clannad after story 4, oh geass no edition

Double dose of Clannad today. Just can’t ignore the end to this epic Sunohara arc, which, despite it’s lack of delicious thigh meat, is still vastly superior to “Dozo! Have a starfish!”


“Kyou’s being a bully!”

Kotomi-chan does one of the best catchphrases in anime right now. It’s up there with anything Krauser says, but I have to admit Taiga’s “URASAI! URASAI!” is leading this category presently. It’s very, very hard to watch that show without thinking, “Why doesn’t JC Staff just do another season of Shana?”

(Purple Posse powah! Rawr rawr!)

(I also think JC Staff should start buying DFC Swap Derivatives in case melonpan suddenly breaks out in one of their shows, just to be safe.)


Since this was Kyoto, I was fully expecting them to open the door to the soccer club and see a bunch of pansies a la the rugby club from Fumoffu. It’s like clicking on a post titled, “nodame cantabile 3” and finding a flood of Luluko images. Sure, it’s off-topic, but is it really off-topic?


The milk mustache on Mei… why does Kyoto keep giving Mei foods that leave distinguishing marks around her mouth? No, don’t answer that. Thanks.

(And, wow, the Yukine arc got compressed to like 16 seconds… I haven’t seen plot compression like that since Nodame Cantabile Paris.)


Ryou… as an authority figure… reminds of the White House circa 2004 only with Cheney and Rove in Sunohara’s and Tomoya’s role with Bush as Ryou.


I’m glad Kotomi-chan finally is getting lines, but what happened to Tomoyo? I’m going to go into thigh meat withdrawal soon… I can’t get enough from just the crazy chix0rs from Chaos; Head.


Why is everything solvable with sports? If only real life were like this where conflicts could be solved not with wars or with giant Gundams but by little underaged girls performing gymnastics.

(The soccer team continues to reaffirm their asshole status. They’re neck-in-neck with 00‘s A-LAWS as the most assholy group of this season.)


You were rooting for Mei-chan to summon Oyashiro-sama and disembowel the soccer players in the most horrific way possible, weren’t you?

(If the purpose of this arc is to make someone overprotective of Mei, it’s working. In spades. Just it doesn’t seem to be Sunohara… it’s the hot-blooded male audience.)


I’m beginning to hate the soccer club more than all these political robo calls that I’m getting. They’re not even more good stuff– I mostly get calls about this proposition or that proposition. I just hope the ballot this year isn’t longer than Return of the King.


“The DFC has been captured!”

I stumbled across this story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and it shows exactly now not to write a headline:

It’s a football column. So, it mainly appeals to men, so why title it, “Football picks that won’t shrink your boobs”? “Your”, of course, refers to the football-viewing audience, so unless it meant man-boobs, it’s misdirected. Unfortunately, yes, he does talk about man-boobs somewhere in there. But it is interesting that researchers do get funding for stuff like “drinking three cups of coffee a day will shrink a woman’s breast size.” Um, do you need volunteers for checking?

(And can I get money for my theory that strawberry crepes make little sisters more moe and a toilet seat cover?)


I knew Sunohara would swoop in and save the day. Awesome. Beat down time. There really wasn’t any other way to go… but it would have been more awesome if Sunohara rushed in with Tomoyo and Kyou. Or would that be too unfair?

(Sunohara isn’t that useful, and Tomoya has about as much movement in his arms as McCain… but Tomoyo and Kyou… now there’s a party ticket that I can vote for.)


They’re broken down… in the wet mud… why do I keep getting Brokeback vibes from this scene? Is it because it reminds me of a scene in Brokeback Mountain? Wait, why does it remind of my Brokeback Mountain when I never saw that movie? Um, I swear! I thought I programmed my DVR to record Bridezilla instead…


“Think more of Mei-chan! She was hooking up to a guy like me, and you didn’t do anything!”

“I thought it was okay because it was you!”

Couple thoughts… one, I’m sure that the fansubbers know what “hooking up” means… and it’s perfect is Tomoya was serious about him and Mei-chan being alone without any regard for their future. Though I just can’t picture that from Tomoya who passed up a Kyou buffet and can barely hold Nagisa’s hand. We’re to expect that he’s, uh, more of man with Mei?

Second, the last time we had a male character feign interest in a female character, he was actually secretly lusting for his own little sister as well as his best friend… OH GEASS NO!


Watching this scene, I’m reminded of the 30 days and nights of make-up sex that Suzaku and Lulu must have had after they made up… because Nagisa will find herself with more “Nagisa time” than she knows what to do with while Suzaku and Lulu are, uh, making up after this fight.


Joke’s on us.

(While I am glad that the Purple Posse is spending more time together, where is Tomoyo?!)


(Sunohara is wearing clothes from when John Travolta was originall popular.)

(Just dawned on me that Sunohara still thinks Sanae is Nagisa’s sister.)

(Sit back and enjoy the LULZ.)


(Tomoya is sure enjoying the LULZ.)


Watashi tsuiteiku yo
Donna tsurai sekai no yami no naka de sae

(You just know Kyoto just recycled the old footage, edited out the bunny ears, and colored the hair blonde.)

(And if Kobe/Phelps/A-Rod/Hawk is #1 for Guitar Hero bands, and, if DMC were #2, then #3 would definitely have to be Bunny Girl Haruhi, Witch Yuki, and the two other girls. Now if LOL FANG-TAN were on bass with Itsuki on drums, then, yes, they would be in more of a dead heat with Krauser.)


Love at first sight… ?


You know the rules of men, right? Like how from grapes they make the win, from coals they make the fire? Well, if the bathroom has all of the urinals free, and there’s only two guys, you’re not supposed to be using two adjacent urinals. Unless you want to play grabass like the gay couple in Big Daddy.

(Or if you’re the two main male characters of a recent Sunrise mecha anime. “You can lockon my stratos anytime”… uh, NBA season is starting soon, isn’t it? ISN’T IT!?!)

20 Responses to “clannad after story 4, oh geass no edition”

  1. If you’re looking towards the Purple Posse for DFC… you’re looking in the wrong spot. That’s Fuuko and Mei.

    And I think Tomoyo’s sitting out this arc because she didn’t want to get stuck between Sunohara and Tomoya again. You saw what happened to Kallen, right?

  2. ahahaha. Oh man I teared up when I saw the last picture. Them going to the bathroom together is definitely not ok.

    I also think it’s really funny that just a few posts ago you were complaining that you would miss saying things like OH GEASS NO!! and other things regarding lulu and zaku, but fortunately it looks like you won’t have to stop for awhile. You have plenty of action in Clannad. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong kind of action that lacks Tomoyo.

    Mei chan is so cute I’m pretty sure Rena would want to take her home, in that sick psychotic lolikillertastic way of hers. Which reminds me that’s not to weird since the same seriyu who plays mei in this series plays Rika Furude in Higurashi “ni-pon”. Omg is she always voice acting for a cute blue haired loli.

  3. And there were no toilet seat cover anymore..

  4. I dunno Jason, the fact that we have Misae’s arc next means that either Yukine’s (or Haruhi forbid, KAPPEI’S) route stands a good chance of being animated before we fully dive into After Story’s proper (have to give all the supporting cast their farewells before Nagisa gets sick after all). They’re independent enough that even with all the romance bits cut out, they still stand on their own, at the same time aren’t as obtrusive to the core Nagisa route (unlike Kyou’s)…

  5. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the severe lack of Tomoyo for the past two episodes… Kyou is awesome too, but still…

  6. Would Tomoyo be busy with work as the School President right about now? You know, saving those trees of hers? She’s a proud working woman who doesn’t have free time to wander around like the purple posse.

    Don’t forget Nanoha… Mei’s VA also voiced Nanoha.

  7. The Yaoi is strong with this one.

    At least the NBA season starts tomorrow, where real men don’t use adjacent urinals or need giant mechs to show that they have “no regard for human life!”

  8. What do you mean, in case melonpan breaks out in a J.C.Staff show? J.C.Staff has had melonpan in their shows all this time. Just because their recent shows Magical Index, Toradora, Shakugan no Shana, The Familiar of Zero, Shigofumi, Slayers, and Skygirls (and to a lesser extent Nabari, Potemayo, and Honey & Clover) have flat-chested girls as the female leads, don’t assume J.C.Staff caters only to those who like DFC.

  9. Love the Chiko references sneaking up in these post. Mei can be my little sister anytime you know I’d pierce the “heavens” for her!

  10. Didn’t the clan spend like an entire episode trying to explain to Kotomi how to make a good punchline in the first series?
    I suspect we’ll see more of Tomoyo in Misae’s arc. They seem to be deeply tied together for some reason…

  11. I like how the purple trio just appeared outta nowhere in that scene.

  12. Got about half the Higuashi main cast covered in Clannad.

    Mei = Rika
    Nagisa = Rena
    Misae = Mion/Shion


  13. Mei = Rika
    Nagisa = Rena
    Misae = Mion/Shion


    Oh sweet. And all the best ones too.

    Oh and btw. Wtf. Grown up (high school, okay not really) dudes picking on a little girl. Wtf.

  14. >(And, wow, the Yukine arc got
    >compressed to like 16 seconds…
    >I haven’t seen plot compression
    >like that since Nodame Cantabile Paris.)

    I haven’t seen compression like that since Umisho.

  15. And, wow, the Yukine arc got compressed to like 16 seconds…

    We’re getting Yukine after Misae, it seems. And then probably the trap.

    Oh gods, your posts on his route are going to be awesome.

  16. I personally expected Tomoya to just get beat up. But instead – we get a few seconds of bullet time and a friggin roundhouse kick from Sunohara.

  17. I felt it was kind of odd when the “Purple Posse” showed up at 20:00.
    It was a great execution of the game though.

    Up next, my favorite arc. I might actually shed some tears too.

  18. This route was surprisingly really well done unlike some of the other routes done by kyoani. *cough Fuuko, cough non-existent Kyou route* Although I prefer the visual novel in almost every aspect, Kyoani does occasionally pull off some good stuff. I highly recommend playing the game to everyone who enjoys the anime, and I will guarantee that you will enjoy far more than the anime(the Fuuko route is actually good zomg) unless you don’t like reading or end up pressing the ctrl button throughout the whole game.

    A word of advice also is to continue the game as the after story is arguably the best part in Clannad. I lost patience and stopped playing it for awhile until recently I decided to finish. It will not disappoint.

  19. It would have been so much better if Sunohara finished what he was thinking.

    “Nagisa why are you here? Wait, you don’t mean … the three of you!?”

  20. JAAAAAY-SONNNNNN! Aren’t you finished blogging on traps YET? There’s a pileup of Clannad After Story two episodes wide behind you! What’s eatin’ ya, boy? (Complete with an epic tr—MMMMPH. Keep… mouth… quiet of spoilers…)

    …and, yes, that IS a ripoff of Rudolph. Best get ready for it early~

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