cower and cringe in terror. I could meet my enemies unarmed without a shred of fear in my chest, for I know that the Emperor watches over me and guides my hand. So let them come. We shall show them what the power of brokeness can do.

  74. Myssa Rei: This breakage cannot be allowed to continue, for the corrupting influence of Chaos enters when minds are opened so. ;)

    Crusader: Those modes existed long before she ‘made’ them – she merely revealed them in the existing form. Kyon-ko is something entirely different; it appeared suddenly, from nowhere, and bears the mark of the Mutant upon it; it is unclean to look upon, and destroys the will of those who watch and view it, like the works of Slannesh. Your words bear the mark of Heresy – they imply that the word laid out by the God-Empress is not absolute… which is the greatest heresy of all.

    The Daemonic leads two crimes. You turn away from the path of righteousness and you abandon the Empress as the object of your devotion. For the first death is merely a just retribution. The second is a Heresy so terrible that no punishment can be sufficient. Yet the search for an appropriate penalty continues, and it shall be found.

    * Ecclesiarch Issus

  75. Haesslich, who are we to second-guess the will of the God-Empress? Her plans are for Her and Her alone to know. It is enough for us to know that her grand designs for the Faithful unfold as she has foreseen.

  76. This seems to be one of those wait and see moments in history. True prophets are so rarely listened to in their own time. Listed as heretics and blasphomers by those that are too comfortable in their knowledge of the world. The question “What has Mako-cakes done?” is answered: “Given the God-Empress an idea”.

    Perhaps one day the Shana-like Kyon will be official, and thus cannot even beconsidered a heresy by the conservative faithful. But time will tell who is correct. But this is not the time for religious squabbles. Allow those that seek the newness to get it out of their system. If the message rings true, then Kyon-chan is of Haruhi. If the message falls on its face, then it will be forgotten along with many fan-made devices. The genderbending of Key falls flat as there is no way to make the pure harem setting reversed and yet keep the story intact. Haruhi allows such things as it make amuse the God-Empress for a time while she readies herself and her ally the Goddess Nagato for her next raid to save the anime masses from boredom, Sunrise, and Gonzo. (She shall not save us from the Deen, as those killer lolis are coming back, save if she makes KyoAni take the rights from the Deen.)

  77. Why is Youhei the only one with boobs?

  78. You mean “the search for an appropriate penalty continues, and it shall be revealed.” The world that the God Empress built is not absolute, for if she so chooses then the espers will be stripped of their powers, and the Titans that the God Empress created at the dawn of time and space shall tear this world asunder and make it anew with macrobolter. If change is impossible then the God Empress would never have had been able to alter the minds of the unbelievers and if this were so then you suggest that our duty to spread her gospel is all for naught. This defeatist attitude is indeed heresy for it denies salvation to the willing. To suggest that age is a mutation because of a biological change is abhorrent. For if Mikuru will never go through change for she is by your twisted logic perfect then there would have been no All Woman Mikuru that is not acceptable.

    If Brokeness were heresy then why did the God Empress create Minami-ke and thus ensure the transmutation of Makoto into Mako-cakes. The reason for the existence of the SOS-dan is to find aliens, time travelers, and espers and have fun with them. Fun cannot be had without change, after all was it not the I33t skillz of St. Nagatochi that allowed her to change the core game play mechanics to ensure a victory for the God Empress? The future is not immutable change happens nothing is without reason. Kyon-ko exists in a world where the Y chromosome of the Kyon-ko father lost out to the mighty X chromosome of Kyon-ko’s mum. After all the God Empress created Mendelian genetics and the randomness was added for teh lulz. Because Kyon-ko shares the same existence of Kyon though separated by the gulf of alternate universe it only stands to reason that the God Empress would assume the guise of a man to enlighten the multitudes of Kyon-kos and Kyons trhough out the alternate spacial frames. To deny change is to deny free will and of all things the God Empress despises most it a mindless twat like Taniguchi.

    Your virtues are your own, as are your sins…

    To live is to sin, and to be a sinner is to be cleansed. Only the fiery wrath of the Emperor/Empress, as pronounced and executed by His/Her mortal followers, can save humanity from destroying itself in a morass of carnal wantonness and tolerant servitude to those who have been corrupted. The Broken will bring fire and they will bring death, and those that oppose them are unbroken themselves for they seek to shield the dark and the unholy from the righteous works of the Broken. Break and join, or be cursed and die.

  79. Jason, if I remember correctly you said this was this blog’s most commented post. Well it seems this one just went over it. :)

  80. Indeed what had mako-cakes done?!

  81. Oh, I must have been mis-read. Maybe I’m misinterpreting things, but I thought this was pretty obvious…

    I’m pretty sure there’s only one character who’s name is so cosmic, so powerful, that it has never once been uttered. And even when attention is brought to the name, it’s never revealed to the reader, only described as being a “powerful name.” Also, remember, one of Itsuki’s rambling suppositions in the beginning was that God might not actually be Haruhi, but someone else entirely–someone nearby, perhaps projecting his subconscious desires, those he considers rationally “impossible” such as espers, time travel, aliens, and other fun weirdness, onto Haruhi. Haruhi resembles Chaos, while her opposite, Sakaki, resembles Order. Both groups ostensibly centered around either seem to very, *very* concerned at keeping this young man at the center of all the action. These thoughts in mind, the Swapped version at least satisfies the original’s apparent premise of “God being a cute girl.”


    Don’t look at me like that.

  82. 84 replies? What was the last AoMM’s post that got that much replies?

  83. This must be the best blog entry (including comments) ever. I mean, we got haruhiists here, genderswappers, warhammer-style warpreachers (Does that word even exist?) and – wow.

  84. Oh damn! The skubhammer fans are crawling out of the woodwork!

    In light of FMP:Fumoffu’s recent successes in March Madness all I will say is;
    “Pooooonyyyyyyy! Pooooooonyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

  85. Heh, are you sure? So far, only Haess, me, and Crusader (and perhaps RmX and Ithekro) have displayed anything remotely close to being Warhammer 40k-ers, and even then we project the references through the lens of Haruhiism. We’re devoted, but there’s a significant overlap (where the Church of Haruhi merely replaces the Imperial Cult), and with the recent developments in the fandom, well, it’s easy to draw some parallels — such as the division the introduction of Kyonko seems to be causing between the more orthodox fans (equated with the Amalathist faction of the Inquisition) and the folks that jumped on the Genderbending Project ™ (who could be equated with the Thorians, an inquisition faction that believes in the Emperor incarnating — and working through — different mortal vessels).

    Heck, a friend of mine actually noted that, with the way the Kyonko idea has spread so quickly through the fandom, one might think that Tzeentch had a hand in it (and not Slaanesh as Haesslich mentioned since, uh, we’d have rampant futanari if that was the case).

  86. Now I see how that infamous thread on Animesuki shot to 3rd place in less than a month…

  87. You are right to fear the gender bender,for the appeal is universal. All can be broken. No-one is safe.

  88. It doesn’t work with everyone though. I think Kyon-ko is awesome, while the CLANNAD gender changes could use a little work. :P

  89. >> 84 replies? What was the last AoMM’s post that got that much replies?

    Well, this post resembles a lot to the Minami-ke post that broke Haess. I should make a broken reader pantheon. Haess and Myssa Rei are first ballot inductees.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  90. I hope i never get so involved in anime as to have to see one of the greatest male protagonist in all of fiction turned into a girl.

    See Kyo-ani what happens when you deprive the crazy religious sect of Haurism their 2nd testament? See what internal struggles was produced!!!! I blame you!

  91. Wow. Over 90 comments. Wow.

    Seitenkan is the greatest thing to happen. EVER. This is the proof.

  92. Ah ha. Ah Ha Ha. Ha Ha. Ah ha ha ha. Ah ha ha. Ah ha ha ha. (spoiler tag test)

  93. Wow, 90+ posts. Did Haruhi suddenly wish the World to be broken?!

  94. The universe has broken. The traps of 2006 set the stage for the brakeage. Moka-cakes and Hosaka broke the readers, thus allowing for the final reversal that is Kyonko that has broken the universe. There is no penis in this one. None. It is accepted.

    The god-empress question is…who is the god? Haruhi or Kyon? Haruhi is the stated god, but Kyon is the implied god. In the end, it doesn’t matter for they will remain together voiding the question. There cannot be one without the other.

  95. Crusader: You dare question the way things have been done? The reason that the Ecclesiarchy was established was to ensure that heretics and those who questioned the God-Empress’ wisdom would be found and dealt with. Those who question Her word, and seek new thoughts and new ideas are those most prone to the greatest of sins: doubting the absolute nature of things. No true follower of the God-Emperor would allow himself or herself to be swayed so – that way leads to the heresies and seeking of ‘new, better ideas’ that Tzeentch’ followers engage in.

    The God-Empress may have brought Minami-ke to us, but She did not create Kyon-ko; She made Kyon as a man, so She would have a subject to both heed Her words as well as to provide Her with entertainment. Kyon-ko is an affront to the perfection of Kyon as he existed – those who deny Her works’ perfection and seek to modify them to suit their lesser whims seek purposefully to debase Her labours and thus must be cleansed with fire and boltgun.

    Remember: Thought begets heresy: Heresy begets retribution. In the name of the God-Empress, this place must be cleansed with the holy fire of the God-Empress’ wrath.

    Myssa Rei: Slannesh was referenced due to the apparent self-pleasing that went on with this transition to Kyon-ko. Tzeentch has been referenced with regards to Crusader’s blaspheming and his seeking of ‘new ways, the ways of change, as absolutism does not exist’. That is a violation of the God-Empress’ will and of the word she laid out before being encased in her Golden Throne to await the Second Season.

    Jason: I hope that Myssa Rei is Kyon-ko; Yuki has maintained her true form, and thus is blessed by the truth that is Her word, while Kyon-ko is a way for the heretics to try to unleash the Dark Lords upon an unsuspecting populace by tempting them into the darkest of heresies through the perversion of Her will and Her way.

  96. Haess, you put waaaay to much thought into stuff like this.

  97. Okay… I think we’re slipping a bit from the topic with the Empress thingy… Oh God, why am I being hypocrite, I’m a fully supporter of it, In fact, a main supporter. For the Empress!

    I love looking at this GS’d project because you can see a different perspective from the series. (I even cared to look closely at all the pages at Animesuki o_O) Also, women don’t react the same as men and viceversa, so it can be a whole “new” world. I approve Haruhi Seitenkan, keep it up people! (Kyonko really is moe >w<b)

    On a side note, I don’t know why, I REALLY don’t know why, but I DO WANT GS’d Clannad. Somehow, a male “harem” theme sounds interesting, not to mention Tomoya and Youhei are moe and I like the trap for Fuuko and Nagisa :D

    I need more GS’d series. Maybe Lucky Star? *100 TONS ANVIL’D*

  98. Haesslich: I am, as always, a humble servant of the God-Empress, Suzumiya Haruhi, may her light guide her followers for several volumes more… Still, ’tis sad for such a loyal servant as thee fall for such… Orthodoxy. Have you forgotten the fact that the first and foremost of the God-Empress’ tenets is the rejection of the normal and the mundane? Was it not Her need for things extraordinary that enlightened her, and us, her loyal followers, of the possibility of things out there in the greater Galaxy NOT boring and expected?

    Nay, if anyone has been blinded by the whispers of the Cult of Sakaki, may the arch-Harlot burn in the lowest pits of Nessus, it is thee! Order is all well and good, but too much order leads to stagnation! The God-Empress’ will is change itself! Who are we to question her will? She who wills typhoons to blow and create Lone Island Syndromes, she wo wishes blizzards to rage! And hasn’t she already proven that she could split the very skeins of probability in twain? Have you forgotten her holy writ, the Disassociation of the God-Empress, and how one timeline became two?

    That the God-Empress can manipulate the very threads of probability and destiny, even more than the greatest Farseers of the Integrated Data Entity and the Canopy Domain, is proof enough that the possibility that, somewhere, in the myriad strands of destiny, that a female equivalent of her Most Favored, He Who Snarks, Patron of Sarcasm and Her Most High Consort, exists! For if she wills it, it is truth!

  99. Does Haess broken-ness has something to do with Asakura being transferred to Canada? She shouldn’t be, but since the god empress believed and willed that there were a mysterious transfer to Canada, hence she will be there. The god empress only have one simple creed, to overload the world with excitement, now that it’s verified that the creation of kyon-ko generates ginormous amount of moe and excitement in its various connotations, then there should be no doubt that kyon-ko is indeed a gift bestowed upon us by Her.

  100. But, darn…


    Why must it be me who always finds these things? o_o

  101. >>Does Haess broken-ness has something to do with Asakura being transferred to Canada?

    Hey, I’m not that broken yet and I’m from Canada.

  102. @Myssa Rei: Best usage of that badass image.

    And why does your thing say Australia now?

    >>The god empress only have one simple creed, to overload the world with excitement, now that it’s verified that the creation of kyon-ko generates ginormous amount of moe and excitement in its various connotations, then there should be no doubt that kyon-ko is indeed a gift bestowed upon us by Her.

    Truer words have never been spoken by a fellow Haruhiist.


  103. I am, as always, a humble servant of the God-Empress, Suzumiya Haruhi, may her light guide her followers for several volumes more… Still, ’tis sad for such a loyal servant as thee fall for such… Orthodoxy. Have you forgotten the fact that the first and foremost of the God-Empress’ tenets is the rejection of the normal and the mundane? Was it not Her need for things extraordinary that enlightened her, and us, her loyal followers, of the possibility of things out there in the greater Galaxy NOT boring and expected? – Myssa Rei

    Clap. Clap. Three cheers for the 1st Lady of the Inquisition! Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray! Truly we have much to learn from the High Inquisitor of Segmentum Solar.

  104. Off-topic here a bit.

    RmX: Because this Haruhiist apparently spends most of her time on a plane, shuffling between my company’s key locations? Sometimes I wish that they’d post me somewhere that wasn’t too hot in summer or too cold in winter… Like, oh, Shanghai. Still, a permanent posting in the Philippines would be nice.

    Seriously though, it’s probably due to the ISP I use. *shrugs*

  105. Having read more of this debate, I believe I must take responsibility for the potential schism that might occur if our opposing viewpoints are not reconciled soon. Please Haesslich, consider a more loose interpretation of the doctrine. For the sake of the many loyal followers of Haruhiism.


  106. RmX: Here here, ’tis best if this argument is put to rest, as we have a potentially larger problem in the followers of the Arch-Harlot Sakaki. Kyonko is nothing, a harmless manifestation of the God-Empress Haruhi’s need to ease boredom until her return in the Vanishment; Sakaki’s, however is a heresy that cannot be allowed to continue, her very existence an affront to the God-Empress’ will. When the time comes for a crusade to be lead against her Anti-SOS-dan, then I would gladly volunteer my bolter and my chainsword to aid in the purge! Ave Imperator!

  107. Sounds like this blog entry: http://hontouni.com/souomou/20.....ex-asahina

  108. In fact (after looking more deeply), considering the commenters, it is that blog entry.

  109. @Ithekro: lol I remember that. I was the lonely random passerby back then.

    I have since donned the armor of the other Blue Bomber, X.

  110. Oddly, I had hoped for more on that thread as it was an amusing read. The Nagato chapter would have be interesting.

    I am surprised there is no mention yet of Kyonko there. Though the main love is for Nagato, and the male Nagato Yuuki may not hold favor there as Kyonko does in places.

  111. I dunno. Nagato Yuuki is one badass mothafucka. Silently GAR, observing over Suzumiya Haruki, and serving as the protector of Kyon-chan.

  112. Well to be fair, that post in Zyl’s site is pretty old… And besides, Kyonko is a new development, barely a month old.

  113. Is it me or gender swapped Sunohara is surprisingly bangable?

  114. Genderswapped Tomoya + Sunohara = DO WANT

  115. The CLANNAD characters don’t really make the transition too well… it’s, I dunno, their personalities? While a female ‘Kyon’ is all good and well (the snarky personality survives intact), the ‘deliquent’ Tomoya and Sunohara work only when it comes to their looks.

    Besides, seeing a ‘male’ Tomoyo constantly beating on a ‘girl’ Sunohara just isn’t RIGHT.

  116. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, I know Haruki won’t dropkick the Computer Club President (or it was Fujoshi club? I don’t remember) in the GS’d one. However, it can be really difficult to tweak the Sunohara and Tomoyo scenes because part of the jokes are related to their gender.

    On the plus side, IMHO, the brotherly love male Fuuko has to his brother weights a little bit more. Also, I’d like to see Sanae and Akio’s bread GS’d scenes. Think od the possibilities! *imagines*

    But… to each his or her own…

    Anyways, first things first. Haruhi Seitenkan comes first before moving to another scene.

  117. Kerigris: Easy there, focus on the task at hand. Haruhi is already a challenge, CLANNAD is an altogether different beast. Besides, Harem-ish stories are hard to transition, with Ouran being the odd example that worked.

    And I thought the Computer Club Genderchange problem was resolved? I wasn’t able to join in the discussion about it, but I’d think the best way to go about things was to have it stay as an officially-sanctioned Computer Research organization, except for the fact that said facilities were being used ‘on the side’ for other, non-school related stuff. *shrugs*

  118. Myssa: She may have rejected the Normal and Mundane… but remember also that the reason she has been kept in her Golden Throne until now is to prevent her from destroying all her creations out of sheer horror or boredom out of seeing things She did not create and would not have. Thus, the others have preserved Her form in the Throne until another season of Her glory could be animated. Fan-fiction is one thing; many other cults have sprung up around Her, and while they interpret Her words differently from those who are Orthodox… the Eccelsiarchy has deemed them acceptable.

    However, great changes lead towards Chaos… or worse yet, a denial of Her greatness and that of Her works, such as the series She has wrought. Thus, we must protect Her will and Her words from being obliterated or overlooked by those who would seek to corrupt Her teachings into those which deny Her greatness. Those we should seek to suppress, until the Second Season is upon us, when She is again released from the Golden Throne to raise Her Imperium to heights unseen since the Crusade. As it is, I am highly reminded of the excesses which followed the Reign of Tanaguchi… and the heresies that led to the rise of Fuuko.

    Ithekro: You should look at some of the posters there. Some of us have been working Her will for much time.

    Men united in the purpose of the Empress are blessed in Her sight and shall live forever in Her memory.

  119. Philosophical bickering of something that doesn’t need philosophy at all…

    Fandom at its fanatic apex, I guess

    And kyonko ftw lol

  120. @Haesslich: I swear on my pride as a Haruhiist, that there is no denial nor contradiction of original Orthodoxy by the sub-cult of Seitenkan. May great peril befall those false prophets that believe Fanfiction to be a replacement for our primary set of beliefs. Yet, please allow those who follow the sub-religion to continue their practice of the main branch. Might it be not that the reach of the Haruhiist commune expands through the amending of the Church doctrine? I believe that stagnation and the inability to adapt to the situations of the present would certainly be frowned upon by the God-Empress, a conclusion I have reached through a thorough review of the First Assembly of the SOS-Dan. (Melancholy, Epsode 3;10:15-11:05)

  121. Just remember:

    Haruhi hates to lose~

  122. RmX: Revelation comes from the God-Empress: men (and women) are not fit to add to them. Reinterpretation of her works may exist, and is unavoidable; reworking them to create things which She did not create… that is somewhat more serious, especially when they threaten the doctrine She laid out, as Kyon-ko does. It threatens to overshadow Her glory… which is where I draw the line.

  123. I feel the schism is inevitable if we cannot come to terms on this matter soon…

  124. RmX: Oh, don’t worry too much about it. Schism? Bah, Haesslich is just letting his narrow Monodominant (points on getting this reference) view get the better of his good judgement. I’d think the chaos following the ascension of St. Nagato was far FAR worse than this. The Inquisition is, if anything, a mix of interpretations and ideas — some may be more extreme than others, but we are all servants of the God-Empress.

    Some are just more bullheaded about it than others. :)

  125. The Unified Theory seems an appropriate parallel to our situation here, though I still don’t really understand most of it. :D

    The ascension of St. Nagato and the following dissent from within the Church was an interesting phenomenon to observe. I distanced myself from the infighting that was occurring at the time, and took the opportunity to meditate on the matter in isolation. But at least things have calmed down for the most part since.

  126. The Main reason Animesuki’s Haruhi Genderbent thread is growing so fast is because it’s full of crack and they’re trying to chase after the Nanoha Original Charecter Creation & Discussion Thread, which broke 1111 pages this morning and used to generate something like 10 pages a day.

    Since we setup an IRC channel, Nanoha OC slowed down alot though ^^;; ANd our biggest writers of crack are putting great focus on the genderbent thread.

    I kinda got outta it after all the yelling that Male Asakura should use a katana to kill Kyonko instead of a knife because it’s more manly, nevermind that a combat knife is more practical. All caused by a Jap fanartist…

    To be fair, there’s a reason Japan sucks at warfare. And the only guy who really unequivocally kicked ass, Togo, was british trained.

  127. Wild Goose: Oya oya, if it’s who I think it is, hisashiburi da-ne. As much as I’d like to catch up, ’tis better to move along before we give Haess any more ideas. It’s pretty messed up as it is. ^^;

    I don’t actually frequent Animesuki myself, as my job precludes any stretch of free time (especially with the shaky US economy, which affects stock trading, which of course affects my work as I’m an employee of a major brokerage firm), so I’m not aware of any kind of competition involved between this so-called Nanoha OC thread and the Genderswap faction. At least, it doesn’t seem so to me.

    Now it’s best that we leave, I sense Haess lurking nearby.

  128. @Wild Goose: We are not full of crack. I specifically kicked Kha’s ass when he tried to bring your crack to my thread. =P

    One advantage we have is that we’re two parts fanfic writing, three parts image posting, and one part everything else related to Seitenkan. It’s an assembly of everything that is tangentially related to the topic of genderbending.

    I’m not really trying to beat your crazy ass thread, although one must admit we’re generating a lot of buzz. As in, 100k+ views in two weeks and two days bitches! =D

  129. Perhaps it’s best we wait for the coming of the Second Season before we once again wage war on the great darkness outside, and THEN go on the witch hunts after our God Empress has unleashed her fury and wrath on the rest of the heathens and infidels who pray at the altars of Naruto and Gundam.

  130. Myssa: Yeah… maybe you’re right. GS Clannad is a totally different thing. Let’s wait for Seitenkan to finish taming the Haruki beast first. :D (I still want to see Fuutarou alive T_T. Geddit? A Fuutarou-Fuuko joke! Heheheh…heh…eh…)

    On a totally different topic, this blog (entry) has confirmed my doubts about the God-Empress church expansion; and for that, I’m gonna keep codexing, so if you excuse me…

  131. I have cried manly tears…


    Thanks to Kinny Riddle just for being there, let alone recording it.

  132. Sweet haruhi.

    I apologise for the rabid seitenken fan.



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