gundam 00 s2 5 (pew pew pew!)

150k of name brand clothing well spent.

(Lasers go pew pew pew!)




Happy Halloween!

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  1. Sunrise really love spending lot of goods for the suits.

    Who are the characters in the 1st pic have no idea.
    2nd pic Taiga and Minori love power.

  2. LOL, first picture from gundam freaking Sumeragi’s boobs are lkike squished up xPP

  3. @arigatou: I think that’s Tomoya and Sunohara. Or perhaps Tomoko and Sunoko?

  4. in a gender swap clanad would tomoya and tomoyo just switch names?

  5. The only thing I see here are two treats… Oh well, seems I’m way too broken already.

  6. @Chucky: Tomoyo and Youko sound better


    You posted the Sunoko and Tomoko pic…could this day get any awesomer?

  8. Ha ha, too bad Jason, Kuro beat you to that pic a week or so ago.

    And superficial Genderflip = fail. It’ll never work in the context of CLANNAD, especially with Youhei as the butt of most physical jokes.

  9. I immediately went to Baka-Updates,
    thinking I had missed something.

    and I had just got done watching CLANNAD too.

  10. Wait. The first one’s Clannad? So the younger one’s supposed… to… b…


    Well, congrats, Jason, on delivering my first (and possibly only) fright tonight. :P

  11. taiga

  12. @Web: Ditto for me.

    I’m just surprised that you haven’t mentioned that Billy and Krauser share the same seiyuu…

  13. Myssa Rei: I -told- you that Ze Trap and ze Genderswap was breaking Jason to the point where he couldn’t tell anymore… but no! Zey never listen. So sad, so sad…

  14. Haesslich: Ze trap? ze broken? i ceee nothing. nooothing!

  15. Sumeragi has a serious case of gapitis in that first picture. That’s what happens when you wear a shirt the wrong size.

  16. I thought the middle pic was Ayumi and Tatsuki from Hyakko before the comments revealed the sobering truth…. A halloween fright indeed.

  17. >>A halloween fright indeed.

    Could be worse. Could have been un-swapped Sunohara and Tomoya in those swimsuits.

  18. Ugghhh, that Tomoya-Youhei swimsuit thing will haunt me tonight. But Taiga will surely give me some good dreams.

    And sizes that don’t fit look better on Sumeragi. She’s totally hawt!

  19. Just wondering, but is this a very tactful way of saying “wordpress ate this post”?

  20. What has science done

    On retrospect, swapped tomoya kinda looks like kannagi

  21. Wow, I think that’s the first image of a gender-swapped Sunohara and Tomoya I’ve seen that actually looked good.

  22. @Hak: I doubt it, this came out before the episode aired

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