kamen no maid guy 3, twittered

“Don’t Stop the Romance?”


Maid Guy Ahoge Antenna… in addition to USB, he can do Wi-Max. First Awesome Kogarashi Moment (AKM) of the episode.


Scared the pants out of me too. AKM #2.


Gotta love how Kogarashi just completely disregards Fubuki and uses Maid Guy X-Ray to read the love letter. I don’t blame him. If I were an ultra-awesome, well-built MIT ex-professor capable of USB and Wi-Max now employed as a maid to ungrateful high school students, I’d be pretty damn mischievous too. Oh, AKM #3.


Good to see the traditional policy of blurring out the eyes random male love interests of main female characters is still in effect. It makes them look like sex offenders or something. Why not go the whole distance and just draw black boxes?


Funny. Feeding someone bad tasting food reminds me of something else I watched recently.


Maybe if Naeka found a DFC loli, collected the sweat of the DFC loli, rubbed herself with said sweat, and then proceeded to give mystery man x a full body rubdown using her own body as a sponge, maybe he couldn’t have run away and transferred to Canada. Just a thought.


Maid Guy Shredder… Kogarashi’s like the Doraemon of Maid Guys. Seeing how Kogarashi can turn his hair into an antenna, his teeth into a shredder, his eyes into an X-Ray machine, and his ear into an USB socket, I’d hate to see Maid Guy Fire Suppression Kit, Maid Guy Weather Station, and Maid Guy Oil Change. AKM #4.


“You don’t even have someone you like, and yet you’re already preparing a date plan.”

Great analysis of the situation. I’m bumping the AKM meter to 5.


“If this continues, Master will become an homeless dog. You’ve only suffered being lovelorn once, but you still haven’t got past this obstacle. And you’re talking about walking the path of the sword… stop fucking around!”

One of these posts will just be nothing but lines from Kogarashi. He’s inspirational and rational at the same time. Screw you Obama. Screw you Hillary. Screw you McCain. I’m voting Kogarashi. YES WE CAN!

(AKM #6!)


Hey! A series we haven’t heard from in some time. Last time I tagged a post “tsukuyomi” was two years ago. Despite Kogarashi’s enthusiasm, Tsukuyomi isn’t an eroge.

(Makes me feel even older knowing that Tsukuyomi is four years old. But, worse than that, it was back when Shaft wasn’t sniffing glue, popping codine, licking toads, and doing mushrooms, much like my current daily routine. Is the manga still going? What’s the plot at now? Has Hazuki finally gotten in Toudai? Or am I thinking of the wrong anime?)


“Master is a homeless dog. Her brother only knows how to play eroges. What glasses types, little sister types, cat ear types? You’re a bunch of sad grandchildren! … I understand you are not good with love, but as long as I’m here, I will serve you until happiness! That’s me, Maid Guy!”

Definitely voting for Kogarashi. Now I understand how Ah-nauld is a two-time governor when he can’t even pronounce the state name correctly. He’s the closest thing we have to a Kogarashi in the political world. YES WE CAN!

(AKM #7!)


I think even though it’s only the third episode, we should know better than now than to drink whatever Kogarashi is serving. It doesn’t take a Maid Guy Genius Brain to know that the drink will cause Love Love Naeka mode. Now, the suspense is this: who is the victim of Love Love Naeka? If there is an Oharuhi-sama, let it be Fubuki.

(Kogarashi doesn’t get an AKM for this. Real men don’t mix potions.)


Of course, another option and possibility is that this scene suddenly turns into Bible Black and Naeka becomes a transsexual. But even in that case, I’d still vote for the Fubuki scenario.


I like where this is going.


Bullying? Iz dat sum bullying?!


I might have to give Kosuke a point for breaking out the video camera. Mmm… if he puts it on YouTube, he gets a point.

(Andohbytheway, I searched for “maid yuri” on YouTube and found this clip… next thing I know, two hours have passed. Hare Hare Yukai is probably famous enough now that it should replace Sagan’s “Murmurs of Earth” on future extra-solar spacecraft. I’m also positive that the Zentradi wouldn’t attack us after seeing the fully choreographed dance.)


In the immortal words of Quagmire… “Jackpot!”


Why does this scene feel like a cross between Higurashi and Zetsubou Sensei? For fun, try to rank to following. Who has more murderous intent? Rena after eating an ice cream cone, Chiri after finding out an imperfection, or Fubuki after being bullied?


“It is courtesy to eat food that a girl has made. This is the fate of men.”

Great. I really can’t get that Kanokon episode out of my mind now. Both shows approach the same subject, but while Kanokon resolves the situation with oil rubdowns and spanking, Kamen no Maid Guy solves the bad cooking problem by… egads… leveling up cooking skills. Pragmatic logic in my anime?! Egads.

(To be shocked by pragmatic logic in anime… I know definitely know I need to cut back on my Sunrise.)


“I’ve always noticed you. To send these feelings to you, I wrote this letter. Tomorrow after school, I’ll meet you behind the gym.”

Generic love letter is generic. How can she be impressed with that? Though I shudder at the thought of a Kogarashi love letter… how would such a thing go? “With my Maid Guy Phased Array Doppler Radar, I have always noticed you. To send these feelings to you with such crude methodology because your basestation is not powerful enough to handle Maid Guy 802.11mg. Tomorrow after school, I’ll show you the fullness of my service.”


Brings back fond old memories of ~Okawari~. It’s been over a month, and I still cry out for Hosaka and Haruka at night.


Somehow, I just knew it would end up being a girl. Anime is just so predictable at times.


And just as predictable, Kogarashi would do something to encourage or enable yuri fanservice. AKM #8!


Naeka’s “OMFG I’M TRAPPED IN A LOVE SUITE WITH A LESBIAN” face made possible by the good folks at Kogarashi.


Haven’t really seen a season like this one in a while. I think between Penguin Musume Heart, To Love Ru, Kanokon, Code Geass R2, and Kamen no Maid Guy, records for most inappropriate sexual acts will be shattered like the home run records in 1998.

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  1. you forgot to tagged kamen no maid guy 2 to kamen no maid guy

    btw you keep refering to Bible Black a lot… you watch it that often?

  2. Kogarashi FTW. I think after just three episodes I am ready to declare this the dark horse of spring 08. In fact, it may be getting the #3 position on my Spring show Ladder of Awesomeness.

  3. The cheesy fun of Maid Guy keep on escalating more and more, seriously I keep on watching because of Kogarashi antics, and that guy is delivering big time. I enjoy his service and the fanservice.

  4. btw you keep refering to Bible Black a lot… you watch it that often?

    Minami-ke’s Bible Black faces broke him, along with Mako-cake, Hosaka and Haruka-neesama.

  5. When you say that you cry out at night for Hosaka, Jason, is when I know you’re broken. I mean, it sounds like you’re lying in bed dreaming of Hosaka…

    … Haruka in meido…. all-woman Chiaki or Touma… what were we talking about again? My mind drifted off.

  6. Hold me?

  7. >>>btw you keep refering to Bible Black a lot… you watch it that often?

    Watch the first few seconds of Ayako’s subs of episode 2 (or was it 3?) of Minami-ke.

  8. I also love when Fubuki and Naeka cry out for help and Kogarashi says: “Keep doing it. I’ll give you an hour.”

  9. Between this and Kanokon,I feel like the cause of ‘serious’ anime has been set back five years,due to all the gratuitous melonpan. I can’t bring myself to care,though,due to all the gratuitous melonpan :D.

  10. Pure gold, just pure gold ^_^

    Fuck yeah!

  11. its like a counter attack after five years of moe shows and lots of DFCs. Needs more Haruka-neesama is Amazing.

  12. I recognized Kyon’s little sister, but who was the “Glasses type” girl?

  13. (And why didn’t we even get a name for the green-haired girl?)

  14. (And why didn’t we even get a name for the green-haired girl?)

    Let’s call her Stalker-chan.

  15. Anyone else notice that the blacked-out guy at 19:46 looks suspiciously like her brother? Hidden subtext or just lazy animators?

  16. What’s really sad is that there still isn’t a Wikipedia page on this.

  17. And of COURSE Kogarashi would try to enable yuri fanservice – given that Naeka stripped Fubuki in front of an audience… who wouldn’t assume she would (maybe) enjoy some time with a busty megane girl?

    It’s like this show was designed with Jason in mind, really. Maids, ‘GAR’ type characters, moe, busty schoolgirls….

  18. It’s like this show was designed with Jason in mind, really. Maids, ‘GAR’ type characters, moe, busty schoolgirls….

    We even got symmetrical docking this episode! All we need is a cross-dressing frog and we’ve found Jason’s ideal anime.

  19. for some reason, kogarashi reminds me of a male version of kohaku from tsukihime, down to the wierd robes and the questionable drugs

  20. rikchik: Needs more psycho lesbians too. Fubuki doesn’t make the grade, and this one’s very dere-dere.

    Momu: Kohaku was never this competent. I’m sorry, but she just wasn’t… except for drugging and killing people. And cooking.

  21. >> It’s like this show was designed with Jason in mind, really. Maids, ‘GAR’ type characters, moe, busty schoolgirls….

    Me thinks I need to start blogging shoujo and nothing but shoujo from now on.

    >> What’s really sad is that there still isn’t a Wikipedia page on this.

    It’s wikipedia! Go start one.

  22. haesslich, i guess you didnt read the visual novel… she actually planned a very thorough revenge that actually works in of the endings. to me, she was one of the most intelligent ones in the whole novel.

  23. Momu: Apparently, I need to find the VN. Or we need to make Jason play it.

    And I see he’s yet to fall for the ‘tsundere loli’ bait of another show this season. Good for him. Must say that Kona-chan of a certain show would be able to cosplay her easily, though.

  24. At least jason is not calling out for Mako-cakes at night.

    That said, if I understand correctly, the only type missing from this show is the Trap. If this show is going Derailed class epic…it will require the epic trap.

    And Rena doen’t have murderous intent after eating ice cream. Only if you lie to her about the flavor of said ice cream. Then she’ll cleave your skull open.

  25. I discovered it(!), the reason they stuck Kogarashi in a maid outfit if they didn’t everyone would immediately turn gay(or les) due to the amazing powers of his, ahem: “Dimensional-wall shattering GAR” which is of course run by: “Maid Guy 802.11mg”. Those not compatible will: break in some epic Mako-cakes way, will be trapped in a love suite until they comply/upgrade, or be continuously fed potions until something interesting happens.
    (Backlog of posts caught up on-whoo hoo!)

  26. Kyon’s imouto semi-cameo FTW! Really loved this episode. I like how they go straight to the point: guys are perverts that are made to eat girls cooking, which is probably what people though of when they added -for better or worst- in those vows.

    I think they stuck a maid suit on Kogarashi to prevent the idea of a love interest between him and Naeka.

    Either that or they quick-filled the position of trap…

  27. Okay,can someone help? We see,briefly,an amazing melonpan delivery vehicle in the OP and two more Maid Guys in the ED. Any idea who they are?
    P.S. Where do you find/read the manga?

  28. I figured all 3 were Kogarashi… one of them is his Potion Guy outfit, but I don’t know what the Batman Guy outfit is for.

  29. … yandere, bloody-handed meido Fubuki with tied-up victims and a dead Kogarashi is sexier than regular demure meido Fubuki-mode.

    Yup, broken. Like the rest of the readership here. Or I’m becoming a Megumi Toyoguchi fan between this role, Revy, and one other busty blue-haired Metlandi this season.

  30. Did anyone else think “Okazaki and Sunohara’s love child” when they saw Naeka’s blue-haired fantasy letter writer?

  31. Kogarashi is my new hero… he built a love suit with no exits just for yuri!!!

  32. I WOULD say my brain snapped in half were it not for the fact that it reduced to mush with the fanservice.

    …to be honest, I still dunno what to make of Kamen No Maid Guy. It’s got moments of funny, but… maybe given that Haruhi was my first step into any truly fanservice-inclusive anime (you can call me “behind the times”, thankee very much), perchance I’m spoiled into thinking that it should have anything whatsoever to do with either plot or character development.

  33. ….perchance I’m spoiled into thinking that it should have anything whatsoever to do with either plot or character development.

    Jason mentioned Muteki Kanban Musume in the same breath as this; I think that’s about right. The characters are just there to be funny (and GAR in Kogarashi’s case) and set up the fanservice and jokes – any ‘higher’ impulses would ruin the experience. Sometimes,all you want is a cartoon.

  34. >> I recognized Kyon’s little sister, but who was the “Glasses type” girl?

    Marie from Sister Princess. Sadly I recognized that after a couple of double-takes and a quick check at one of my wallpapers of her…

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