oh geass vocaloid!

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This Code Geass voice synthesizer… wow… Lulu takes on Hatsune Miku! Even though they only have Lulu and C.C. available and it’s thick in Japanese, the site is still a good time waster. Now if only they could pair the vocals up with Suzaku doing triple axels…

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  1. *facepalms* Oh well, it can’t be worse than Miku’s sempai KAITO…

  2. Myssa Rei: You’d be surprised how bad some of these things can get. I’ve heard the Rozen Maiden one… and it’s… interesting.

  3. this one is quite bad… -_-;;;

  4. lol. What will they do next? Oh crap, I have to learn not to think that when Code Geass is involved.

  5. …Blah. Knowing no Japanese, I have no idea what to actually do, even when I look at the link URLs to see if those give any hints (’cause, y’know, they’re often in English).

  6. I gave the task of deciphering this to my pet otaku. He managed to scrounge up some C.C. sound clips with added ‘~nyaa’ and succeded in making a “Yaranaika, Suzaku?” with Lulu’s voice. Adorable.

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