the tower of druaga ~the aegis of uruk~ 5

It’s… it’s… it’s a trap!


It’s like a clash of the literal, the pop, and the meme in this episode of Tower of Druaga. Originally, “It’s a trap!” referred to Admiral Ackbar’s infamous lines for the trap at Endor (How come, “They’re heading for the medical frigiate!” isn’t as popular?). Of course, literally, “It’s a trap!” refers to the fact that, yes, there is a device in which something can be caught and penned. However, in today’s modern era, “It’s a trap!” usually refers to revelation that, yes, “There’s a penis!” or “There’s no penis!”

Thanks to some insane mage, this episode features it all. Literally, Jil’s party finds itself in a trap… only that trap turned them into traps. Oi. My brain hurts. But… my gosh… both Trap Jil and Trap Kaaya… my brain really hurts.

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Best part of the episode? Mmm… it’s a toss up between Man-Kaaya, Man-Ahmey, and Man-Coopa trying to walk complaining of “balance” issues. Ladies, I’m telling you, it’s very tough to be a man sometimes. Walking isn’t just a chore, it’s an adventure.


And also Melt and Jii trying desperately to find “alone” time so that they can, uh, familiarize themselves with their new bodies. I wonder if I wrote a “If you suddenly were in Kyou’s body for a day, what would you do?” post, would that jeopardize any chance I have for writing for the New York Times?


And I also liked how both Melt and Jil tried to sneak into the girl’s bath, but it ended up being Ahmey being the lucky one. However, I don’t like the SNES-era fanservice, nor did I like that Fatima was wearing a towel the previous episode.

(Sigh. It’s all moot. I wish there was an HD version to purchase.)


ZOMG! Kaaya bunny girl! We need more Kaaya bunny girl! Or bunny girl trap Jil!

(Yes, we are in a new golden age of bunny girls. Now with Kallen, Chiruzu and Kaaya in the Gold Club, I’m hoping for Tsubaki, Ranka, and Kogarashi bunny girls next.)

(And, also, yes, I’m delighted that we got traps, possible selfcest, and a bunny girl in the same episode. But I felt the episode was only a ground rule double instead of a home run since we didn’t get any Fatima fanservice. Especially with so many tentacle monsters roaming around.)


Kaaya is too cute. Much too cute. Omega cute.


If Roger Clemens watched anime, he’d be staring at this scene. Intently. If he weren’t too busy with Kurenai.

(Definitely feel Shoji Gatoh’s humor through all the traps. It felt like Chidori and Sagara trying to cook a dinner together.)


The comedy door boss… Onsokumaru! I kept waiting for him to pop out from behind the scenes. Oh man, 2×2=Shinobuden / Ninja Nonsense was one of those series that didn’t get as much love as it should have gotten. Lesbian ninja… Onsokumaru… damn, I’ll have to put it on my “Wait, why does Da Capo get 78 episodes but Onsokumaru only gets 12?” list.


If I had to perform a 30 second comedy routine to advance to the next level, I wouldn’t know what to do. Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on first?” routine? A really bad Hare Hare Yukai dance? Shatner’s Rocket Man? An MST3K routine featuring Code Geass R2 as the subject matter?

(If I had to pick an anime comedic dream team to pass this comedy test, I’d take Kogarashi, Kana Minami, and Shana-tan and put them on stage together. No way that can lose.)


The final “twist” at the end was both good and logical, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Felt really wrong to have a Gonzo anime with logic. Anyway, I’m definitely rooting for Neeba’s party just to get more jealous spirit action over Fatima and more bunny girl Kaaya.

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  1. Heh,first.
    Mako-class traps and a perfect excuse to induce said traps. I might check this out :).

  2. Agreed on the Golden Age.

    It seems, though, that some of the moderately recent animes seem to have featured “traps” in some form or another (Mizuho, Mako-chan, the Puri Puri crew, and now this…). Are the storywriters for these shows as broken as we readers may be??

    Or perhaps they’re watching this.

  3. If they keep spitting out these hilarious ones every few episodes i might stick with it even if the serious part goes the way of dragonaut.

  4. Err… I did find the SNES-fanservice… um… erotic.

  5. >> bakaneko UNITED STATES (18:19:01, #159802) :
    >> Err… I did find the SNES-fanservice… um… erotic.

    Is that a new “broken” category for Anime on My Mind?

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  7. Been paying for Druaga from the beginning, and it’s been totally worth it.

    And earlier I was watching Nabari 04 (with Juuji-kun, the green-haired child with the hairclip) and thinking, “That had better not be a boy…”

  8. Isn’t this really the most natural reaction to suddenly becoming not a mere transvestite/transexual, but a full on cross-gendering? Not OMG I’m a girl? but OMG, I’m a GIRL! Yes, I too would like to get lost in my bounciness and scamper off to find a quiet corner for myself. So long as no Ropers are around at least.

  9. The Coopa trap is inherently much more dangerous.

  10. if I wrote a “If you suddenly were in Kyou’s body for a day, what would you do?” post…”


  11. The comedy door boss… Onsokumaru! I kept waiting for him to pop out from behind the scenes. Oh man, 2×2=Shinobuden / Ninja Nonsense was one of those series that didn’t get as much love as it should have gotten.

    Quoted for great truth. Any time I hear Wakamoto Norio I always end up picturing Onsokumaru…in otaku heaven, 2×2 Shinobuden is on it’s 15th season.

  12. Wakamoto Norio always bring me memories of Chiyo’s Dad.

  13. So far, I have been terribly unimpressed with this show. The story is going nowhere. I understand that they are climbing a tower. (I don’t understand why they just don’t use grappling hooks on the massive holes in the floor they look down out of.) For an extremely cliche reason ( A Blue Crystal Rod? Puh-leeze). There are soldiers climbing it too, for some reason. (Did they suddenly multiply and get red armor?) The amount of development in characters is zero. (Cmon a flashback or something that spans longer than 30 seconds. Something, anything?) The animation quality is pretty craptacular for this season. (Ugh, almost make Kamen no Meido Guy look passable, almost) Jil is an aggravating character. (Where did his sword go to anyway?) They have copped out of almost every single battle scene.(SNES graphics, people running, just flat out not showing them) The whole thing just oozes cheese (and Gonzo) , and cheese (Gonzo) from a can that expired back round 2000. Still I persist in watching it for it is the third show on my short list this season. I find that the mitigating factors are:
    1. Curiosity, I am hoping to see a few of the things above, or more bunny girl or something.
    2. Bunny girl
    3. Cat Impressions
    4. Trap uhh…. traps.
    5.Bunny girl.
    6. Neeba’s party

    …Yep about it. First major lambasting of a series for me, woo hoo!

  14. Are they still showing two versions of each episode?

  15. >> Are they still showing two versions of each episode?

    You’re getting this show confused with Soul Eater.

    >> So long as no Ropers are around at least.

    But Ropers are the spice of life! Like half a year ago, that would have earned a “Yep… these are my readers.” But it’s like almost average nowadays.

    >> Nobuharu

    I think the biggest clue was that this wasn’t going to be a dramatic series the first episode. But I don’t agree with either your animation quality or character development assessments. Animation quality is about average. It’s not as good as Soul Eater, Code Geass R2, or Library Wars, but it’s better than Crystal Blaze, Allison and Lillia, and Wagaya. A big thing affecting it is that the encodes suck. As for character development… it’s early. At this point in Soul Eater, they’re still not done introducing characters, Macross Frontier detoured into a singing contest, and not much has changed in Daughter of Twenty Faces except Chieko really, really wants to jump Twenty Faces even more now.

    And that doesn’t even Kurenai (which is too involved with bathing scenes to worry about character development), Code Geass R2 (hahaha), or Nabari (again, no development).

    haha lets a maid gal Kaaya next!!

  17. Since Jil is an androgynous name, he might as well be a trap or reverse-trap for all I care but when the time comes, I’d tap dat. But before that happens I’ll abide by the golden rule, fap first, worry later.

  18. Is anyone totally smitten by Ahmey now? Her subtle cuteness and pervertedness has won me over.

  19. I thought I was going to suffer from Minami-ke withdrawal syndrome this season.

    I was wrong. Cue the brokenness.

  20. Hmmm wow I am surprised anyone read that wall of text. My thoughts were that this was a pretty weak season all around but meh. Just speaking my not-so-humble opinion.

  21. Yea, my only thoughts in regard to the genderswap trap was “Finally, men that know what REAL MEN should, and WOULD do if they suddenly gender-swapped do to a time-restricted trap. Forget the fact that you’re a girl, that will wear off. You have to TAKE ADVANTAGE of being a girl, and find that secluded corner to enjoy yourself. because that trap will wear off!

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