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Wait, so I bring my date to a cafe, and they’ll costume rape her into a meido outfit for me? Yet another reason why Japan is superior to the United States in both artistry and execution. All we get at Starbucks is crappy music and two hours of slow, free wi-fi.


Tiffania’s alien melonpan has bumped Princess no Rondo into bronze medal contention. The hot tub scene desperately needed some Siesta and Henrietta, but, eh, I’ll take what I can get.

(And, yes, the Olympic metaphors will continue until the closing ceremonies.)


“Arigatou onii-san!”

Ozma saves the Fufonia office from the Vajra… just to be clear on this issue, I don’t think that Ozma is gar. He really hasn’t done anything spectacular. It’s not like he excels at piloting the VF-25 more than Alto or anyone else, and he’s only gotten the upper hand on shirtless boy once. I mean, Simon saved the whole frickin’ galaxy to claim his gar mantle. Kogarashi has defended Naeka splendidly, even if it caused her to be trapped with a raging lesbian stalker more than once. Ozma isn’t even in the same class. It’s like comparing a Sutherland to Guren Seiten Hakkyokushiki or Team Angola to Team USA.


Birdy the Might Decode‘s animation sucks. The character designs are not consistent. It’s kinda sad when I’m wondering if a 12 year old OVA has better animation. I understand not everything can look as shiny as Someday Dreams ~Summer Skies~ but at least show some pride in your work. Or at least CG in some fake fireworks or replace the girl singing the anthem with a cuter one.


Any Chika-centric episode is instant win, but one where she is called both “Onee-sama” and “Banchou” is gold medal territory. More importantly, it introduced yet another nekomimi loli as a villainess.


Like Phelps, Tome just keeps delivering gold medal performances. She pulls off a nice Chiko when she tricks the wicked witch of the west. Just because of her compatibility with Chiko, I think Best Meido of 2008 will be a dogfight.

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  1. Ah Kyouran, how madcap can you get? The Chika episode was one of the better stories taken from the Extra books, but writer’s fiat manages to put a dent in the enjoyment of it. Still very enjoyable… Just wait for the Kyouka ‘Magic Girl’ episode…

    And no comment on the RECENT ZnT episode Jason? I mean, we have Scarron, Jessica, and Siesta with a love potion, Siesta in nothing but gloves, stockings and a frilly pink apron, and girls kissing each other.

  2. Busty elf is a touchy-feelly elf?

    And Noto Haruka is Amazing?

  3. Despite being decidely light-weight, Haruka’s Secret is enjoyable (to me anyway) for the fact that the male lead seems to seamlessly AVOID the typical harem anime cliches… Then again, living with two shameless lushes probably set him straight (literally), and some of the folk in the series seem to be genre-savvy anyway (Haruka’s sister Mika especially). Also, there’s also the fact that, well, Yuuto and Haruka’s relationship is actually developing apace.

  4. “Or at least CG in some fake fireworks or replace the girl singing the anthem with a cuter one.”

    LOL for commenting on those two things. I heard about that crap, too.

  5. It looks like someone forgot episode 7 of Frontier where Ozma made his VF-25 perform so well that Alto in his faster Super pack couldn’t keep up, or that he repeatedly wins in knife-fights against Vajra, can fight Brera to a standstill in hand-to-hand while Alto gets effortlessly manhandled, and eats pineapples without keeling over.

    And he’s voiced by Kamina. He’s more like pre-upgrade Lancelot to Alto’s Gawain.

  6. Any of the ladies in the photos wearing the maid outfits from He Is My Master would be insta-gold.

  7. Birdy’s animation just hurts my eyes. With today’s technology, so why? It’s not like they have to hand draw every cell.
    A-1 Pictures:
    “Animation studio with the purpose of focusing further efforts in high quality and reliable production and delivery of its contents.”
    “We will keep in challenge ourselves to digitalize our production lines and to produce 3D animations and other visual products that adopt cutting edge technologies.”

    LoL That fireworks thing. I watched opening from tv, and narrator told that those fireworks are made with computer. Then couple days later tabloids go “omg. those fireworks aren’t real.” Wtf?
    I suspected something about girl, because lipsync was off. But different girl was a suprise. I guess next they notice that dude didn’t really play the piano.

  8. >> And no comment on the RECENT ZnT episode Jason?

    I’m only watching SS-Eclipse’s releases. I’m not devoting brain cells to use to translate for this show.

    >> It looks like someone forgot episode 7 of Frontier where Ozma made his VF-25 perform so well that Alto in his faster Super pack couldn’t keep up

    Except that Alto never chased Ozma in 7. He chased Brera. Unless you count the opening scene of the battle where Alto has to dodge incoming attacks while Ozma charged in straight. For the most part, Ozma just stood back and missile spammed. I think he’s more of a Mao-type; he’s not even a Clouseau since I haven’t seen him teach Alto jack squat. He’s just good, but he’s still nowhere in the league as Simon or Kogarashi.

    >> Any of the ladies in the photos wearing the maid outfits from He Is My Master would be insta-gold.

    At least learn your meido terminology… they’re French meido outfits…

  9. He mostly used guns that episode: Alto was the one depending on missiles. He also challenged Alto to keep up… and Alto failed. Ozma also effortlessly dodges incoming fire and has yet to lose even one VF – Alto lost four planes. You also seem to keep forgetting that the Armored pack is designed more for infighting – ergo the pinpoint barrier everyone else is missing along with more armor. He’s more Mwu than Mao (experienced pilot with talent and a better technical pilot while Alto and Kira have better reflexes and more raw but untrained talent). Look at how Alto keeps having to get rescued by Brera to win.

  10. Awesome post

  11. Wait, so I bring my date to a cafe, and they’ll costume rape her into a meido outfit for me?

    Why do I have a distinct feeling that this may be an episode in the next Haruhi series?

    It sounds like the type of establishment that Haruhi would have if she hired Kogarashi to help manage a meido cafe. She’d, of course, ask for his help with a recently costume raped Mikuru in tow.

  12. Which series is Chika from?

  13. I think the best Ozma can hope for is an Alan from escaflone ending. didn’t have the coolest mech in the series, but he didn’t die or stop kicking ass at any point.(and he was a stone cold pimp) as is Ozma is Roy Fokker light right down to bleeding all over his lady friend after begging her for food. I guess the moral here is that the zentradi didn’t kill Roy the poor bastard was just distracted by thoughts of noodle salad.

  14. Decel: Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. A madcap series that’s a fun watch DESPITE its nature.

  15. It was PINEAPPLE, kaze. The moral is ‘don’t wait for later – eat with gusto now, because you won’t live forever’. Both the characters who DIDN’T eat before a mission (Hayao and his steak, Roy with his pineapple salad) kicked the bucket before getting to eat. People who DO eat (Ozma) get to live to scare the ex silly with a near-death experience.

    At this point, it looks like Ozma’ll stand aside as far as his role in the story goes; he’s not a young man anymore, and Ranka’s on the verge of remembering that she’s not really his little sister… and also what happened to the 117th Fleet.

    And for the record: the Armored Pack is slower than the Super Pack-equipped VF-25; the fact that Ozma was completely outperforming Alto during that scene after daring the latter to stick to his tail was to show Alto that he had a ways to go before he was THE ace of Skull Squadron.

  16. Haesslich:
    ah gomen my memory is affected by watching robotech back in the day. silly things like noddle salad and calling the main character rick hunter get stuck in my brain.

    btw what’s up with the new season of znt bluring out all the hot action. will there be a dvd version sans the censorship steam? inquireing minds want to know.

  17. It was Pineapple Salad in the Robotech production too: in ep 18, Lisa bid Roy good luck and good hunting, and he responded, “I’ll be hunting for a pineapple salad.” I don’t recall any noodle salads in Robotech or Macross – the closest they came would’ve been when the Zentradi Trio broke a display case to try to eat the plastic food inside.

  18. like i said that’s just how my brain works. one mans pineapple is another mans noodle (or pamplemouse as is sometimes happens). I had more fun reading the robotech books for some reason in any case. the way the guys writing them were trying to be frank herbert light was entertaining. that and i was reading the first three books about the time the hale bob comet was visible. reading about earth getting lazer spamed while a huge ass comet is in the night sky is memorable to me for one reason or another. good times.

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