dear diary: jackpot!


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  1. 10/10

  2. *Thumbs Up!*

  3. My first impression on the first pic was, “Huh… a Moyashimon cameo. Clearly, those are talking bacteria on her chest.”

    Nice symmetrical docking on the second pic.

  4. So… who buried Chiko in the negligee again?

  5. “So… who buried Chiko in the negligee again?”

    By Chiko, you mean Tome-san, right?

    Not 2 minutes after I saw the newest subbed 20 Faces, do I come here and, what do you know? I find a meaningfully ambiguous post featuring yet another 20 Faces screencap taken completely out of context and supplemented with a suggestive title.

    Jason, we love you because you’re so predictable. :D

  6. I’d have to agree with kadian1364.

  7. When I saw Tomoe like this my initial reaction was “Damn it. Hey stupid, move your head!!” Then I had to take a cold shower.

    Since summer season has been so poor I’ve been catching up on old shows I missed but it looks like I’ll have to go try out Ryoko’s Case Files now. Thanks for adding a few more hours to my current to-watch playlist …

  8. My question is how did the grey haired bitch make the statue bleed when the head fell off.

  9. Maybe she hit a rodent or something that was living in the head?

  10. >> Jason, we love you because you’re so predictable.

    My readers are even more predictable. I just knew everyone would ignore 50% of the post and assume it’s about just Twenty Faces.

    >> So… who buried Chiko in the negligee again?


  11. Just what am I looking at here?

  12. Hey, that second picture is from the opening of Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo. (Ryouko’s case files.)

    I haven’t seen those two yet. I wonder when we’ll see them.

  13. I still haven’t figured out why Jason isn’t actively blogging Nijuu Mensou no Musume, considering he already almost is :P.

    I haven’t found out why it’s so unpopular, it has excellent writing, good VAs and no fillers. Or do people only like 20-train pileups like Code Geass? (Not that that’s bad.)

    Also, interesting fact: on the newest R2 episode, Iceland exists (I think you pointed that it didn’t exist on an early map, might be wrong.)

  14. A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

  15. Wow, Chiko really stuck it into Twenty Faces. Chiko wears the pants in that relationship.

  16. This episode was really something… I mean for all of these collisions of people to happen. We really need an episode where 20 faces just tells us what is going on although we kind of know. I thought it was way to predictable that he ended up being the detective though.

  17. Damn those meido. Looks like they couldn’t keep their hands of Tome and now they’re on the run. Though I can completely sympathise.

  18. I quickly and intently watched episode 12 of Twenty Facesbefore reading this post just for THIS??

    The train arriving on tracks 5, 6, 7, and yes, 8, is coming in sideways.

  19. Jason, do you use a TVShows/TED-type app to automatically update your anime? It’s quite a bother to have found out about a new episode once people’ve stopped talking about it and moved on. I mean, I’ve checked mininova almost daily until two days ago!!

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