the world god only knows chapter 13

I’m beginning to like this manga enough that I’m dreading the inevitable “The World God Only Knows will be animated by Shaft” headline.


Loved the new target girl… Nodoka clone with a built-in Google Search Appliance. Also loved Elsee’s infatuation with red trucks. Though they already had on the tsundere/rich girl, athlete/kind, and the yandere/jpop idol, I was thinking of what other stereotypical haremettes could this series hit on (I’d exclude collision girl and little sister as well, since Elsee fits those categories, even if she claims she’s not a scoreable girl).

Meido. You knew I was going to suggest this one. My only response to when one does eventually show up will be “what took so frickin’ long?” And that arc better– I mean better– be epic. Actually, let’s turn this one into…

Twin Meido. And make them Maria clones with a score all the heroines ending.

MILF. Speaking of cougars, have you guys checked out the Cougar Cafes yet? They’re like the anti-Meido Cafes. This is the next logical step in industry growth– once the horny teenaged boy demographic has been tapped out, why not go after the cougars?

Oneesama. Younger than the MILF but still older than Keima. I vote for a Haruka Minami clone. Even funnier if Keima has to compete against another “guy” for Haruka clone’s affections.

Lu Bu. Oh wait, nevermind. My bad. I’ve been watching too much anime when I’m thinking Chinese warlords are valid haremette targets– oh wait– they are? Nevermind again.

Closet Lesbian. Keima has to score a girl who is attracted to Elsee. I’m rooting for this scenario with the Nodoka clone, but we’ll see.

Sickly Girl. Because nothing says “Hey, I’m scoreable!” than a girl with a terminal illness enjoying ice cream in the middle of a snowstorm.

Medieval Haremette. What about a storyline where Keima gets sucked back in time, and he has to score either 18th century C.C. or any other tavern wench to return to the present?

Bridge Bunny. Why don’t bridge bunnies ever wear bunny suits? Am I the only person who wonders about this?

Wrathful DFC Mage with a Self-Image Issue. Self-explanatory.

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  1. what about the chilhood friend, the mysterious girl who never has a true ending, then the melopan eye-candy ditzy type.

  2. – Puppy-cute Genderbent Anime Blogger

  3. Don’t for get the glasses wearing, impossibly huge breasted, girl that barely stands at 5’0 and is so clumsy she ranks 14 out of 10 the disaster scale.

    The stalker chick, scoring a girl whom is stalking someone else…

    Domestic Violence Rumour Girl, the chick who wears far too much bandages as a fetish….

    The blood thirsty psycho chick who only lets you look at her, and looking at any other girl ends with bloody stabbings. This effect is over course doubled when psycho chick is a loli.

    The impossibly perfect girl, who is so sweet, so innocent, and thinks everyone is just like her, so she would never see it coming… Ha ha… bad pun.

    One of my personal favourites is the chick who fears men, due to some horrible emotional scar, like father abuse, or near rape, but a impossibly small, stupid, and simple gesture by the guy makes her forget all about the drama.

    The rich chick who could get anyone, but when she realizes random guy number 27 won’t give her the time off day, this super elite heiress to a fortune must now score this pathetic loser at all costs.

    The secret ninja/samurai/martial arts girl who’s skills are so crazy, she can fight entire armies alone, and when embarrassed uses this to pummel the hero, who some how survives

    The secret yaoi/otaku fan girl

    The teacher. MILF in anime tend to be stay at home moms. Oneesama are, usually still in high school, but older then the main character. But the teacher is the true forbidden fruit. That 1 in a million, yeah right, no way, super model like body, happens to be a teacher(usually English because they are too dumb to teach anything else, and even if they are wrong, most Japanese can barely speak English to save their life, so who really gives a fook)

    Last but not least…

    The Trap. You know what I mean. Boo-ya.

  4. There’s not nearly enough tavern wenches in anime.

  5. ^ They already did rich girl. Sorta.

    How many was he supposed to capture? 150? (insert laugh here)

    I’m rooting for the green haired, slightly older girl (Mion, Asa-sempai, Tsuruya) but we all know Keima’s one true love is his gamestation.

  6. Dang, my accumulated knowledge and experience tells me I should be the one listing capturable targets here…. but then I saw the lists building quite nicely on their own. Back to capturing I go…. gotta finish this game before Little Busters Extasy!(sic) Comes out tomorrow…

  7. > “The World God Only Knows will be animated by Shaft”

    “And it will air on 4Kids in America.”

    The kunoichi. Trained in the shadow arts. Lethal with a kodachi or a kunai. All alone on a Saturday night because “a ninja knows not of love.” And as an added bonus, we see Elsee dressed like Shinobu from “Ninin ga Shinobuden.”

    The yaoi fangirl. In order to capture this beauty’s heart, Keima must… kiss a guy?!?

    The tentacle girl. The demon possessing this poor girl has really redecorated its new home. This girl is now a front for the lewd demon’s tentacle-based activities. Can Keima and Elsee free her soul and capture her heart?

    The girl made entirely of butter. She’s melting. And she tastes good on toast. …and… um… moving on…

    The girl with the WTF kink. This otherwise normal girl has a very strange turn-on, and she’s convinced that she’ll never find true love because of it. The sky’s the limit here; she could be into old fat guys dressed as ballerinas, she could enjoy biting mens’ elbows, she could get incredible joy from wrapping men in bubble wrap and popping as many bubbles as possible, etc.

    The h-game pro. She’s played as many h-games as Keima, and she sees Keima coming a mile away. Keima will have to forsake his h-game knowledge and forge his own path to catch the heart of this jaded beauty.

    The girl who stands behind her poker-playing boyfriend, bored out of her mind. Anyone who’s ever played Poker in a brick-and-mortar club has seen this girl. She hates Poker, and she doesn’t like her “boyfriend” much more. But, for some reason, she’s convinced herself that this is the best that she could do. Adding to Keima’s frustration is that said boyfriend keeps outdrawing him on the river.

    The girl who stole my parking space. Meh… Keima can let this one slide.

  8. Chilhood friend was already captured, it was the first target but Jason just labeled her as athlete/kind type.

    So far it have been Childhood Friend -> Oujosama -> Idol.

  9. > “The World God Only Knows will be animated by Shaft”

    “And 4Kids will air the series in America.”

    Epic Fail for everybody. ;_;

  10. The only thing that can make me like this more is a trap.

  11. I predict a trap before chapter 25.
    Thy will be done.

  12. I’m thinking that the more girls he scores the more Keima will realize the world he’s living in is exactly like one of his games and he’ll be able to throw away his console and pick up any chick he wants.

    Yeah, right.

  13. Keima can already throw away his console and pick up and chick he wants.

    He simply chooses not to.

  14. About the trap character… heh heh.

    BUT an evil spirit wouldn’t have any motivation to possess a boy, since they can’t bear a child.

  15. BUT an evil spirit wouldn’t have any motivation to possess a boy, since they can’t bear a child.

    You forget the reverse trap!

  16. “The h-game pro.”
    That would be one of the most interesting approaches possible. Seeing him be caught out on every approach. Maybe the only difference is Keima knows EVERY game possible, and in the end while it seems like he is doing his own path, he admits the game the knowledge was from is actually a very Rare/obscure game, and not many at all would know it…

    “The Trap. You know what I mean. Boo-ya.”
    I shouted out ‘Boo-ya!’ when I read that. One moment while I hold a memorial service for my sanity…

    “You forget the reverse trap!”
    Yeah. Thats gotta be coming… no doubt.

  17. RE: MILF… does it count if it’s his actual mother?
    I predict Elsee as the final boss.

  18. Why am I not surprised that most of my readers are clamoring for a trap?

    >> The girl made entirely of butter.

    Yep… these are undoubtedly, undeniable, unequivocally my readers.

  19. >> The girl made entirely of butter.
    > Yep… these are undoubtedly, undeniable, unequivocally my readers.

    If it’s any consolation, I was broken way before I was Derailed by Darry. ^_^

  20. Damn those 13 chapters went by quick…one sitting and I’m still hungry.

    >> “The h-game pro.”

    Konata! That would be one epic arc.

  21. Prospective Target based on the difficulty level:
    1. Reverse Trap (Low-level difficulty: appear only to satisfy our eye-candy)
    2. Fujyoshi (Medium-level Difficulty: A little hard, but not impossible)
    3. Walking Disaster Girl (Hard-level Difficulty: Will Keima able to keep his life intact?)
    4. Otome Game Goddess (Insane-level Difficulty: The strongest adversary Keima will ever face)
    5. Unscorable Side-Characters (Impossible-level Difficulty: How Keima will change the destiny (read: script) to include the capture of unscorable side characters?)

  22. 5. Unscorable Side-Characters (Impossible-level Difficulty: How Keima will change the destiny (read: script) to include the capture of unscorable side characters?)

    I think you’re a bit wrong there. Mainly because for Keima, there are no uncapturable side-characters. The same traits and storyline that make any girl an uncapturable side character in one game, are just as likely capable of making that exact same girl with the exact same setting, only change the name and artwork, a capturable character in another eroge. Therefore, for Keima there is no “uncapturable side character” as they’re all main characters to him. Or if they are a side character, then he doesn’t need to capture them, and thus won’t exert the effort doing so.

  23. Yes I understand that too. If anything, the impossibility lies with the mangaka himself. But I can’t come up with other traits worthy of being labeled with Impossible Level Capture. But if the mangaka can come up with something on his sleeve to cover it, two thumbs up for him.

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