emo facial distortion pantheon: #1 miki

Miki Onimaru
“Roar~”Muteki Kanban Musume
“S” Tier

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  1. Hurrah!

  2. Why do you always start with the first position?
    It kills the emotion.

  3. I’m telling you, Miki’s mom is probably Kogarashi’s mom. The only explanation to Kogarashi’s GAR-ness

  4. That’s not emo-tion, that’s AWESOME-tion.

  5. ^ That didn’t even make sense.


  6. It’s the Hall of Fame way – you induct the most worthy first. Like, if the Ice Hockey Hall of Fame had been opened today, Wayne Gretzky wouldn’t have had to wait for three hundred other dopey guys to be inducted first for our excitement’s sake.

  7. Rena and Sh/Mion have there own special qualities and already have seperate entries in the original version. As for Rika and Satoko, I don’t know if they present often enough to qualify, where as Rena and Sh/Mion are overqualified.

    Though it feels like this post is too short. Only one picture and next to zero text.

  8. hm, in this art form though, i’d still say Miyazawa from Kare Kano epi 12 takes the cake. The part where she’s chasing after Tsubasa

  9. sorry, epi 10

  10. Is that the episode where she jumps out of a window in hot pursuit, creating a crater in the ground when she lands (completely unharmed), with a roar that would put the Hulk to shame? I had a lot of problems with that series, especially the non-ending, but that part was golden.

  11. Well, given the manga’s ongoing, a non-ending’s not an issue… especially since you KNEW what would happen with that last fight.

    Now, doesn’t her mother get a place or a screenshot? Genetics plays a role in this, I think. Hopefully she doesn’t take after her mother in other ways…

  12. I’ve seen enough anime to know that this is going to be one frickin’ huge pantheon.

    Nabeshin alone will bring us at least 100 inductees.

  13. …I’ve never heard of that show. >_>

  14. Funny thing, When I first saw the pic, I went like: “OMFG!!! ASUKA’S BACK TO TEAR SHINJI’S BALLS OFF!!!”

  15. Oh man! Muteki Kanban Musume!?
    This show hasn’t been mentioned in AGES. Didn’t expect it to be like this though.

    Miki was pretty crazy. Actually almost every character was crazy.

  16. Just remember: Miki Onimaru was voiced by Hitomi Nabatame, who was also Margery Daw, Nobue Itoh, and Yukiji Katsura… three of the biggest drunks in recent memory. Somehow, it seems scarily appropriate that she got to play Yamato Nadeshiko Miku in the last episode.

    … and Ami Koshimizu was Megumi. And Kankuro’s VA, along with these two, were in Maria-sama ga Miteru. How appropriate that he voiced Nyaa-boy/Kankuro.

  17. jason when she is drunk

  18. Yes Niles, that was the part. You’ll have Gainax to thank for your problems with the animated series, especially the no ending part. They did the exact same thing for Eva after all. But the manga is great in comparison, it plays out the story much longer and ends it perfectly.

  19. Hail to the Queen, baby… Let her take her rightful place on the EFD throne…

    Hey, Jason, have you ever wondered why Zero no Tsukaima has like 40 episodes, and Da Capo has like 80 episodes, but MKM and Haruhi are still stuck in the low teens, and we haven’t seen any FMP! in far far too long? I’ve never heard you mention anything like this, so I was wondering if it’s bugging you as much as it does me…

  20. @quigonkenny: for ZnT one word – Tiffania.
    IMO probably studios think more money can be made from popular eroge adaptations.
    maybe Kyoto is trying to do what gainax has done with EVA, wait for 10-12 years until the fandom tunes down and re-ignite the little fanboy flame with a new movie/sequal/ova etc.

    I think it goes the more popular it is the less you make of it so the fans will ask for more.

    (my MKM DVD’s(fansubed) ep 5 is corrupted :[ )

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