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Couldn’t think of a post to write tonight that didn’t involve Mako-cakes. Blade of the Immortal is finally getting an anime… but before you get too excited… it’s by BEE TRAIN with the Noir staff. Potentially very bad times. Also, ICv2 reports that Appleseed EX Machina has surpassed 100,000 copies sold in its first week. You can read my take on it as well as enter a drawing for a copy. I also discovered that Lucky Star has a light novel adaptation… *shudders*Lucky Star Online. Lastly, a YouTube clip that’s getting me pumped for the new season.

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  1. You know this means KyoAni will probably attempt to pull a Second Season of Lucky Star out of this. (thus delaying another Full Metal Panic Series by yet another year and making Haruhi a short season so they can pump out more Konata and Lucky Channel.)

    Actually I wouldn’t mind more Lucky Star, but not at the expense of Yuki or Tessa.

    (Though having KyoAni ship Kyonko would be the peak of epic madness in the face of all reality.)

    Though finding this was great…at least for choice of scenes and timing with the music. Clannad to GONG. Even KyoAni has not gone this mad …yet.

  2. Not even Sousuke’s VA as Manji can save it.

    Bee Train and Mashimo is like watching Tim Burton + Danny Elfman: it looks different on the outside, but when you looks at its core you are wondering if they should not try something different. But at least, Tim + Danny delivered us the two first Batman movies, Bettlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands and more to remember (and also failed in delivering a proper Planet of Apes movie). Mashimo and Bee Train are the opposites, as in they more often missed than hit.

    I was praying for Madhouse, I.G or Bones, but this is worse than getting Gonzowned.

  3. Hope it’s not toned down too much for the anime adaptation and that Tomokazu Seki doesn’t use his eardrum bursting high pitched voice for Manji.

  4. Bee Train? Noir director?

    I expect Manji to be a girl now and have the two protagonists lezz out (contextually of course). XD

  5. >> Tomokazu Seki doesn’t use his eardrum bursting high pitched voice for Manji.

    If you have watched Gungrave, you may know what to expect from Tomokazu Seki. I believe in the versatility of the dude. But not in the studio and director.

  6. >> Bee Train? Noir director?

    >> I expect Manji to be a girl now and have the two protagonists lezz out (contextually of course). XD

    His earlier work, “The Weathering Continent”, has two guys and one girl travelling together.

  7. Blade of the Immortal? WHERE’S MAH BERSERK SEASON 2?!


    When the story will end. In other words, NEVER!

  9. I don’t remember there being a music box in Blade of the Immortal, IS NOTHING SACRED?!

    Hopefully we can get the good (mood evocation) without the bad (extremely slow pacing).

  10. “…thus delaying another Full Metal Panic Series by yet another year…”

    Oh if only Full Metal Panic was originally a light novel written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Douji Shiki, serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Dragon Magazine since 1998.

    Oh wait …

  11. it’s by BEE TRAIN with the Noir staff. very bad times.

    ^ What is this…it….doesn’t compute…..

  12. It computes to “someone here is full of shit”.

  13. Blade of the Immortal anime? The best samurai action manga out there! HURRAH!
    This is gonna do even less justice to source material than Xenosaga anime did. Worse than getting Gonzowned; true, that. Funny though, I remember reading many moons ago that Hiroaki Samura has been adamantly against animating his manga, because it wouldn’t do justice to his art style.

  14. at the very least, blade of the immortal will have very nice long shot pans of the scenery.

    which by the way, even though i’ve never read it before, probably isn’t the point of blade of the immortal.

  15. All I have to say is that last clip is brilliance. Sayonara Zetsubou Lulu!

  16. “Lastly, a YouTube clip that’s getting me pumped for the new season.”
    Hey, that reminds me… Where the hell was SZS in your Best of 2007 OP/ED category? Say what you want (and you did) about the series itself, but that 1st OP (as shown in the YouTube clip) was awesome, and the ED was epic. Better than most of the runners-up, at least. *sulk..*

  17. “Koichi Mashimo will direct the animators on Bee Train as he did for the .hack// franchise and Noir. Hiroyuki Kawasaki (The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Sorcerer Hunters) will oversee the scripts, and Yoshimitsu Yamashita (Murder Princess, Samurai Champloo animation director) will design the characters. Kō Ōtani (Ayakashi Ayashi, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) will compose the music”

    If we’re just talking about each individual part then I see less of a problem here than perhaps the rest of you. I thought Noir was at least decently animated. Kawasaki doing the scripts shouldn’t be too deadly because even Tylor and Hunters had their moments, and Yamashita as animation director doesn’t seem like a bad choice considering I thoroughly enjoyed the style of Samurai Champloo. I can’t say anything about the musical direction though….

  18. I have faith in the voice actors! Seki will do us proud! And it doesn’t seem too bad yet… .Hack was supposed to be a slow series? Murder Princess and Champloo WERE well animated… we can at least still hope.

  19. Captain Tylor is one of my favorites bar none. If only they’d skipped that damned ova that needed an extra episode to resolve the plot properly. so yea might be good, might be more disappointing that both Negima adaptions considering how much i love the source material.

  20. Random question: Is there an Japanese animation quivalent to Industrial Light and Magic? I mean is there a animation house that the others go to when they need soemthing amazing done and the regular staff can’t pull it off? Or a studio that companies hire if they want to make a big impression with the animation while telling their own story (as oppose to if Lucasfilm used ILM exclussively and no one else could get their effects done by ILM.)

    Or have they not reached that point yet? Or are they beyond that point (multiple superior animation houses…like old Hollywood and multiple effect houses).

  21. @ Ithekro. I’m not positivie, but I’d say they’re closest would be say Aniplex or ufotable. I’m not entirely sure I’d count Aniplex though since it’s a subsidary of Sony, and as such has done a lot of stuff, from Full Metal Alchemist to Towards the Terra, Even work on GTO and Gurren Laggan.

    Ufotable is a lot newer, but it’s done work on Manabi Straight, Futakoi Alternative, the CG production for Gundam SEED, and Tales of Symphonia.

    Together these two are capable of the most amazing work I’ve ever seen–better than the Ghost in the Shell Movies, and anyone who’s seen their joint-production: Kara no Kyoukai, will agree with me there.

    The last is an old studio (around since 1986) that loves to sit on the sidelines, like the coach that gets shit done, but never gets credit: Studio 4゜C. They’ve done amazing animation work on a lot of series: Animatrix, Linkin Parks animated Music Video, Rogue Squadron, and their various films and shorts. Series-wise, they’ve done work on Innocent Venus and Kemonozume among others. The studio is characteristic of having some crazy character designs at times, but their animation is more detailed and more full of motion than even Kyoto Animation. The problem is they mainly source themselves out to other companies, so unless you scour the credits, or know the studio’s style, it’s hard to tell what they have and haven’t worked on.

    Anyways, if you wanna check out Studio 4C, I reccommend the following: Comedy, the 3rd segement of Sweat Punch, and Kung Fu Love.

  22. Ko Otani? Well, at least the music will be pretty bangin’

  23. If Blade of the Immortal gets SHAFTed by Bee Train, I will only be slightly disappointed, if only because I’m used to the feeling I get when I force myself to sit through an entire series’ worth of setup only to find myself at the blunt end of a couple of miserable episodes of pretentious and poorly executed payoff. Actually, Nuhrootow fans have been doing that for years, and it only seems to make them hornier.

    On the plus side, we might actually get a good Yuki Kaijura soundtrack out of the deal, considering her track record with Bee Train. What to do, what to do…

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