unexpected development

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Can’t say that I didn’t not see it happening. But what about Sayako?!


(If you have a high res version, send it to me, and I’ll post it.)

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  1. Can’t say that I didn’t not see it happening.

    Props on the quadruple negative.

  2. What the hell? I haven’t watched it since around ep 10. I guess I’ll need to catch up sometime soon.


    I want my yuri rape ;_;

  4. Oh well, there’s always the chance that old Kojiro can’t handle all the energy young Kirino has and invites Sayako over when his stamina runs out. Now, where’s that second season of Bamboo Blade that would tell us all about this?

  5. For some reason, i don’t like this match up at all.

  6. I saw it coming… poor Sayako.

  7. um…

  8. What the heck?! This is worse than having the series allude to Yoshikawa-sensei having the hots for Ishida, then getting married to his sempai. o_o Talk about left field….

  9. “We need to have at least five kids! We could have a team match!”

    Where did you find these, anyway?

  10. Actually, this was pretty obvious. Those two spending their days alone in the dojo training, and then the way she broke down into tears and tackled him when he came back during the last episode. I personally like this pairing a lot.

  11. Yea, This isn’t much of a stretch in terms of pairing… But I’m gonna hope Saya still comes over and has a lot of fun. Without Kirino she seems the type to end up Holed up doing some kind of odd work from home and being that unmarried “aunt” that helps take care of Kirino’s offspring.

  12. Saya has the profile of a would be assassin… not. She should stop composing songs though.

  13. noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    Is not true!! Is a lie!
    Sayako so something!!!!

  14. Awwww what the heck!?!?! First Yoshikawa-sensei now this?!?! I want SAAAYAAA!!! Keep the dream alive!!!

  15. This pairing is fine and perfectly logical. But as others have said, it’s not the best one. :P

    And since when is this show perfectly logical? ;_;

  16. I’m a little behind. What are images referenced? Wedding is in the manga?

  17. saw this one coming.. BUT! i’m sure they all wouldn’t mind a little sayako-ménage à trois once in awhile… and neither do we!!!


  19. Isn’t “off white” code for “hussy white”? :P
    I guess Kojiro couldn’t wait!

  20. I saw it comming too.
    Yes Yes and Yes !!! I really wanted these two to get together! XD
    futaritomo omedetou

  21. If this really happened, Ishida’s status would surpass Kamina in an instant.

  22. Sensei!

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