facepalm @ neeba

“We’ll continue this later… nice and slow. Now bitch, go make me a fire.”

If only Neeba watched Gurren Lagann.

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  1. is this ep 9?

  2. ep 10

  3. Neeba plans to turn down Fatina because he has a secret thing for his little brother? Or maybe I’m just going through CGR2 withdrawal…

    Fantastic parallel between Neeba’s "more sugar later" speech vs. Kamina’s. I’d love to hear a Kogarashi version, and you know he’s capable of something fabulous, but I just can’t see him actually "in love" with someone to deliver it to.

  4. "I will continue my perfect service later…sublime and never lacking. Now excuse me, I must launder your underwear."

  5. I hope I’m not the only one who got some serious Death Note vibes during that scene.

    Misa Fatina, I need you! I cannot do this without you.”

  6. Neeba is going to turn eeeeevil. I’m calling it now.

  7. Goodbye Neeba, we will miss you more than Kally when you’re gone.

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