it’s a trap!

Brave enough?


It’s Russian roulette time!


(Each from a different series… kinda…)

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  1. 1st is Rin from Little Busters, 2nd looks like a fan rendering of either Chiaki or Taiga (die J.C. Staff, die!), 3rd has boobs and cameltoe, so I wager it’s the 4th pic.

  2. Looking forward to Toradora!.

  3. Also, the decensored pic is hilarious.

  4. I can’t decide which one I’d rather take home!

  5. Actually, what manga *is* the first picture from?

    (Not that I’m a pervert or anything )

  6. The third one is Kyono…blammo kid

  7. I think the answer is… None of the above. It’s a shell game, and Jason has the stone in his sleeve.

  8. … Occam’s Razor makes me think it’s number 4 though.

  9. >>09

    Symmetry (15:38:25, #165920) :

    Actually, what manga *is* the first picture from?

    (Not that I’m a pervert or anything )

    It’s the Gurren Lagann manga. I should know.

    I think it might be the 4th pic because I see no boobs and can’t see a buldge if there is one. But then again, this is Jason so it might as well be all of them.

  10. @Kurogane: “a fan rendering of either Chiaki or Taiga”? Sorry, but that one is obviously Taiga (going both by the hairstyle and outfit), even if the first of the anime images for Toradora! has Taiga looking a whole lot like Chiaki.

    I concur with Myssa Rei.

    @Symmetry: It’s from the same one as the following manga scan; Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

  11. *It’s from the same one as the manga scan right after it;

    Also, looks like danainae beat me to it.

  12. Yeah, Taiga’s not a trap. She has an ultra-tsun temper, but there aren’t any traps in Toradora in the novels or the manga… and I don’t expect one in the anime unless J.C. Staff pulls a Zero no Tsukaima-style ‘reworking’ of things.

  13. I’m gonna have to go with number 3, actually. It may just be my gut telling me this, but I trust my gut with matters of such…importance.

  14. I’m pretty sure #3 is the popular rendering of a gender-bent Kyon from Haruhi, aka Kyonko.

    So yes, technical #3 is the trap, but not in the bad way.

  15. I’m going with #4 because it’s the only one I don’t recognize.

    #1: Rin, Little Busters
    #2: Taiga, Toradora
    #3: Kyonko, Seitenkan

    Kyonko is most definitely a girl. I won’t accept anything else. Never!

  16. The thing is, Kyonko is the female version of Kyon in a universe where all the characters from the original universe appear as the opposite gender, right? So it’s given that the characters aren’t the same individuals as in the canon universe, with adjusted mindsets and histories to match. So then Kyonko isn’t “actually a guy” who happens to be dressed up/presented as a girl (Bridget, nekomimi meido Hayate, etc.); she really is female. Therefore with matters concerning Kyonko, there is no penis on this – and nobody has to be shot!

    …at least that’s the logic of a person who never really understood the point behind the genderbender craze.

    Off-topic: regardless of the gender of #4, there are some serious anatomical implications. If it’s a guy, they’d have to have a serious rib cage malformation to have that sort of angle. If it’s a girl, that’d have to be a really, really long boob. So I’m going to go with, “there’s no trap, but that fourth person might be an alien shape-shifter who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of pretending to be human”.


  17. For some reason, everwhere I go there seems to be traps. Traps at school, Traps at locall stores, Traps on the internet, even Traps at home. I think the Traps are taking over.

  18. you can’t fool my eye of the heart. not even with admiral akbar.

  19. bluemonq: I think Kyon as a short, snarky, a-cup sized ponytailed girl isn’t really an idea that Haess and Jason have fully gotten used to, as much as Haruhi as a hyperactive, DFC and ponytail-loving, possessive guy. Paradigm shift, much?

    And yet here we have a blogger who seems to love dropping pictures of Lelouch and Suzaku in drag (or any character bishie enough to pass for a girl), plus a regular commenter who likes to call the said blogger out on the sheer REGULARITY of such picture posts. Erk…

  20. @blumonq: Well, it seems to me that, even if you “[don’t] really understand the genderbending craze”, you understand the point behind it quite well.

  21. isnt it sad that my eyes doesnt see traps anymore, it has gone into denial mode…

  22. The trap was getting us to look. We fell into the trap.

  23. They’re all men.

    Everyone who read this post is a man.

    Everyone who uses the internet is a man.

    Everyone who has ever lived is a man.

    That goes double for supermodels.

    There. Nuts to your trap card soup, good sir. Now let’s get some pictures of cookies.

  24. @Myssa: Are you implying that Jason actually prefers crossdressing men to real girls?

  25. >>>Are you implying that Jason actually prefers crossdressing men to real girls?

    I thought she did. I mean, she’s a twin tailed DFC tsundere loli.

  26. That facepalm would work so well right now.

    Miedo seems to be the base spirit, even for Jason or Jasonko’s image of girls, boys, or crossdressing girls or boys. The miedo remains.

  27. *facepalms*

    Now that’s a frightening thought: Jason REALLY as a 12-year old twin-tailed DFC loli whose’s tsundere for Sunrise, and NOT a 30-something engineer of Taiwanese-descent living in the California area who loves to pepper his anime posts with sports references only obssessive sports enthusiasts will get.

  28. If it’s true, then we might as well throw in the towel right now, pack up the meido, and evacuate before the blog is innundated by cross-dressing non-bishie men. I don’t know home much horror I can take in a day — ‘Lucille’ groping ‘Suzan’ (or was that the other way around) was brain-bleach material enough.

  29. What’s next? Jason blogging Antique Bakery? Or doing an in-depth analysis of Jyujo Romantica AND it’s upcoming sequel? That sky would be falling. Literally.

    I’m a girl, but I can only take yaoi in calculated doses. Meido from Jason is good. And as much as I don’t like moe in any of it’s shapes or forms, any display of Melonpan would be a welcome change.

    I don’t even LIKE fanservice, but ANYTHING would be acceptable to get Jason to stop with the trap and crossdressing. ESPECIALLY of Lulu and Suzaku.

    (remind me never to mention the new scans of the Gundam 00 character sheets…)

  30. Weren’t you just complaining about the nekomimi meido post from yesterday?

    Myssa… I have you ranked above Haess now in my upcoming “Most Broken Reader” fantasy draft.

    I also can’t believe that no one has even a guess for #4. I’ll give you a small hint: look at the eyes. I’ll give you a bigger hint: it’s poorly drawn, but poorly drawn in a way that’s perfect for this post.

  31. … Of course, Ichi-hime and Kyon (ko) would be nice as well. Can’t get enough of Ichi-hime. Ichi-hime = good. I can dig Ichi-hime’s rampant and blazing hot lesbian tendencies towards her co-brigade member. Lulu, with BOOBIES? Not much.

    The former makes good comedy. The latter? Ugh, as if Ledouche was bad enough, throw in the monthly period, and ooooh boy. Why not just post the antics of the Code Geass version of Kannon and Schniezel? Kannon is a CROSSDRESSER IN THE NOVELS, and there are very obvious implications that their relationship isn’t purely ‘all-business’.

    Oh heck, what am I saying?

  32. … Sorry Jason, unless that’s actually a poorly-drawn Kana from Minami-ke, you need to throw us more clues for #4.

  33. (Lulu isn’t even involved in this post. You brought him up yourself…)

  34. >>>Now that’s a frightening thought: Jason REALLY as a 12-year old twin-tailed DFC loli whose’s tsundere for Sunrise, and NOT a 30-something engineer of Taiwanese-descent living in the California area who loves to pepper his anime posts with sports references only obssessive sports enthusiasts will get.

    Haess. You need to usher Myssa into the house of Sixten.


  35. It’s a result of a truly bizarre train of thought. Trap, to pseudo-trap, to trap-like-tendencies, to the recent string of Lulu/Suzaku crossdress/genderflips, to anything remotely yaoi in flavor.

    Yes, I am not running on all cylinders right now.

    Then again, I’m restricting accounts at work for EFT treturns, after two straight nights of marathoning Ninja Nonsense and Ryofuko-chan while doing some edits for a Touhou doujin I was assigned AND trying to resolve a delivery issue for a package I pre-ordered two months ago.

  36. You live a complicated life. I spent my evening deciding if I was going to ditch Comcast for Dish + DSL.

  37. ~_^

    Seriously though, I’m still stumped about the last one. By process of elimitation, plus a judicious application of Occam’s Razor, all evidence points to #4 being the trap.

    But what if, as I previously postulated, this is all a shell game? That would mean that There Is No Trap. The Trap Is a Lie. You cannot have your Trap and Grope It at the Same Time.

  38. Let me get a 2,000 word rant about Comcast’s upcoming 250gb transfer limit in first. I think the real last straw for me is Comcast compressing the hell out of their HD channels such that they look like crap.

  39. @Myssa Rei: Well, what a coincidence…I recently watched Ryofuko-chan, and I’m in the middle of watching Ninja Nonsense. Were you on a Wakamoto-trip, too?

  40. >>There. Nuts to your trap card soup, good sir. Now let’s get some pictures of cookies.
    Don’t think cookies can’t be traps.
    “Mmmm delicious chocolate chi- AUGH RASINS!”

    >>Last pic
    Damn. Those eyes and overall expression make me want to say it’s Mikiru, but from the previously mentioned process of elimination that would make it some sort of genderswapped Mikiru trap…

  41. @GHR: That…that’s happened to me with a cookie before. ;_;

  42. Cat Megex: Well, I received my boxed set the other week, so I thought it would be a nice time to start on it. Can’t say that I was disappointed. Onsokumaru is awesome. Norio Wakamoto singing Doki-Doki! (when compared to the default Ryofuko-chan OP) was even MORE awesome.

    Too bad we weren’t treated to the reveal that Emperor Charles was REALLY Onsokumaru in disguise who had taken Shinobu as his ninja-empress…

  43. Ugh, that’s supposed to say Mikuru, not Mikiru.
    Me no naem spell gud.

  44. Shouldn’t the tagline for this post be “Broken enough?”


  45. Jason: Myssa… I have you ranked above Haess now in my upcoming “Most Broken Reader” fantasy draft.

    Broken Myssa Rei is truly broken – and worse yet, she’s in denial. I’d have to agree with you on ‘she’s much more broken as a reader’, and she did it to herself with the Kyonko Heresy. She has only herself to blame for falling under Tzeentch’s mind-twisting influence. She “trapped/transgendered” herself into her current state of madness.

    Incidentally, there’s actually less gay in Antique Bakery than in Code Geass R2: there have been a total of like 5 gay characters who have appeared, with the rest being straight. This is versus Code Geass, which apparently has more Gay in Lulu and Suzaku than all of Antique Bakery. At least there’s no buttsecks in Antique – where at the end of Geass R2 21 we’re left to infer what happened during that month by Suzaku’s insufferable ‘I fucked your Emperor’ smirk. Oh, and killing all the women they run across.

    … it’s scary, actually. Both shows have Emperor Wakamoto, but in the second he’s definitely not gay and doesn’t have an obsessive twisted brother, nor does he have children who are apparently ‘BFF’ or who turn down hot bunnygirls for more Suzaku time.

  46. Don’t think cookies can’t be traps.
    “Mmmm delicious chocolate chi- AUGH RASINS!”

    The internet, ladies and gentlemen. Robbing me of life’s simpler pleasures since 1996. And yet, I cannot tear myself away from it.

    Mako-cakes schmako-cakes. The internet is the true trap.

  47. Wait, hold it, that was MIKURU?!? ALL THIS TIME?!?

  48. So it is Mikuru. This is another one of those times I would have rather been wrong, isn’t it.

  49. … So I was right. It was a shell game all along! THERE WAS NO TRAP! THE TRAP WAS A LIE!

    I think I need to finish Twin Spica now.

  50. Giant Humanoid Robot: Well, it could have been worse. Jason could have posted a picture of Hayate-lite MITSURU (Mikuru’s genderflipped counterpart). Now that would have been… Disturbing.

  51. You guys are so broken that you didn’t notice the eyes… who else would have such “I’m terrified, but it’s okay” bedroom eyes?

  52. … Is that Touhou art I see? Yes, it is! Hmm, always wanted to register for Pixiv, so now might be my chance. Lucky!

    What? I play the Touhou games (but I’m no expert). I love the Mountain of Faith characters, as well as the mainstays Reimu and Marisa. I read the doujins, and I’ve recently started helping with the backlog over at Voile.

    I’m not making a good case here, am I?

  53. That you’re broken? An excellent case methinks.

  54. Well gee Jason, given the fact that it’s a fanwork that doesn’t even remotely LOOK like Mikuru, and could have been any number of wide-eyed brown-haired character from eroge, manga OR anime… Yeah, we didn’t get it!

    I still score points to the theory for everything being a shellgame though.

  55. Success! Now all the Sanae, Reimu , and Kyon pictures shall be mine! ALL MINE!


  56. It’s hard to tell its Mikuru, my main identifiers for her are Hair color, melonpan and mole on melonpan.

  57. Myssa… I have you ranked above Haess now in my upcoming “Most Broken Reader” fantasy draft.

    Does that mean I’m only #3? I must work harder.

  58. On second thoughts, it could be interpreted such that I am #1, followed by Myssa and then Haesslich. I’d like to see the draft results.

  59. umm…I see ?, ?, kyonko, kyonko, kyonko, mikuru…broken, methinks…maybe it’s just my japanese side showing…not sure…

  60. Jason: no melonpan = no Mikuru. She doesn’t even look like the novel illustrations, and that art could’ve been any KyoAni character if the last few years due to its lack of melonpan plus Mikuru’s baby-fat.

    Nutty Myssa Rei is broken. A match made in heaven? Or hell? ;)

  61. Judging by the folds and shadows of the cloth, that Mikuru is either genderswapped with some weird manboob thing going on or this is a disturbing new trend: the DFCing of melonpanrific characters.

  62. Pfft, me? Nutty? Sixten’ll have better chance finding my own work on Pixiv than proving that I’m broken Haess. ;P

  63. First, second volume of No Bra. Then, final half of Minami-ke S2.
    Now, methinks this post pushed me over the edge to bisexuality.

    And there the Jason-ko avatar starts shouting “hopes and dreams!”
    I think I’l have to remove the RSS feed. Feelin’ more shattered than broken.

  64. We are born broken; life is healing. (nerd points for anyone who knows this series)

  65. tbh only kyonko matters. post moar

  66. First off, how is #4 Mikuru? There are no boobs on that girl. Secondly, that expression is more of surprise than fear. There needs to be more fear in her expression. And tears. There needs to be tears almost escaping from her eyes.

  67. Myssa Rei: Your posts on anything that has the tag ‘broken’ or ‘trap’, or ‘kyonko’ in it tend to make up between a third to half the total posts, and often are replies to yourself. That level of obsession is what I call ‘broken’, and in a way that makes Jason’s breakage seem like a mere fascination versus your full-blown fetish. ;)

  68. danainae:

    yellow eyes and long brown hair, but mostly the yellow eyes. although to be honest it felt like the author went ‘okay, the eyes are yellow. now they’ll know it’s mikuru. next, fanservice!’

    but considering the curious wrap of the cloth, you have to wonder if the artist favours triangular udder-like projections coming out of her ribcage rather than, y’know, conventional mammalian mammary glands. (this is the internet, I wouldn’t be surprised.)

    my main problem is this: does mikuru have -no- ass, or does the artist have no skill? can we have some reference pictures?

    …am I going to regret that?

  69. Also Yoko has no modesty…or at least very, very little. She looks embarassed, but is not covering up like the other girls (save Darry, who’s a bit young still).


    *shoots self*

  71. There’s no trap in the first pic, Miao. I am going to sue you for deceitful advertising.

    (Yes, I know that’s Gimmy down there. No, he is not trapping anyone there)

  72. If thats supposed to be Mikuru, the artist needs more work. Particularly, the Curves.

    And I think most men would have done the same thing as Kamina if they were in that position. Hell, 2 girls with ridiculously huge boobs, 2 other girls to add to those, then there is little Darry for the Lolicon’s. Something for everybody.

  73. I was thinking that it might be Mikuru, but the picture didnt suit. Even the eyes didnt match correctly. (I did spend a minute or two staring into those eyes to try to match them).

    I was half-way to thinking he posted Kyonko twice by mistake…

    It kind of disappoints me that I realise I actually couldnt be too high on the brokeness chart…. unless I have shown more brokenness then I thought. I wouldnt know.
    Of course, it all comes down to what sort of brokenness he is looking for. I mean, if he is looking for generic “mental situation dangerous” I have maniacal laughter downpacked. (BTW, as Lacelot Albion started to deploy. Was already into it by then)
    If he is more refering to “There is no way there is a penis on that” brokeness, then I should not come close… Then again, I did start reading No Bra right after it was linked in here…
    *thinks, and realises there is alot more non-public evidence to the contray*
    I wish to change my vote to “I should not come close via public opinion”…

  74. The thing is though, we all know that, aside from Gimmy, everyone in that scene were actually wearing towels (or something certainly bikini-esque), so Kamina actually made a mistake and let his OTHER head do the thinking for him. Which actually caused more trouble than it was worth.

  75. He should’ve shouted “who the hell do you think I am?!” right about then, yes.

  76. @Haess
    With Boota still clinging to his groin or not?

  77. I have returned! And ironic that the post I return to should be full of traps and brokenness. As I think I’m the only one Jason’s called “fundamentally broken” here, I do dare attempt to claim the spot of #1 broken! Though personally I figured that kyonko was the closest to a trap out of all of those. I’ve seen too many such images in my time…

    As such, I shall turn around and challenge You! Yes, you Jason-ko! To see if you can spot the trap in this video/game. =3 If you don’t get it right, you’ll end up with sexy trapful endings.

    And once your done that, you can watch these, which I enjoyed laughing at while I watched them in Japan. They’re regular running television programs all about dressing up men as women, and parading them around on stage/on air so they can go “OMG SO CUTE! I can’t believe it’s a guy!” using middle-high school age guys. (follow the related on the sidebars for the rest of it and other episodes)

  78. I do dare attempt to claim the spot of #1 broken!

    To see if you can spot the trap in this video/game.

    Nonsense. You don’t even know that there are actually two traps in that video. One of them is Taeko (the redhead). You’d know the other one if you had played the game.

  79. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    An interesting find — a Azumanga Dioh gender swap for those of us who is not broken enough.

  80. @Kouryuu: Why is Tsuruya in that game?

  81. @Kaisos (even though I’m not Kouryuu): Because Tsuruya is awesome.

  82. You’d know the other one if you had played the game.

    Because downloading on 28k dial up takes a while, so I haven’t gotten to play it yet. Also, I’ve been busy translating Soul Link for the masses.

  83. What the hell is Mihoshi doing in a Gurren Lagann manga?

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