kamen no maid guy 6



“As a meido, you have to get up earlier than your Master. You have to go to sleep later than your Master. And you have to have moe or gar that pierces the heavens.”


I gotta give Kogarashi an AKM #1 (Awesome Kogarashi Moment) for taking care of Fubuki’s needs in addition to Master’s. Can you imagine Maria getting her laundry done, dried, and throughly smelled by Hayate?


I’d stare at Fubuki too, if you know what I mean.


“I am shining!”

Oh o-enka-sama, why must you taunt me with Mirai Nikki?


Quality faces. While I salute IMAGIN for not butchering this series, their animation quality is still on the low side. Ugh. Fubuki’s breasts deserve better.


Does wearing a skirt, in fact, the same as Fubuki, diminish Kogarashi’s gar? Or does it increase it?


“Getting Maid Guy to lose weight? You must be kidding. I’ll show you my secret. Special ability: Maid Guy Levitation!”

AKM #2. Even gravity and physical laws are no match for Kogarashi.


“Do you think weight matters to Maid Guy? Dumbass Master.”

My favorite part of Kogarashi’s lingo is how it is nearly impossible to capture properly in English. We need a Gizoogle for Maid Guy-ese.


What’s more believable? That Fubuki weighs under 100 pounds, that Maria is 17, or that Lulu actually thought about a woman. I’m going with jyuu-nana-sai desu!


The animation quality is severely lacking. How do you come up with a scenario where the hair is blocked by a character’s eyes?


Reminds me of Sagara in Fumuffu whenever he has to disarm himself. Highest of high comedy. Especially when he just keeps pulling out more stuff.

(I think Kanokon should do a parody of that where Chizuru just keeps pulling out sex toys and S&M gear.)

(Yes, Fubuki looks really cute when she’s flustered and trying to divest herself of her weapons. Though, if she got rid of her weapons, how is she going to fend off Kogarashi? It’s hard enough as is.)


“You cannot trick my eyes. Even if you subtract the weight of your weapons, you’re still five pound heavier than a medium-sized meido. According to Maid Guy Scan, you’re weight is… too heavy!”

AKM #3. He looks like a villain from Batman.


AMM #1 (Awesome Meido Moment). My gosh, Fubuki’s melonpan are larger and more shapely than Naeka’s. I’m speechless. That meido fuku just does not do her justice.


Who wants less Naeka fanservice and more Fubuki fanservice? *Raises hand*


Or both? Symmetrical docking… please.


“That extreme splendor might be enough to make me lust for women.”

Can you think of one female anime character who would be a fit mate for Kogarashi? I can’t. And I watch a lot of anime.


Sauna’s just don’t work. Weight loss by losing liquids is just a fake illusion– real weight loss comes from healthy diets and a steady workout program. Why am I not surprised that 4 of the 5 fattest US cities are located in Texas?


Oh man, both Naeka and Fubuki are broken, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Reminds me of when Princess Leia was unceremoniously tossed in front of Jabba the Hutt. The moral of the story? Kogarashi can kick Jabba’s ass. I’m pretty sure he probably take out the Death Star by himself with Maid Guy Photon Torpedo!


“Since old times, you would have to claim your own victory.”

Shades of the Evil Queen when she gives Snow White the poisonous apple. I just compared Kogarashi to Jabba and the Evil Queen in two paragraphs– that deserves an AKM. AKM #4.


“Maid Guy Super Vibrating Claw!”

I wonder how many women he has pleasured with that. Trying to guess that is like trying to guess how many jelly beans can fit inside Kaiba’s big chest hole. I’ll give this its own AKM, #5.


“Kukuku. My power caused the water in the apple to evaporate. Like the useless sag of flab both of you are carrying on your chest. Think about it! There’s even two of those!”

Oh man, his dialogue is just too awesome, but he speaks the truth. One could argue that DFC is superior because those women aren’t carrying around excess fat that can lead to health complications later on. On the other hand… boing…


“Using my claw to compress and evaporate them, you will surely lose a few kilos instantly. It’s up to you to choose how much to compress. Ah, now let me help you lose weight, Flabby Master and Flabby Meido.”

His hand motion… my gosh… I can’t stop laughing.


Sword’s like in his ear. To take this kind and amount of abuse and keep coming back, Kogarashi must be like Wolverine and have a genetic healing factor. He already has the vibrating claw. So that’s a Jabba, Evil Queen, and Wolverine comparison so far, for those keeping score.


“Are are ya. Honestly, Masters that are always worrying me. You are losing consciousness; you cannot tell the difference between a dream and a reality. Tajke this… special move: Daydreaming Maid Guy Illusion!”

Too awesome. AKM #6.


“Sending an image of only the breasts being smaller after losing weight to Master.”

DFC… melonpan… DFC… melonpan… reminds me of those inflatable breasts implants. But not as much so as Haruka vintage Okawari.


“An ugly but happy flat chest. Your breasts shall be compressed!”

Hey, some find it… uh… un-ugly.


“Next is an image of only one getting compressed. Then turning into a male due to failure in weight loss should be interesting. Kukuku. I admit, I’m just fucking with you at this point. Maid Guy Evangelion Attack! The moment you chose to stay at home is the moment you choose to turn into a trap! Just suffer in your nightmares!”

“There’s something growing under the underwear.”


I was just a laughing wreck for a solid three minutes after this scene. My gosh. AKM #6. Has there been a funnier anime episode so far this season?


Fubuki is sick. Awww… is sickly meido a moe mode?


“An energetic meido lying down sick; it’s a common situation in an eroge.” It is? Well, then. *Anticipating the following scene that’s common in eroges to follow*


“A meido without a meido outfit is just a normal person. Kukuku. Who would have guessed that you’d end up in this unsightly condition. Besides me, Maid Guy!”

Highly disappointed we didn’t get an eroge or a Kanokon scene, but I am glad we got a Kogarashi being Kogarashi moment.


“But don’t worry. There’s always Maid Guy when you’re in trouble. I am a man who can be relied on no matter what or when. With an instant effect that heals sickness, Maid Guy Healing Dance!”

Help me out. Is he more or less effective than a bard in Final Fantasy XI?


“Only if you had an invincible steel body like me. You wouldn’t need to be afraid of any illness. According to Maid Guy Scan, the reason for your illness is because your body is too weak! Why is it so weak? Because you wear wool panties! Kukuku.”

Uh, wool panties? Sickly meido wearing wool panties. Moe mode or not? We need a ruling. Just for fun, I googled for “wool panties,” and instead of copious amounts of meido fanservice, I got this result:

She turned and looked at me with those eyes, and suddenly I was on top of her. Father, that beautiful ass — pink, soft, round like a pumpkin. Those soft wool panties reminded of the sheep. The pumpkin, the sheep, my brother’s wife, I was on fire! Then we were on the floor, under the table. The beauty of it! What pleasure!

Apparently, it’s a rant from this movie. Interesting. But… wool panties… sounds so… un-sekushi meido-ish.


My weak spot! The meido uniform increases the moe of any female anime character by at least 10x. Though Naeka got it confused… bonnet not nurse hat.


A there’s O-enka-sama if. X hawt action meido meido.


Distressingly similar to both the KanokonDeath by food” and the Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief “Death by poison” storylines.


Awesome if Twenty Faces showed up about now and whisked Fubuki away, only to be confronted by Kogarashi. Kogarashi would eventually win, but it would be an entertaining fight, much like the Lakers currently ripping out the Spurs’ hearts.


19 years old!? Old! Aged! Spoiled! Birthday cake!

Jyuu-nana-sai desu!


Missed symmetrical docking! I feel so cheated. I haven’t felt this cheated since I spent nine bucks to go see Rambo.


Are we sure Kamen no Maid Guy wasn’t an eroge? Mighty suspicious.


“I have found the sakuradite that will ensure our victory over Britnnia.”

Best. Crossover. Ever.


Sickly meido who wears wool panties is fearsome.


My first thought when I saw this scene was, “Hey, at least they can be environmentally friendly and just cook off of Fubuki’s head instead of using that carbon-spewing stove.”


Just occurred to me: the traditional meido outfit does not emphasize the thigh high socks enough. We need a next generation meido outfit… one that will increase meido efficiency and moeness of meido for the 21st century.


“You think your body weight is more important than your Master’s life, but you can’t even take care of your own body. Starting from now on, you have to train hard: mind, body, and spiral energy.”

AKM #7 for just the gull to bring back random moss. Though they missed out on a goldmine moment where instead of curing her sickness, it’s actually an aphrodisiac moss.


Highly enjoyed this episode. How can I not like a Fubuki-centric episode, and, more importantly, finally some Fubuki fanservice. Kogarashi is just as awesome as ever, and it’s getting harder and harder to top this antics. Daydreaming Maid Guy Illusion was top notch.

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  1. I am now convinced that Fubuki is the love child of both Chidori and Sousuke – she has the former’s temper and ability to punish wayward men… but the latter’s weapon-storage abilities and. It’s the only way to explain how she is… unless she really IS Maki of Minami-ke fame after plastic surgery, set in a position to put a leash on Maid Guy Hosaka.

  2. My first though was that this must be the japanese version of a midget with a flat head as the perfect women. Only instead of beer you have a cup of noodles. Just saying.

  3. The meido skirt is neither an object that makes one gar, nor an object that makes one cute/moe. It is in fact an AMPLIFIER! If one is meant to be a cute/moe character such as Fubuki, Izumi/Mitsuki/Anna (He is My Master), or Hayate, It amplifies your cuteness, your moe factor, in order to push it to the next level. IF you are truly gar such as Kogarashi, It makes you even more gar than normal. Just try imagining Simon or Kamina wearing a Maid skirt like Kogarshi–It would be a fantastic contest of gar.

    As for someone who is not already clearly Moe, nor Gar (such as say, Lulu, or Kino) It would bring forth their true property-gar or moe-and we would finally know our answer.

  4. >>16:02
    A there’s O-enka-sama if. X hawt action meido meido.

    jason, did your thought train get derailed again?

  5. I think the maid outfit is irrelevant. He doesn’t rely on such accoutrements for GAR.

  6. a woman fit for Kogarashi? Yoko…mebbe…

  7. Kogarashi would be the only one Gar enough to survive the curse of the doom bitch.

  8. Meido Guy never ceases to impress, although I was kinda disappointed that he didn’t manage to find the moss. But his creativeness in gathering moss from the backyard makes up for that rofl!

    Fubuki actually falling for Kogarashi’s insults was epic XD She must really be weight conscious for her to have done that. And we still haven’t found out what Naeka’s “secret ingredient” is XD

  9. “And we still haven’t found out what Naeka’s “secret ingredient” is XD”

    Akiko’s Jam-mu, of course.

  10. “Help me out. Is he more or less effective than a bard in Final Fantasy XI?”

    Actually… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsGvSjEVpqc
    Yes, they use dances to heal.

  11. “And we still haven’t found out what Naeka’s “secret ingredient” is XD”

    Akiko’s Jam-mu, of course.

    Come to think of it, I think it might have been some leftover juice

  12. ““An energetic meido lying down sick; it’s a common situation in an eroge.” It is? Well, then. *Anticipating the following scene that’s common in eroges to follow*”

    Kousuke should have spent some more time in the sauna before delivering that line. She may not have kicked him out.

  13. The question:
    Can you think of one female anime character who would be a fit mate for Kogarashi? I can’t. And I watch a lot of anime.

    The counter-question:
    Does Millenia from “Grandia II” count as a female anime character? If not, I’ll guess “Ren Seto.”

  14. lol AKM….being a WarCraft 3 player, suddenly I want to hear Kogarashi scream “FIND ME SOFTER KITTEN”.

    Google the phrase if you want to know. It was quite lol worthy meme at one point.

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