emo facial distortion pantheon: #7 sunohara

Youhei Sunohara
“I HATE YOU!”Clannad
“S” Tier

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  1. Now this was definitely an unexpected entry.

  2. Lol, I’m too derailed by Tomoyo to look at Sunohara.

  3. With Tomoyo in the picture who would even look at Sunohara.

  4. S?? And Lulu’s only an A?

  5. Sunohara gives quality EFD in quantity. Pretty much every episode will have an EDF from Sunohara, and more often then not, multople EFDs.

    While his EFDs don’t rank as high as Rena’s epic level EDFs, Sunohara provides more often than Rena, then his rank is acceptible.

  6. Tomoyo looks so sad and confused in that picture, like she forgot how often she kicks his ass.

  7. he has sausage stuck up his nose, how can he possibly lose to lelouch?

  8. Does it really count if over half of his emo facial distortions are caused by females kicking him?

  9. You should have cropped the picture. Tomoyo’s too dazzling for people to bother sunohara

  10. S?? And Lulu’s only an A?

    In all fairness, Sunohara’s occasionally useful. *rimshot*

    Creative writing exercise: what if Sunohara were the exiled Brittanian Prince-turned-terrorist and Lulu was Tomoya’s sidekick?

  11. When I first saw the picture, the first thing I pick up is Tomoyo, heck with her in the picture, no one would even notice Sunohara.

  12. I think we can speak for everyone that we got derailed by Tomoyo. It’s near impossible not to focus on her.

  13. I think we can speak for everyone that we got derailed by Tomoyo. It’s near impossible not to focus on her.

    Tomoyo? Is that the name of the sausage in Sunohara’s nose?

  14. Haha, the first thing I thought when I saw the pic was “WOOT TOMOYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Then I looked down a bit to see what is was about and I went Oh, that’s all.

  15. You should have instead taken a picture of Youhei’s reaction to Tomoya inviting Tomoyo to his room. 100% more EFD and less Tomoyo.

    “Nan-da? NAN-da!?”

  16. But who every wants less Tomoyo?

  17. Sad? I thought Tomoyo looked BORED…

  18. I disagree with this one,
    It’s clearly a Quantity vs. Quality here. I perfer Quality.
    But the one thing I disagree with the most is that when ever he does it he really isn’t emo. Thus Emo Face Distortion.
    A is definitely to high for this one.

  19. We have a weiner ^_^
    …lame isn’t it? -_-

  20. “Sad? I thought Tomoyo looked BORED…”

    Bored? I thought Tomoyo was looking quizzically at Sunohara wondering what the hell he’s doing with a wiener up his nose.

  21. Isn’t she sort of apologizing for jamming it up there in a nearly involuntary action?

    This is just before an epic Kyou vs Tomoyo fight if I recall.

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