meido pantheon: #8 mitsuki, izumi, and anna

Mitsuki, Izumi, and Anna
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Mitsuki, Izumi, and Anna are the triple meido threat from He Is My Master. I guess after Mahoromatic, GAINAX was still in full meido mode as these three girls provide a level of fanservice that far surpasses Mahoro by herself.

Izumi and Mitsuki are sisters who, because of an alligator, some vases breaking, and some other contrived circumstances, becomes the meido of Yoshitaka (hero to men everywhere). Yoshitaka is a typical teenaged boy who dreams of having beautiful girls serve him in suggestive French meido outfits. By becoming Yoshitaka’s meido, the two open themselves to a lot of misunderstandings, nakkidness, and typical harem moments, but the harem male is an extreme pervert with a terminal meido fetish.

Anna is a typical high school student who joins Yoshitaka’s meido ranks because she wants to protect Izumi from Yoshitaka’s vile clutches. She also is madly in love with Izumi, which leads poor Izumi to be under attack from four unique fronts: Yoshitaka, Anna, Mitsuki’s schemes, and the alligator. Yes, the alligator. Izumi’s moe transcends the male and female of her own species.

(Also on the assault, Izumi’s and Mitsuki’s dad who is like a beta version of Yoshitaka as well as their mom, who isn’t very helpful.)

The girls, especially Izumi, just try to survive the chaos that unfolds around them with some of their dignity intact. The Meido Pantheon welcomes the trio of Mitsuki, Izumi, and Anna, soldiers clad in the French meido uniform.

Awesome Meido Moment: Anna wondering if loving other girls is wrong.

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  1. Can you honestly say that’s the best meido moment? Not the Izumi falafel going on at the end that was just pure WTH?

  2. Jason you forgot Yoshitaka’s unbelievably short strike zone.

  3. Luckily I finished this series around 2 weeks ago so I don’t need to add it to my meido patheon “Haven’t seen it yet” anime series watch list.
    It’s gonna be a long summer…..

  4. Poor Izumi… her misfortune is our entertainment… but at least its good entertainment.

    Did anyone else think that Mitsuki had the potental to be a very VERY scary person?


  6. Bra fetching? For the mother? That is a goofy MILF.

  7. Izumi never got a break – Yoshitaka kept finding newer and newer ways of causing her trouble.

    Its been a couple of years since I watched it, but some pieces are still stuck in my head. Stuff like the plotting of Yoshitaka in his room (wasnt he using Engineer-style design paper to make clothing plans?) to Mitsuki’s Light-like role (admit it – she was the mastermind.)

    Dont forget – At the end of the episodes it would show the “Izumi’s Debt” countdown/countup – same way as the “Mahoro Time to Live” except with a comical approach.

    Could you count Izumi’s little sister as being part of the attacking force? It might not have been intentional, but I am sure she caused more grief during her time in the mansion…

  8. I started liking the French maid’s outfits before I seriously got into full otaku mode of anime, so yeah I like meidos in this series too.

  9. I’ve read the manga… Mitsuki IS a very scary person: She tells one of her subordinates (the leader of her body guard squad) to go off and die for her. With no hesitation, flat out orders him, “Go die.” By the 4th volume or so she also turns into a pretty big Sadist. Her motto (and her mother’s) is “Anything goes as long as it’s interesting. It doesn’t matter what happens to anyone else.”

    Yoshitaka continues to be every guy’s hero however.

  10. well I didn’t think about them as a maido “squad”….. but this is a good idea I guess. But if the three of them are together I think they should be a little higher than #8, but well… I know the choices are hard ^^

  11. Damn I loved that series, and at the time it seemed that everyone was “above” the crude fanservice or something. I don’t recall many people claiming to like it back then.

  12. I’ve good memories with this series, specailly for Izumi. Oh Anna, you’re my yuri source on those dark days. Overall, a great meido series.

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