code geass r2 4

And that is what we call brotherly love.


Broken by Lulu. Lulu managed to turn a double trap for him into a single advantageous situation: he manufactured enough goodwill with Rolo to make his heart waver (thank you True Tears, whenever I see, hear, or type that phrase, I will always think of you, Raigomaru). Lulu now has a chance to swing Rolo to his side, which is a big break since the Britannians don’t know that it’s him in that Vincent, and it potentially gives Lulu another pawn who happens to be master assassin and an ace pilot.

Lulu is one manipulative, deceptive, heartless son of a bitch… we desperately need to have a mastermind reality TV show featuring him, Light-o, Keroro, Kogarashi, and Itsuki.



I liked it better when CLAMP was drawing Syaoran leading Sakura around on a horse. Isn’t going from that couple to this one kinda like going from a Mushishi to a Xenoglossia?


Can we get a mecha anime without rollerblading, skating, surfing, or Legolas references? Though I have to admit, Lulu used his geass well in manipulating the battlefield. He isn’t much of a fighter, but he uses all the tools given to him. The chess reference fits, but, in Lulu’s view, everyone is a pawn.


Bad-ass… Code Geass has its AKM’s as well. Awesome Kallen Moment #1!

(But didn’t Guren Nishiki have five fingers on its claw before?)


And Kallen has a much, much finer ass.


C.C. is like twice as cute with this new outfit, and she gets like 1/10th of her original screentime. It’s like if someone made an anime out of Clannad, and then proceeded to send 70% of the first 10 episodes on Fuko’s story path. But I find it kinda weird that C.C. and Kallen have been getting so well along… I think it just re-affirms that while Kallen has the hots for Lulu, C.C. is just using Lulu as a pawn. Else this would happen.


They look more like the Ouran Host Club than a bunch of elite mecha pilots. It’s always difficult to take the British seriously during tea time.


Welcome to 5PM JST! Besides no more Kallen nipple slips, moving to the earlier time slot has really toned down the overall violence level. A lot of murders and deaths still occur, but they’re shown off camera, and there’s no huge splatterings of blood. Even with this less violent, less racy R2, do you think Code Geass can ever be shown unedited on 5PM PST?

(Anyone catch Cartoon Network’s version last night? I missed it because I had to get up at 6AM this morning.)


Wasn’t luring out your foes using an execution of their comrades a tactic used in The Patroit? And Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves? It didn’t work too well for the British and… uh… British respectively. And it didn’t work well for the British here either. (I refuse to accept Britannia as America. There’s no Starbucks! There might be a Pizza Hut, but Starbucks, Walmart, and Mickey Dee’s are the real heartbeats of America.


Lulu sometimes looks like he’s headlining a Vegas magic act. That would be the greatest DVD bonus ever– Lulu live at Casaer’s Palace! With Bunny Girl Kallen as his assistant. Quick, let’s start bugging Sunrise to work on this one.


Gunslinger boy! Is like the use of Henrietta and the others in Gunslinger Girl as well as Rolo here a purposeful juxtaposition of the innocence of youth with the visceralness of hired murders? Or am I overthinking things?


Lulu is very pragmatic and logical when it comes to his schemes. He’s not at good at dealing with changes in the plans or disruptions, but when things occur in his controlled environment, he does a good job. Hard to believe Sunrise could have concocted such a character. But, his world is going to go a bit less than he planned. Suzaku is going back to Ashford… looks like the gang is re-assembling, and I don’t really understand why they keep the Ashford plotline going. I just hope we get Cornelia as a substitute teacher.

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  1. If there’s no school, there’s no Millay, and we can’t have that.

    My favorite moments as well:
    1) CC trying to load a gun, failling, and then just ignoring it
    2) All shots of Kallen’s ass
    3) Lelouche saying he’ll use Rollo and then throwing him out like trash (hopefully he won’t be using him to for OH GEASS NO moments)
    4) Lelouche saying Rollo is a fake Nunally

  2. Damnit. This episode completely derails my Rolo=Nunnally theory. Unless… They’re implanted memories!

  3. Muhahaha every time I watch code geass I get a get a pinky and the brain vibe.

  4. Bad-ass… Code Geass has its AKM’s as well. Awesome Kallen Moment #1!

    (But didn’t Guren Nishiki have five fingers on its claw before?)

    That arm was destroyed last season by Suzaku. And yes, Kallen was quite bad ass when she told the Brittanian, “ja ne,” as she fried him ^_^

  5. You can still watch the dub online. I thought you already had, given your association of “bad-ass” with Kallen.

  6. I saw it and I was very surprise that it came on cable, more or less on Cartoon Network in just a year. I don’t think I can get use to Lulu and Shirley’s voice actors. I think that people brought back the some of the actors from first season One piece dub into the show.

  7. I love C.C.’s new outfit but the fact that she doesn’t get enough screentime is a huge problem. But easily my favorite scene this episode is of her fumbling with the weapon.

    Personally I had thought that he would use Rolo to freeze time and win the match for him as part of his C.C. trade, but the mindfuck works just as well if not better.

    As for Suzaku’s return, I predict things will go much the same way as with Rolo. Suzaku will suspect but can’t actually say anything and Rolo/Lulu will have to find a more private place then a theater to spend brotherly time together.

    Adult Swim on the other hand, I really hope this anime does well, But I gave up on them when 2 years passed by and they never showed O~Haruhi-sama to the world. Nothing could save them more then a story about trying to find time travelers, espers, and aliens.

  8. The VA in US don’t care about the characters personality a damn, taht’s why it sucks. Just a few series were good…

  9. You all can’t all stand the awesomeness of JOHNNY YONG BOSCH, eh??

    I just really hope that Sunrise actually planned the entire thing before starting this season, unlike last time where they made shit up as they went at around episode 16. This episode was just pure ownage. Kaguya got to speak a line :O!!!

  10. Oh Geass No, just look at the screenshot with Lelouch and Rolo on a horse… The horse is eyeing Lelouch in possibly the most homohomo way I’ve seen in an animal.

  11. C.C. trying to reassemble that gun was classic.

    I’m surprised you missed that one shot of Lelouch in his room with all the clothes pieces on the bed.

    Dearest Jim Jason,

    I’ve got bunny ears on my bed too.

    Signed, Marty.

  12. I was saying the same thing at the end of the episode, and half-expected a cut to him inside the frame looking lazy and bored while he was spouting the brother bs. Really I don’t have a problem with Lelouch being useless in battle as long as his plans make up for it. Fortunately they usually do. And now we run into the same situation as Shana 2. Why doesn’t the Brittanian govt kill LL instead of monitoring him to make sure he’s not Zero ? I didn’t agree with Jason in Fumina’s case but it makes sense here. Oh well, tension is fine too.
    Now we wait to see how it all goes downhill.

  13. @Tetsuei
    I was wondering what that was. Perhaps in a future OH GEASS NO moment we’ll be seeing Bunny Boy Lulu?….. actually, I wouldn’t mind that…..

  14. *correction*
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bunny Boy Lulu being cosraped/ groped by Suzumiya Suzaku.

  15. Rollo flashbacks needed 5 minutes of musicbox added. And Laksharta studied those UFO games and realized that 3 claws on the hand was clearly the optimal number.

  16. Disappointed that the Chinese Ambassador kill wasn’t done Mortal Kombat style.

    Come here… o~~~~~>, d+hp, Finish him! Fatality. Flawless Victory.

  17. Nice episode summary, Jason, that basically sums up my impression of it. I loved the C.C. fumbling with gun part too, just because it shows that she’s not quite all together. Also, 20 bucks says that yuri fanart of the two of them in the embassy is forthcoming. The whole “arguing who should have been in the bunny suit” thing reminded me very much of bickering lovers.

    No comment on the Imperial Eunuch?

  18. >> The VA in US don’t care about the characters personality a damn, taht’s why it sucks. Just a few series were good…

    I read an interview with Crispin Freeman way back when, and I remember him saying that he hadn’t even watched the show before when they started dubbing. If that’s still going on, it’s a freaking travesty.

  19. As I watched Rolo break down, I wondered to myself if there was a possibility he would go full Mako-chan mode afterwards…

    That can’t be a good sign.

  20. American VA for anime quality depends on how quickly the company wants to get it out, or how true to the original the parent Japanese source wants it to be to the original. I’d say that while some might say the voices are kind of weird for Star Blazers, the emotion of the characters (and the story) was done well for a 1978 dub of the 1974 show. With non-union actors at that.

  21. Amazed you didn’t comment on Rolo’s emo face distortion at the end…

    We all know that a proper Sunrise series must have high school hijinks. Thus the SEED Destiny shopping adventure in episode 46. While that felt funny for SEED, by having the characters actually IN high school, shopping trips may ensue without any awkwardness.

    Also notice how the English in this is actually REALLY good? I paused the screen to read all those case files for Rolo’s assassinations, and they are perfectly written. Even if this were an English show I’d be impressed at the level of medical accuracy shown in the reports.

  22. The Britannia=America comes from Britannia winning the US War of Independence/American Revolution but losing the Napoleonic Wars and thus The Isles, but Suzaku just fixed that

  23. Lulu you’re so evil! If I’d get some superpowers, I’d turn to supervillain in no time.
    During that “horny-horse” flashback I was shouting in my head: No Lulu don’t go that way! But when he said that he would use Rolo and then throw him away, I made my mind. Evil wins.

    And can’t wait to see Lulu’s face when he notices that Suzaku is back.

  24. Next week’s gonna be a happy reunion eh? “Hey lover/cousin murderer/character assassin”, “Hey Britannia’s favourite tool”.

    Hoping to see more Lulu-Karen interaction this season now she knows his identity (despite CC’s 100% lead on her in the polls!). But I’m sure my hopes will be cruelly dashed in favour of the rapidly expanding cast, and creepy Rolo changing allegiance every 4 episodes.

  25. I checked out the cartoon network premiere….and it was pretty good. Tho I kinda felt like they used some of the same voices from Deathnote, I wonder if it’s being put out by the same company?

  26. oi you’ve been complaining about the lack on references to American stuff? Rolo’s hit list at the beginning of the episode is made up on provincial senators and lower level royalty seen to be conspirators by the crown. Not to mention nefarious traders. (the one at the end reminds me of Dutche…)

  27. >>It’s like if someone made an anime out of Clannad, and then proceeded to send 70% of the first 10 episodes on Fuko’s story path.


    WHY do you keep lambasting Clannad, Jason? WHY?

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