built by the home depot, connected by at&t, and decultured by nyan-nyan

Ranka has turned my brain into a slug cell phone and other YouTube clips.

Aya Hirano’s Unnamed world. Short shorts 4tw.

Clip of the cast of Kamen no Maid Guy shooting the breeze. Do not watch this. Kogarashi’s seiyuu crosses his legs in the most unmanly way possible. A part of me died when I saw that. And then I remembered this clip…

… of the Gurren Lagann cast. My gosh, Simon’s seiyuu, Tetsuya Kakihara, does it too! I’m beginning to understand the world less and less. Andohbytheway, apparently Tetsuya is fluent in German, English, Spanish, Latin, and social dancing as well.

Let’s just say that if I knew how awesome Kyouran‘s credit rolls would be, I would be blogging it. The Suigintou version is pretty good too.

Clannad version of the Nursery Rhyme parody… I tossed up the Hosaka version earlier.

And, I’m sorry. As much as I am a card-carrying member of the Ranka Lee fan club, the Minmay (Mari Iijima) version still holds up very well. Oh, Mari has a My Space page

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  1. … you forgot the Gurren Laggan Live show, where seiyuu switched roles? So you had Kamina and Simon being voiced by… Yoko, I think it was? You want unmanly? Try listening to THAT for a while. ;) Kogarashi crossing his legs is nothing. That, and listening to Mari Ilijima reprise her role as Minmay in the ADV English dub is… interesting. I think she’s like one of the only seiyuu I know who’s played her same role in multiple languages on the same show.

    By the way, here’s my response to the Mikan doujin you postd earlier…. and proof that there is a risk to following the ‘I don’t care anymore…. there’s no way’ doctrine. I hope you’re not balding and wearing sunglasses, Jason.

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  2. ooh aya looked pretty cute in that vid =0

  3. I was too busy trying to discern whether or not the drummer was male or female to focus properly on Aya.

  4. Wow, Ginka makes a nice trap.

  5. man Aya is cute…Cuuuuute i say..

  6. oh and by the way, its not simon’s seiyu, its kamina’s!! hahaha
    try this..manly man voice with unmanly posture of sitting….gosh

  7. I was distracted from all else due to Aya.

    She’s really cute in this video.

  8. Wait a second…when isn’t aya cute? I’ve never looked for any, but I doubt there is an unflattering pic out there.

    I’ve been busy so I haven’t watched anything to date this season…i’m thinking of picking up maid guy and kyouran… this blog never steers me wrong. I might pick up that trippy one too, it looks like something a stoned musician might enjoy, even if i’m only halfway there.

  9. Oh Minmay, I wish you would sing another frickin song. Nothing against that song, but she has better songs, and that one got used way too much in the original. Still, I fanboyed when Ranka started singing it.

  10. Amuro1X: Nice i had the same problem with robotech minmay. She’d always sing stage fright and call it her new song. “I’m gonna save the urth now with my new song!” *orz*

  11. they’re both just pinning down their enormous appendages. manly crossed legs, protecting the public from random injuries.

  12. Haha, you want unmanly? Listen to Simon’s VA sing the Cutey Honey OP.

  13. Blah, Masculinity is overrated. Seriously, why are we so gender-role obsessed anyway? Its really not that funny.

    Lets talk about more productive things, like Code Geass’s plot and Ranka’s melonpan.

  14. Hahaha, Simon’s seiyuu has a funny laugh! xD

  15. The new episode of Macross F has blurred the line between gay and GAR forever anyway.

  16. …sorry, Aya’s legs distracted me.

  17. … firing something makes you GAR? Bobby may be gay, but that doesn’t mean he’s gar either. Mind you, he has the manly shout thing down… which I think he picked up from watching TTGL.

    Ah well – as long as Jason doesn’t start harping on Bobby’s legs, we’re good. Or Brera Stern’s… or Alto’s… since at that point, we’ll know what sort of broken we’re dealing with.

  18. >> they’re both just pinning down their enormous appendages. manly crossed legs, protecting the public from random injuries.

    Best. Explanation. Ever.

  19. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I love True My Love. And it works hilariously well with so many anime. Truly a paragon.

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