the world god only knows

Another five tool prospect emerges!

(Oh, yeah, bringing da sexy back.)


The World God Only Knows is about how evil souls inhabit the world, and, more precisely, the bodies of unsuspecting schoolgirls. They would live inside these girls until the girls give birth, and they would be reborn into the world. To stop them, a branch of hell dispatches an agent to recruit the one person who can save the world: The Capturing God.

The Capturing God is like any other person in the world, except he has a gift for playing harem dating games. His technique is exceptional and might be the Michael Jordan, Kristi Yamaguichi, Nolan Ryan, Michael Phelps, and Joe Montana (combined) of his sport. So the agent teams up with him so that he can seduce and womanize all these poor girls harboring these evil souls, and once they fall in love with him, the souls are released and can be captured. Because, uh, yeah, dating game skills translate 100% fully into real life. Well, maybe not, but they translate into manga very well.

Keima and Elsee

Keima, The Capturing God

I like how his name is the same as Keiichi Morisato’s father. I think it’s a symbol, just my brain has been too polluted with Mai Otome to figure this one out. Keima’s the ace of dating games, and he surprisingly puts his dating game skillz to good use in scoring all the heroines. Yes, Maria, your wish is finally fulfilled. An actual character whose life hangs (as well as the world) on his ability to score all the heroines… and… of course, he’d rather be playing visual novels on his PSP and 360. If that behavior sounds familiar, it’s not a coincidence…

Quite possibly Keima’s greatest asset is that he looks and behaves like Lelouch, only if Lulu were more interested in 2D women than 3D women or Suzuka or Rolo. The eyes… the confidence… the strategy… at least three readers have sent me e-mail’s telling me, “GO READ THIS SERIES! IT’S A CLANNAD-ADDICTED LULU!” And I agree 100%. Just like the real Lulu, even though Keima has this extraordinary power that does allow him to score all the heroines, he doesn’t use it on real women and is content to play the latest special edition visual novels instead. But he does, at least, be a player and get some evil spirit-sucking kissing action.

Elsee, The Well-Meaning Helper

She’s the cute agent from hell sent to guide (read: force) Keima to capture the hearts of all the heroines. Basically, the overmatched C.C. role, only she doesn’t collect stamps for Pizza Hut goods and related services. Elsee’s definitely in the well-meaning but clumsy category, kinda like Nagi or Shinobu. But I wouldn’t want to eat her food, if you know what I mean.

The manga is very well-written and has loads of comedy and moe. I was easily hooked after the first chapter, which reminded me of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya arc, only it was a more awesome conclusion. Kyon was never this manly. Honestly, it had me at “Hello.” Well, more specifically, when Keima said, “I can already see the ending!” My only complaint about The World God Only Knows so far has to be that the girls lose their memories after the evil spirit is captured. I would have preferred having hundreds of haremettes following Keima. I feel so cheated out of a potential Jason Caffey All-Star or a possible Sonozaki-class rampage. Despite this lack of harem building, this manga is a great read.

Random Thoughts


Probably the most awesome imouto-related rant ever. I’m not kidding. I love the imagery of the car wreck in the background, and Keima’s eye glass push just nudges the whole scene over-the-top. Now this is how you write and draw great manga. Good times, good times.

Keima and Elsee

I was about to give Keima gar status once he unveiled his “Capturing God Mode.” It’s a Kogarashi-level technique. But I guess we’ll have to wait for the anime before gar medals are given out.


Iz dat sum Franken Fran?

(Noizy Scans is translating this series. Go thank them after reading it.)

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  1. Six games at the same time is nothing against the King of Hentai:

  2. This. Looks. Awesome.

  3. This. Is. Awsome. Read it already. Always check the new series on Onemanga. Ya might find a gem. I was gonna pimp it out but it would be beating the dead horse.

  4. Women are potatoes….

  5. This and Double Arts are my “newish” manga reads of the season, especially since DOUBT already looks like it’s close to the end. That’d cut the manga I’m following down to like… 20?

  6. Yeah I would be surprised if this doesn’t get made into an anime at some point.
    Its got a good premise, its pretty funny, and its episodic.

  7. I hate manga.

    I can’t read enough Japanese… and scanlations almost always have horrible typos and grammatical errors. This appears to be no exception. :/

  8. I read the premise, and i’m sold.

    Srsly, how do you guys find this stuff? And whatever the mangaka was smoking, I want some too.

  9. “She has cat-eyes! She has a light hair color! You can see her forehead and her hair is in pigtails. 99%! She’s that type of woman! If only she was short (and flat-chested, whip-wielding, scornful toward commoners, wearing platform shoes, and sounding like Rie Kugimiya) it would’ve been 100%.”

    This comic has everything. J.C.Staff-class cuteness, wonderful comedy, and an awesome male lead who becomes as lethal as Shiki Tohno when he removes his glasses. Kemeko DX and Shina Dark are good and all, but nothing compared to this.

  10. This sounds awesome. I’ll definitely have to check it out, then!

  11. And the next girl is a Yandere <3

  12. I read the chapters and I am waiting for the anime series. I got a friend that will be overjoy for this capturing god. :P

  13. What’s the japanese name for this manga??? if you could tell me at thx

  14. 神のみぞ知るセカイ
    Kami no mizo shiru sekai.

  15. Hmm, I read the first panel english style, and he comes off talking like Yoda.

    “Already see the ending, I can!!”

  16. I love galge and eroge! (even though I’m a girl myself) so this manga is pretty funny, especially since it’s fun to try and follow the main character’s reasoning.

    I also wish I could play six games at the same time, as times goes by I find myself with less and less time to play anything -_-

  17. Manga reads top right to bottom left.
    Sometimes scanlators switch the bubbles sometimes they don’t. In the first panel they didn’t switch the content of the bubbles. Probably due to lack of space in the bubble on the right.

  18. Well, I’ll give this one a swing. I hope you’re reading the Minami-ke manga, if only to see the differences between that and the anime. Or the Mai Otome Arashi manga, to see various other things.

    As for Frankenfran… there’s definitely something wrong with me. Definitely.

  19. Nice find. I decided to read all 6 chapters in one good. Good read.

    Holy crap at the first comment, though @_@ That can’t be real…

  20. Keima is like the spawn of a three-way between Lulu, Zetsubou-sensei, and Welcome to the NHK’s Yamazaki. Awsome.

  21. The first frame reminded me of kyouya from Ouran, and the second reminded me of Light from Death Note.

    Looks like a great manga!

    “But I wouldn’t want to eat her food, if you know what I mean.”
    … Just what did you mean, oh naughty Jason?

    These are some good times indeed =)

  22. So… Keima’s mom is a Milf…

    Awww yeaaaa

  23. When I started reading this manga it reminded me of Jason’s line: ‘twelve is the new seventeen’.

  24. Ok, let’s see if we can piece it together? of the six games he’s playing, I can say with certainty the top middle one is iDOLM@STER (coincidently a galge, but not an eroge), which the image being the twins, Ami/Mami Futami. I’m not sure about the other 5 but they’re ringing bells….

  25. Wow. I just downloaded and read all of this. Its a real laugh. Quite Funny. Thanks for the Heads Up, Jason.

    Capturing God mode reminds me of what I am like when I get seriously caught up in playing games – I finished the new Penny Arcade game in one sitting. And Half Life 2 Episode 1. And I would have completed Iron Man in one sitting, but dinner was ready :D

    But at least I limit myself to one game at a time… though, there was that time I played Higurashi on my laptop while playing TF2 on my PC :D

  26. Chapter 7 continues the goodness. Loved his 2D vs. 3D rant in this chapter… we need to get Keima and Genshiken’s Madrame together somehow. Let’s make this happen.

    >> So… Keima’s mom is a Milf…

    I’m terrified of her. She’s the Anti-Akiko.

  27. Rather than Lulu, Keima strongly reminds me of Itoshiki-sensei, especially that first panel. I can’t read the first chapter without constantly imagining Keima being thrown into absolute despair, or the imaginary anime suddenly switching to SZS-style in some other manner…

    Despair! ^^

  28. >>Rather than Lulu, Keima strongly reminds me of Itoshiki-sensei, especially that first panel.

    You too?

  29. Yeah, he does remind me of Itoshiki-sensei…. Lulu’s coldness in Itoshiki’s frame, with the opposite of what I call the “Harem Monster” affliction…

    *reads 7, specifically page 16*

    Twin Stun Guns….
    Those eyes…

    Holy Hell, Higurashi has damaged me. I think I like this target!
    (Yeah, Im chuckling….)

  30. Heads Up – 8 is out. The continuation of Kanon-chan’s story….

    Though… I am in shock. I didnt see THAT happening….

    If her story in any way relates to the actually Kanon (most people will know how I mean), I might have to burn down something.

  31. This is a natural to be picked up by an animation studio. The episodes just write themselves! I’m hoping to see three seasons.

    I can already see the ending!

  32. Chapter 8 didn’t disappoint either. I do worry that the chapters seem to be getting shorter… ugh.

    I enjoyed this scene (tasers… knives… same thing):

  33. Admit it Jason, you wanted Boxcutters over the Knife…..

    I do….

  34. Looking at the bottom right 6th screen, I thought it might of been To Heart 2 XRATED with the scene with tamaki at the top of the stairs but I think the positioning of the arms are wrong so I’m not sure.

  35. Awesome manga. Thanks for introducing it to us Jason! mmm….Kami-Nii-Sama….

  36. the anime series seiyuu of keima katsuragi is…

    Jun Fukuyama!!!! LEOULUCH.

  37. I really love this manga, I hope one of the animation productions make this into an anime..It’ll be awesome to see them moving..ahahaha..Keima also reminds me of Kyouya in OHSHC,especially when he fixes his glasses…
    ..I can already see the ending…

  38. When I was googling The World God Only Knows anime and came across this blog in my searches with a brief description saying ‘My only complaint about The World God Only Knows so far’ I knew that the complaint was going to be about the memory loss. I’m hoping that all the girls will eventually recover all their memories at some point because that would be really funny and entertaining. The anime should be coming out sometime this year, so I really look forward to it.

    P.S. I wonder which girls have goddesses in them…? (*cough* Kanon the pop idol).

  39. What’s the japanese for ”I can already see the ending” ?
    There will be a cosplay party and a contest about the character you cosplay and it’s catchphrase.

  40. By the way.
    I can already see the ending:
    Watashi wa sudeni endingu o miru koto ga dekimasu
    Lit: I can see the ending already.

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