five images: something other than kyonko

In Code Geass Luluko of the Rebellion, we don’t mind the Luluko x Suzakuko scenes. In fact, lots and lots of cheering.


Swapped Shirou x Archer x Ilya = potential hot sauce spicier than the suddenly blah vanilla Shirou x Saber x Rin combination.


“My boyfriend is a jpop star. (And he sings cover for TM Revolution.)”


Still not as scary as Sumeragi’s.


Man-Nanoha still doesn’t pay any attention to her. Though the Man-Nanoha, Man-Fate, and Man-VIVIO thing potentially seems 10,000 times creepier now.


“I’m scared. I’m scared out of my fucking mind!”

“But seeing aneki get killed is much worse!”

“Well said, imouto! It’s come down to our final move! Let’s do ‘that’!”

“‘That’? What is ‘that’?”

“Bakayarou. Isn’t it obvious? It’s ‘that’: symmetrical docking!”

“Symmetrical docking?”

“Symmetrical docking!”

“Symmetrical docking… ? *blush*”

“It won’t happen. Simonko ain’t big enough.”

“You don’t know until you try!”

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  1. I approve.

  2. today after this, i dont think i will ever be the same man as i was before…

  3. I… don’t know anymore.


  4. I really liked the Gurren Lagann one haha. The dialogue got me chuckling

  5. Frak Genderbending, say no to psuedo yaoi/yuri.

  6. I got confused when I saw the gurren lagann one. It took me a bit to realize it wasn’t yoko with dyed hair.

    Then I was blubbering when I remembered I thought yoko with blue hair was hot…

  7. Why is it so wrong……………….. yet so right.

  8. Kamina as Yoko and Simon as Nia……
    the concept is very scary but very welcome…. nice!!!

  9. Non-trap Mako-cakes! School girl by day. Reverse Trap to get into the Minami house. (Wait, how is that different?…..)

    Tough poll there. Kyonko still wins if she was an option.

  10. how could they do that to kamina… =[

  11. I’m surprised that there are no complaints about the lack of a Jasonko option in the poll…

  12. Come on, add Lady Genome to the poll. You know you want to.

  13. how whould I put it….? lol and something like “jinruiwa ittai dokoe mukkateirunda, korewa mohaya yono sueda” XD

  14. For those who don’t know, since the Heaven’s Feel route of Fate/Stay is currently unreleased, Shirouko actually has an origin, and Shirouko is in fact that male Shirou, stuck in a female’s body with no way of turning back. So unlike the Kyonko gender swaps, Shirouko is still somewhat male, at least mentally…though the estrogen is starting to influence him. Below is the origin, skip if you don’t want spoilers.

    At the end of Heaven’s Feel, Shirou decides to sacrifice himself to save Sakura. However, if you’ve gone through the arc and get the true ending, Illyia then in turn sacrifices herself to save Shirou, her little brother. In the game Shirou returns to his normal self, and lives happily ever after with Sakura once Illyia dies. However one doujin group decided this turn of events didn’t make sense: If Illyia sacrificed herself for Shirou, then while Shirou would live on, he would be stuck in Illyia’s body. Thus the Birth of Shirouko–Shirou trapped in Illyia’s body following the events of the Heaven’s Feel chapter. The aforementioned doujin group has continued to write series upon series of doujin works continuing the story as it follows this altered chain of events.

  15. @Staberinde

    Heh. “Jasonko.” He’ll never get to live that down. And it’s not even his fault.

  16. stop it Jason if you keep this up i lose my mind from all these genderbending!!!

  17. That’s Emilya, not Shirouko. And it turns out that Sakura has a lolicon complex in that too. Like nosebleed level complex.

    Who took the meido-loving Jason and replaced him with the gender-swapping maniac which is secretly a cover for BL pairings? This is beyond Mako-cake’s level damage.

  18. you scare me jason.

    and i’m just about as fucked up as they come.

    you SCARE me.

  19. Haesslich: So speaks an expert in breakage, yes? ;)

    I am steeeeeeering clear of this poll. Yep, Kyon-ko was bad enough, and Seitenkan nearly toppled my world. THIS, however, erk…

  20. I’m getting derailed…BIG TIME…
    shit i’m gonna have the hots for Luluko soon..

  21. *rolls*

    *fails trap detection*

    I approve

    *trap springs and kills player*

  22. Gotta go with luluko – smart girls are awesome, even if they’re borderline insane, and she’d basically be entirely aloof from the usual love-triangle stuff (except for her little brother complex – it’s like Rolo and Nunally switched roles) while this series of powerful guys and schoolboys follow her around.

    Imagine R2 episode 7 reversed like this – she has a moment of weakness, asks Kalvin to hold her, he says “get over yourself”, her fake little sister says “I’ll always be with you”, then back to being badass! Go Luluko!

  23. Can someone source a pic of Kamina-ko in Kamina-san’s clothes – much hotter.

  24. I’m not quite sure what to think anymore either. Kyonko was hot, but this…

    This is madness!

  25. Myssa Rei: I’m definitely not as broken as Jason, and THIS post is proof. This is ‘there’s a dress I’m saving up for’ broken. Way, WAY beyond the ‘he makes a cute girl’ broken Minami-ke produced, and beyond the heretical ‘Kyonko is a cute girl and this is an alternate universe where they’re all different’ thing.

    So I was right – Jason did put a maid uniform on last week and pretended to be KoGARashi to cover his actions. Let’s hope his next post isn’t announcing that he’s discovered he’s really a girl. ;)

  26. Wow, shoot me now, ’cause I’ll never be that broken.

  27. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    snap… … twitch… twitch…

  28. Jason. That’s it! You have just forfeited your right to be a man. This will be reported to the Central Men Organization. If you have any shred of dignity, I suggest you take your p3n0s downtown, remove it and return it yourself before the Men Police come and strip it off for you.

  29. You mean to say… You mean to say that genderblending triumphs?

    I do not accept this! I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!!!!!!

  30. Haesslich, man, you’re not one to talk. You corrected me about Shirouko, so I know you’ve been hoarding all the genderbender Fate/Stay Night fanfics. The fact that you constantly accuse me of being broken is just you desperately trying to detract attention from the huge Kyonko doujinshi folder on your hard drive.

    >> I’m not quite sure what to think anymore either. Kyonko was hot, but this… This is madness!


    >> Imagine R2 episode 7 reversed like this – she has a moment of weakness, asks Kalvin to hold her, he says “get over yourself”, her fake little sister says “I’ll always be with you”, then back to being badass! Go Luluko!

    If this doesn’t get a “Yep… these are my readers” I don’t know what does.

    Yep… these are my readers.

  31. In fact, lots and lots of cheering.

    *resists urge to make snarky comment about double standards*

    On another note, does anyone else think that Shirouko looks like Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai?

  32. If anyone is so deranged as to imagine genderswapped MaidGuy and Fubuki, I will have to execute them for crimes against humanity.

    Wait, I just did…..ah, crap. I’m really broken, now. Fubuka? /cries…..

  33. *comes out of warp* oh good it not kyonko….*Akbar face* It’s a trap! All forces turn about! Concentrate fire on that super star destroyer!

    ubu: Super Butler Lady would be voiced by Ai Orikasa and would still out gar most of the characters this season.

  34. Very nice!

  35. Gender reversal breakage? What, are the 90’s back already?

    If Ranma and Futaba-kun make a comeback I am soooo there.

  36. Shiroko and Archer (female) is like incest or some elaborate form of masturbation because Archer is actually the future self of Shiro after he becomes a hero…


  37. For the record, I have to point out that Shirouko/Emilya is wearing Archer’s jacket, while Archerko is wearing Shirou’s usual clothes in the cover above. You can tell, because Emilya is stuck in Ilya’s body, while Archerko retains his braid and smirk.

    Jason: Emilya Saga was a doujin way before Kyonko showed up… and Fate/Tsukihime doujin is something I’ve followed for some years. It WAS weird that Ilya giving up her body would give Shirou a man’s body after the fact, and so the creators took that act to its logical conclusion/result…

    Everyone acknowledges Shirou was a guy and that the situation is odd, but Sakura and Rin think he’s much cuter this way, and have become lolicons as a result, with Sakura gaining a siscon complex to boot. The “Shirouko and Archerko” doujin came out afterwards, and was by Himura Kiseki, IIRC, and was a different take on the same universe.

    Kyonko, on the other hand, is just heretical given its insistence that it was always that way and everyone’s swapped. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and this post I submit as proof of the degree of thy brokenness. I officially dub thee Jasonko, keeper of the Flame of De-Nile and holder of the Holy Meido Uniform of Mako-chan.

    AthenAltena: Not really – Shiki from Kare no Kyoukai’s got a slightly thinner face… and as I noted above, Shirouko/Emilya is the one in Archer’s jacket. Archerko at least retained his height, and is more a ‘neesama’ type character above like Mitsuzuki of the archery club in Fate/Stay Night… one of the victims of the spree of missing/dead people.

    lol_matt: I thought that was old news after the last few seasons of anime. ;) Anyways, shouldn’t that be called ‘selfcest’?

    By the way, Altoko above looks very wrong – he’s drawn like Ranka, and not an elegant princess-type. Needs reworking, especially since Alto doesn’t seem like the genki-girl type of character anyways. Just make him normal again, and dress him up as a girl – that’s all that’s needed to make “Altoko” anyways.

  38. By the way: I’ve been hoarding ALL of the Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime doujins I can get… not just the gender-swapped ones. All of them. And many Haruhi ones, which mostly involve Nagato.

    May I recommend “Safe Mode Nagato” to you, Jason? It’s weird, but less disturbing than “Unlimited Maid Works” from the F/SN Universe, which has Berserker in a meido outfit, along with Shirou… not Shirouko. And Tohsaka Rin in a maid’s uniform.

    (Watch as Jason searches for it now, given I mentioned meido. This doesn’t even count the neko-bloomer mode Ilya, which should get his attention. Let me know if you want a copy).

  39. Ah yes… the first mention of that term I used in this blog:

    An All Woman Mikuru x Meido Mikuru is fine too.

  40. Remember this, beast! Symmetrical docking is where two melonpans collide! It’s where a woman’s spirit is ablaze! The farthest docking! Gurren-Lagann!

  41. My god……………………………..

  42. I got a YTAMR – I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed.

  43. @Haesslich

    I was referring to the Heaven’s Failure series of doujin. Is that the same one you say is “Emiliya”? I always thought that was Shirouko, though its hard to tell since the doujin itself still calls her Shirou.

  44. Also, I like how Jason assumed it was you who corrected him and not me…

  45. Kouryuu: it happens that way, since I correct him often. You’re talking about the series by Limit Break, which began with Emilya Saga, and then was followed by Heaven’s Failure, yes? The cover above is from Himura Kiseki’s doujin and wasn’t part of that series, IIRC, but ran with the concept.

    The Emilya name came out of how they had to cover for him when Taiga-new showed up, if you remember, and they introduced him and Rider as friends of Kitsurugi’s from out of country. And as Emilya von Einzbern, while Shirou fumbled the introduction.

  46. P.S.: the Gothic Lolita dress was very wrong…

  47. That’s why I call him Emilya even. Gotta love lack of edit feature. Yes, that should be the series that Sakura turns into a total ero-ero.

  48. Man, Jason you should read “The world God only knows” manga. A lot of people are saying that he looks like Lulu(A otaku + galge freak one)

    sample >

    Btw, damn that luluko is hot. He even feels like a tsundere >:E

  49. mmmmm luluko…. frak it! I’m not gonna fight it anymore…. cant win…. will too weak…..

  50. Isn’t Archer-ko supposed to be grown up counter-counter guardian Illya or something? She wears clothes like Archer but isn’t a gender blending of him. Well correct me if I’m wrong.

  51. No, that’s correct, FlameStrike.

  52. @ Haesslich

    Selfcest, incesturbation, who cares? I just like incesturbation better, its funnier.

  53. O-Haruhi-sama might care, if only to make sure she gets it right when she puts you into the situation. ;)

  54. Hm. To be honest I’m only impressed SOMEWHAT with Luluko and Altoko. Something about the rest just doesn’t strike me the same way a Kyonko or Mizuho would.

  55. @ Haesslich

    What are you implying? I’m broken enough as it is…

  56. Geez… why don’t they make an alternate channel for gender-reversed-animes… I’ll go marry after that!

  57. And OH BTW, if Jason hasn’t broken you enough yet, here’s a quick fix:

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