spring break

Most Excellent DS-Crushing Ass

I’m off on spring break. I won’t be back for two weeks, so thin slicing the spring season probably won’t happen until the episode 5-6 range (in other words, prime rib slicing!). I guess the upside is that you guys can, for once, be my filter. Toss me an e-mail about what you think is bad, what is good, what you would like me to write about for the new season. (Library Wars is moving up spots for me… “I will protect this book!”) I will leave you guys with a few fanservice posts until I get back. And, of course, the Appleseed Ex Machina DVD giveaway is still happening… only have about ~100 entries as of last night, so your chances are really damn good. Ciao.

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  1. Delicious melonpan and DS crushing ass <3

  2. Spring break? I was under the impression that you’re a working man.

    So, where can we hunt you down in the next two weeks? lol.

  3. hot damn.

  4. I have a sudden urge to go join a kendo team.

  5. Sayako is definitely a second-tier character in Bamboo Blade, but that doesn’t stop her from being my favorite.

  6. Jason is taking a few weeks away from the blog because he has been broken.

    Good luck with the real world, laddie. Try not to run into any real traps when you’re at the beach. ;)

  7. I totally did not recognize her. It’s because there are too few fanservice shots in Bamboo Blade.

  8. Really? I find all the action with their hot, damp Bōgus really erotic. Especially during any given Tsuki, when a long sweaty pole is thrusted deep into the armor’s throat piece. Mm.

  9. She has an ass? I couldn’t get past her chest. God woman, you make Yoko and Mikuru look flat..

    So with Jason gone for a time…the Broken will rule the Blog…wait don’t the broken rule here anyway?

    The Emo Factial Contortion section needs updating, and Mako-chan will be added to the meido list with K1 and L.

  10. I guess this is a good opportunity to give my thumbs-up to Bamboo Blade since I’ve now seen the whole 26 episodes of it. Although it has gotten seriously eclipsed by Minami-ke here recently, it was one of the best shows running over fall-winter ’07 seasons.

    >> “the Broken will rule the Blog”

    Can I now has poem tiem!?
    “One Mako-cakes to bring them all and in the brokenness bind them
    In the land of Derailed where the genderbenders lie”

  11. This confirms my reasons why I need to join a Kendo team. Saya and her DS crushing ass are awesome anyday in my book.

    And about the emo-facial contortion pantheon, don’t forget Sunohara!

  12. It is delicious melonpan.
    I must nibble it.

  13. Rediculous question time:
    Does Key’s new “Rewrite” project mean that there is still a chance for KyoAni to remake Higurashi in a decade or so when they get through FMP!/?, Haruhi, Lucky Star Seven, Kyonko, and Tomoyo After?

  14. @ Ithekro Don’t forget Little Busters! Hah….

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