five images: luluko of the rebellion

Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.


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  1. I’d hit it even though I’m a girl.


  2. Lelouch never was that manly… so I guess all is right with the world now.

  3. Awww… f*$k! And right before I go to bed.

    Thanks Jason, looks like I’m gonna have a very interesting dream tonight.


  4. i don’t want to play the crying game…

    For R3 lulu and rolo should be running a fabulous horse farm in the country side (having won the game of global risk in r2 what else is left to do but start a fabulous horse farm) . Suddenly a space ship crashes straght in to lulu and in order to save his like acedentaly turns him into a girl. dun dun dun!

  5. …Gah.

    Why is it that all gender switched characters end up having their names end with -ko. Seems to be some sort of unwritten rule.

  6. I just wonder whether fangirls will be more, or less, attracted to Lulu(ko) and Suzako…

  7. too broken

  8. no Luluko x Suzakoko?

  9. Spaniard>

    “Child,” or -ko, is a very common suffix for girls’ names in Japan.

  10. Is that Millay or Gino in the first shot?

    kaze: Too late. ;)

    And people say -I’m- broken… and they’re the people posting this and looking for Itsuki x Kyon vids on Youtube…

  11. Hmm… I like that 2nd pic. Ok! I think I need some time to fix me again.

  12. Because someone has to say it…


    OH GEASS NO! These goggles… they do nothing! Why must we be subjected to non-Kogarashi men in drag?

  13. Hahaha,

    The matrix quote is so perfectly matched. I’m not a big fan of the whole gender blending thing when they turn girls to guys, but when they turn guys to girls… Sometimes it’s confusing.

  14. OH GEASS… damn, beaten to it. But in some good news, a new Meido Guy ep is out!

  15. arrrgh… I hate lulu… but she is so cute… Oh, God dammit!!!

  16. “Is that Millay or Gino in the first shot?”
    thats Gino, look at the uniform, also dont forget this is a genderbending pic so if it was Millay it would be into a guy form… and dont forget Gino is gay so she will be yuri in this pic…

    …should I worry that I think Gino looks super hot as a girl???…

  17. EvilDevil: …should I worry that I think Gino looks super hot as a girl???…

    That’s because she has Millay’s figure. That’s why I was asking, especially since the hair in that first shot’s too dark for Gino’s light-blonde and closer to Millay’s dark blond/brown hair color, ditto the eyes… Gino’s eyes are a baby-blue, whereas Millay’s are a grey-blue color like those above.

  18. I love Luluko. <3

  19. but if it is Millay shoudnt look more like a guy? i am so confuse right now…

  20. Oh, so they finally found a way to make Lulu less effeminate? I might have caught this sooner, if I hadn’t been distracted by the MOAR REVY.

  21. Hmm, let’s see…

    I’ll take the twin-tails of the first, the blush of the second…
    Third’s hairclip, “assets” of the fourth, and eyes of the fifth one.

    Now THAT would make a great Luluko.


  22. Why does the second one (not counting cover image) remind me of mako-cakes.. OH GEASS NO!! orz

  23. I’m just wondering, but would Simoun count as a progenitor, catalyst or mere offspring re:genderswap?

  24. Am I the only one that thinks Code Geass would be a better anime if Lelouch actually was a girl?

    It would explain so much.

    There is so much of what Lelouch has done that is unacceptable in a man, that I would forgive/probably prefer in a woman.

    Hmmm…that sounded less sexist in my head but you get the gist.

  25. coming home from church and this is the first thing i see… OH GEASS NO! remind me not to look at your blog on Sundays..

  26. “coming home from church and this is the first thing i see… OH GEASS NO!”
    lol. I bet the level of brokeness is ten times fold on sundays

  27. The world needs more Fabiola and Revy. And Roberta in men’s clothing, but looking anything BUT manlike.

  28. *wakes up*
    *checks RSS feed*

  29. Why is it that all gender switched characters end up having their names end with -ko. Seems to be some sort of unwritten rule.

    As mentioned it is a common name for women in japan, for example natusko, akiko, haruko, are examples of parents who simply named there girl after the season they were born (Summer, fall, spring, respectively) However, this has to do with the past as well when formerly only the female nobility and members of the court used -ko with their name, so it also carries that air of refinement, further more the -ko also has a history of being attached to anything that’s cute. for example, neko (the word for cat) original comes from the past sound effect for “meow” +ko, now a days, they’re also called nyanko, for similar reasons. Just as wanko refers to cute dogs (who bark, the sound effect being wan) or even cute baby chickens (piyoko, piyo being the sound effect for chirping).

    So here the use of -ko on gender swapped personages is most likely a result of it being a common ending for a girl’s name as well as the cute connotation.


    I mean I’m not broken at all…

  31. Poor Suzaku, who’s he going to love now?

  32. “I mean I’m not broken at all…”
    yeah… I am not broken either, I just happen to like to look at the pics in a dark room…

  33. The brokeness is addicting.


    I’m screwed.

  34. Epi: Poor Suzaku, who’s he going to love now?

    Gino’s always been there waiting for Suzaku. Let HIM deal with emo boy.


    The brokeness is addicting.


    I’m screwed.

    Yes… yes you are.



    I mean I’m not broken at all…

    Suuuuuure. The chances of you not being broken after that comment are about as good as the ones of Jason never posting another trap, meido, Shanatan, or crossgender pic ever again.

  35. “another trap, meido, Shanatan, or crossgender pic ever again.”
    …dont forget mako-cakes… at this point I am not sure if she is a trap anymore… I dont think she is… wait… she is… no I mean he is… Oh Geass No!!!

  36. Why the heck did I click on this post? It wasn’t even supposed to surprise like the last one…. Here, there was a WARNING! Why did I not heed it!?

  37. I am now sure of my brokenness….

    I opened this post and just thought “And, what was the purpose of this post?”… didnt even bat an eyelid at Luluko pictures….

  38. To be honest, I prefer Suzako over Luluko.

    But, let’s face it, Lulu clearly wears the skirt in any relationship – especially if it’s with a woman.

  39. I feel sad knowing that luluko has breached the fabric of reality and has introduced the possibility of luluko x kyonko pairing…there really is quite the difference between knowing the path and walking the path…this is MADNESS!!!! OH GEASS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….hahahhaha…^_~

  40. OMG the second Luluko pic was…. terrible…. a terrible trap….

  41. 3rd season of Black Lagoon?! F*ck yeah!

  42. I’m in love. Luluko makes my heart beats.

  43. Watching this makes me sick to my stomach…

    On that note, can’t wait for SuzakoxLuluko!

  44. I have to say that, while I absolutely love Kyonko, I don’t like Luluko at all. For some reason, I think the fact that Luluko is a genderswapped version of a male character (not that Lulu was that manly, but hey, he has a penis) strikes me more than the same fact for Kyonko.
    I don’t know what to think anymore. Is this more or less broken than liking them both? Or simply a different kind/level of brokenness?

  45. I don’t know, personally I think the 3rd image is pretty cute.



    OH GEASS NO!!!!!

  46. *looks at second pic*


  47. @ RH: Um… perhaps you just find Kyonko cuter. Most swaps sort’a have different appea– OH GEASS N– wait. I was already broken.

    …different appeals from other swaps. Personality, maybe?

  48. This might get me to watch Code Geass more than anything else.

    Sad, I know. :P

  49. I’m currently attempting not to gouge my eyes out. This doesn’t bode well for my dreams.

  50. I still can’t decide whether Luluko should be melonpan or DFC…

    And I can’t believe I’m using these words…

  51. Picture #4 is my favorite because the style looks almost exactly like that used in the anime, making it seem like possible canon.

    …And no, I don’t mean the character. XD

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