i checked dbd’s rss feed everyday, and all i got was a lousy clannad post

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I just wanted to write a post.

I thought about what I wanted to do with this blog for probably longer than I should have. I honestly didn’t even check my inbox for fear of a Mako-cakes image or a Haruhi web clip that could drag me back into my old rut. And I still don’t know what to do. But I’ll say this: seven years of anything is a long time. I haven’t decided what I want to do with Derailed yet… but, for now, I wanted to write a post. It might be my last one. It might be my second to last one. It might be my last Clannad one. Or it might be number 2,090 out of thousands more. I have no clue.

I just wanted to write a post.

I haven’t been watching a lot of anime. The most time-consuming thing about writing for this blog is watching all the anime. Just like how there’s a lot of dregs in Hollywood, there’s a lot of dregs in anime. I watched them before just for completeness for blogging, but not anymore. I watched a solid episode of RideBack, and I decided I don’t need to watch it again. Ever. It’s like they took the racing aspect of Aa! Megami-sama and bastardized it with some horrible mecha design that resembles a motorbike that transformed into a Segway. Uh, no thanks.

I have been watching The Office. In fact, I re-watched seasons one through four in the past two months. Great character-driven show. There’s a lot of loons in the cast, and the way they (predictably) play off one another really drives the comedy. Character-driven… very similar to the first season of Clannad: Tomoya tricks Sunohara into doing something stupid, we laugh. Kyou kicks Sunohara’s ass, we laugh. Tomoyo kicks Sunohara’s ass, we laugh. Kotomi-chan does Kotomi-chan-like activities, we laugh. That’s what it was.

There were some serious points, but it was mostly a fun, low calorie school day slice-of-life romantic comedy. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s a staple of anime, much like cop shows, sitcoms, and legal dramas are to primetime TV. It’s just Clannad did it well. It was The Office. Like how Michael, Dwight, and Jim drive The Office, Sunohara, Tomoya, and Nagisa drove Clannad. I liked that Clannad. I enjoyed it a lot.

Now we’re in the midst of After Story, and it’s not the same. With Nagisa’s passing and Ushio’s emergence, it’s a completely different show. It’s like The Office turning into Mad Men where Jim runs away to Nebraska and Pam has an affair with Ryan and promptly commits suicide and then we have 10 episodes of the brooding after effects. And… there’s no comedy. Zip. Zilch. Nada. They took everything I enjoyed about season one and went the other way to the point that the characters are the same, but it’s no longer the same. My comedy became a drama. The characters no longer drive the show– the situation (and, more importantly, the effects of the situation) does. It’s not like the characters changed a la Gurren Lagann. They are fundamentally the same characters with a little organic growth, but they are mostly pulled by their situations. It’s no longer a character-driven comedy where my only sources of complaint were too much Fuko and not enough Kyou. There’s no Fuko, there’s little to no Kyou, and I just don’t know where to complain or if I could complain. There’s enjoyability, just it doesn’t come from seeing how high of a hit combo Tomoyo could get or how short of a skirt Kyou could wear. It’s a different pull.

(Maybe it’s like writing a blog because it was once fun to write. And then continuing to write it because it was fun to challenge oneself with new ways to blog. Nah. Couldn’t be it. Bad analogy.)

It’s not like I didn’t know what was going to happen (yes, I’m farther along in the x86 game, but I doubt I’ll continue writing about it). It’s not like we’d get 26 episodes of Kyou’s thighs and Tomoyo’s melonpan if we wished for it like how Nagisa wished for Tomoya’s happiness. It’s just a huge transplant for the show– from slice-of-life harem comedy to somber slice-of-life… life. Clannad has become a more moody, a more gloomy Aishiterzu Baby. After Story is almost making me question why did I enjoy the first season so much. It’s almost making me guilty for reveling in Nagisa’s and Tomoya’s better days, and it’s almost as if making it seem so inconsequential now. It’s like if the last season of The Office featured Jim and Pam going through the death of their first baby, Dwight getting cancer, and Michael getting fired and jailed for embezzlement. It’s just not as fun… and it makes the previous episodes seem less fun.


While Clannad is doing its best Aishiterzu Baby knock-off attempt, Toradora has become what Clannad used to be, which makes After Story seem even more disparate from the first season. Toradora is hugely character driven. It’s got ample comedy and fanservice. And it even had the blue haired haremette who the male lead should hook up with but doesn’t alone in a gym storage shed while in the fetal position. Toradora is what Clannad was and opposite of what Clannad is.

The thing is… I complain, but I can’t stop watching After Story. Clannad remade itself, but it’s still compelling for another reason. Whereas it used to be waves of comedy, it’s now tides of emotion. It’s a little different from waiting for the next week’s dose of delicious thigh meat, starfish, or uncomfortable misunderstanding, but I think the emotional attachment built form the first season when the characters were clowning around only makes Tomoya’s and Ushio’s tale more compelling.

I don’t think everyone enjoyed the change, and for those people, I say, “Go watch Toradora.” For everyone who is still wading through After Story, I wonder if we’re still watching because we want to know where Tomoya ends up, or are we watching hoping that he ends up back in those happier times… maybe not because we want the slice-of-life harem comedy back but because we want the character to succeed after all that he has been through.

(And come on Tomoya… you should have hooked up with Kyou after Nagisa died. She would have said “Yes” in a heartbeat. And then it could have become like Everyone Loves Raymond… oops… maybe I really can’t work Kyou’s thighs out of my system. Or maybe I just wanted to write a post.)

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  1. I love toradora.

    I hope you won’t stop blogging, ive grown fond of your writing. but i will respect your decision.

  2. welcome back jason

    now where is the trap?

  3. I just wanted to read a post.


  4. Great post Jason *_*

  5. Hey Jason, after a sad post like that, not only one reference to Valentine’s Day ?

  6. jason, i am disappointed.

    if this is going to be your last post the least you could have done is broken post about Tiera’s dress or Maryia and Shizu. Maybe a lulu fire a blank post on Sora Wa Kakeru but Clannad? You last post is on Clannad and only a brief of Kyou’s thighs.

    I am really disappointed.

  7. I would have thunk Maria+Holic would have resurrected DbD by now… there’s a real gap in my trap-blogging world.

  8. Dangit, man, you sound down. Post when you like, we’ll read. And when you don’t, we won’t!

    If you don’t blog about anime, it really is OK. Should you retire, the world will continue. And you’ll have stepped down while you’re hot, like Frasier, and not after you jumped the shark, like the phrase “jumped the shark”.

    But if you give up anime blogging, sell me blogsuki.com for a pittance. Srsly.

  9. Good to see you again!

    Now I’m thinking I should have listened to you all along and watched Clannad…

  10. Welcome back! This is honestly the only blog I read (and now the only one i’ve ever commented on). All I can say is that if this blog closes down… millions will weep. Me included

  11. I have to ask, exactly what gave you the impression Ride Back was a racing show? Certainly, episode 3 and 2 to a degree were racing episodes, but they served more to characterize Rin’s relationship with ride backs in general (done in 2), and Fuego more specifically (done in 3). That and the ballet intro along with Rin’s monologue on how the upheavals of the world did not impact her is a fairly clear sign that the politics of the world will soon become a major aspect of her life. I’m not a literary student so I have no idea if there’s some technical term for that, but I’ve watched / read it enough to recognize it pretty well.

    That said, episode 4 is my dilemma episode on whether to drop the show or not. I’ve grown tired of the whole “special robot choosing it’s pilot” thing, especially considering it doesn’t quite make sense in the context provided. How exactly does some college club get their hands on a ride as special as Fuego.

  12. I just finished 18 a few minutes ago myself. The end of this episode was cathartic in the sense that Tomoya finally got the message about “family.” Family is what it is. You don’t get to pick it, and it’s the second most important thing you’ve got in this world (after your own life of course).

    I’m a little miffed about the 5-year jump. There was a lot of potential to bring the extended cast in for the events immediately after Ushio was born.

    Given After Story’s reputation, ep16 didn’t come as a complete suprise. Now? I don’t have any idea where the plot goes from here. I’m curious to see where they take the dream-world story. I thought it would have ended in Ep16, but apparently it’s meant to parallel something else.

    The one thing I don’t care to see is more tragedy with Tomoya’s father in Ep19. The two have been through enough. Let the old man go back to the countryside in peace knowing his boy finally gets it.

  13. Seriously, though… if this is the end of DbD, may I get posting permission to derail it in a manner most epic, to give it a fitting Viking-like funeral?

    Personally, I love how After Story’s going – it’s made Tomoya miserable, and at the same time has given him a chance to grow as a character despite having been a complete fucking idiot in most of the series… and for those who were shippers for anyone but Nagisa, the death of Nagisa is just desserts with regards for what it’s done to Tomoya.

    Besides, anything that frees Tomoyo from that bastard can’t be all bad… even if they may go with the game ending.

  14. You know. I came back to see if there was a responce on ay Minami-ke related posts and was scared to find a picture…a picture on the first post again….shocking. Most shocking.

    As for Clannad and your blogging. Touching story and tears are well known for a Key story. Having blogged Kanon I’d think you’d know that. It is just that KyoAni has given the story its own time and thus the more emotional side can continue. As for the likes of Fuko and Kyou…well the tale isn’t over yet…so who knows.

    If you stop blogging you will know your wit will be missed. As will your broken posts and meme generation ability.

  15. >> Haesslich

    Do you really need to ask for permission? I think we were all expecting a Mako-cakes flood from the get go from you.

  16. This is why I never really bothered to start Clannad, as much as people say how good it is, a comedy series turned depressing is even more depressing for me than a drama. While I still check back here every so often, I don’t mind if you only post like one every 3 months, it’ll still cause me to check quite often. Post when you feel like posting and just enjoy life =)

  17. Sad post is sad.

    I started reading your blog in high school. It was the first anime blog, or blog in general for that matter, that I started regularly following. Before that, I thought anime blogs were pointless, but after reading one post I was hooked. AoA (or rather DbD now) was what made me start using RSS feeds. I’d come home from school and the first thing I’d do was log on, jump to AoA’s feed, and check if you had any new posts up. It was like when I was a kid getting up around 6 for Saturday morning cartoons. Except instead of being one day of the week, it happened EVERYDAY. (Well, almost.)

    Your Higurashi posts really helped me fight off boredom while I was back visiting family in China. It really got on my cousin’s nerves because I would be sitting next to him giggling the entire time, and he would be wondering what the hell I could be laughing at. I still remember that one post where you said that Asian singers couldn’t dance and 3 or 4 fangirls finding them here through Google demanded you to take your statements back. Those were some good times…

    Seeing this blog die is like seeing an old friend move off somewhere. And your readers wouldn’t even be able to contact you through Facebook or something because that would be really creepy… You’re right that 7 years is a long time, and if you quit blogging I could completely understand. After reading your blog for so long, the least I’d like to do is buy you a beer. And then we could play a match of SSB Brawl. Or something…

    Having reread what I just wrote, I do realize this is one hell of a corny post; this is the Internet after all. So a few more corny lines couldn’t hurt. Just in case this IS your last post, I want to say that I had a lot of fun reading this blog, and to wish a fun life and to have lots of little jason jrs.


    P.S. Your blog will always be in my RSS feed. Even if the domain gets bought off by a gay pr0n site.

  18. I *MUST* know your ranking of the girls of ToraDora.

  19. Oh man this made my day.

  20. Glad I am not the only one getting Aa! Megami-sama vibes from Rideback. That aside, thanks for the post. Before finishing I was ready to disagree with you, but I think I can agree with most of what you said. I guess where I differ is that I prefer the direction of the After Story.

    Glad to see at least one new post. Totally understand your under enthusiasm for animu/blogging these days. My interest has waxed and waned over the past few years. Its always good to take a break when things become a chore. If you tire of The Office (but how could you?) give Weeds, Its Always Sunny in Philidalphia, or Dexter a try. I look forward to any possible future updates, you are one of the few anime blogs I’ve actually enjoyed reading over the years.

  21. Ah hello old friend…

    I’m still waiting for the static subs ws episodes but its good to know what I’m in for. Knowing nagisa is bound to explode at a young age has got to suck.

    P.S. I’ve been watching Linebarels of Iron (lineboobs or tits as i started calling it) in my boredom, after a certain point it became a pretty passable mecha fighter. Nothing on the scale of gurren lagen greatness but an enjoyable enough watch to warrant a stroll to over crunchroll

  22. Just post what you want, when you want. It doesn’t even have to be about anime. Don’t listen to us.

    That’s all the advice I can give you.

  23. As expected of the great Jason, you saw things that I totally missed in Clannad. I think for awhile you’ve been trying to be the foremost expert in anime and I can understand how that could make anyone tired. The median is changing and evolving, but I don’t like the place it’s going. I feel like they constantly adapt it like the networks in America to please the audience that they envision. I was really excited for Doll House that Joss Wedon is directing, but I was disappointed to find out that ABC is adding more guns, more scantily clad women, and less of the thoughtful questioning of our societal morals that makes shows like that fun to watch.

    I guess what I’m really trying to say (if you even bother to read the comments) is that Anime is pandering a lot as well. However, I feel like Clannad is at least a touch at trying to do something original (with an already popular game, I destroyed my own point there). It’s not fantastic and the show has morphed, but not necessarily in a bad way. I’m tired of all the Harem High School Comedy sometimes and I say bring on the depressing stuff. I have the feeling that I think sad things are deep and I guess that makes me pretty shallow. Still, your writing is so different from the other Anime Bloggers out there. Your not just giving a plot synopsis and a reaction, your giving an analysis of the story and the characters. I for one am all for analysis. Who wants to read what happens when we can come here and read what you think it means.

    Derailed by Darry is a blog that I would read no matter what you were blogging about. Frankly, sometimes I think you’re really limiting yourself with just Anime when you obviously have the talent to do so much. You just wanted to write a post huh? Isn’t that what Blogging is all about? You shouldn’t feel obligated, you should be posting things because you want other people to read it and react. This isn’t a service to us fans, this is a tribute to your ability and I for one hope that never goes away because your posts are really something. Sometimes anime is terrible and you always seem to point it out in a hilarious way.

    Thanks for the thoughts you’ve provoked,

    From a loyal fan of DbD. I’ll always check back here :).

  24. I don’t know if your reading responses anymore, but the least I can do for all of the posts of yours I’ve enjoyed reading is leave a response now. Once again you’ve pointed out things that I completely missed. I of course noticed the major change in tone, but you put it into words and an Office metaphor I can easily understand.

    I always feel when I visit anime blogs we just get a stringent bit of plot synopsis and a reaction. It wasn’t long after this that I discovered Derailed by Darry. You often got derailed by other things, but at the heart of it all I always felt like you analyzed everything and I love that about this blog. You talk about what you think makes the show successful, you point out how this related to other successful (or unsuccessful) anime that have tried in the past and most of all you definitely have a way of pointing out what’s good and what’s not. Sure there’s fan service and Green Haired Twin Killer Loli’s, but the post right after Gurren Lagann was some of the most wonderful stuff I’ve ever read.

    You said in one of your earlier posts that the reason you started this blog was because you watched the messed up Evangelion and wanted to talk to other people about it so you started this blog. You also said that when it stopped being fun you would stop blogging. You don’t owe us anything as a blogger, but somehow I feel like I’ve failed you as a reader who hasn’t provided interesting views on the blogs you post. I apologize and if you do come back I promise to try better. You’ve been doing all the work while we’ve just enjoyed the ride of your thoughts. In the end though your writing is brilliant and when you see an anime your passionate about it really shines through. Anyone who reads this and doesn’t believe me go back and read the Gurren Lagann episode posts, or the Haruhi ones.

    You really made Anime enjoyable for me Jason and I’m sure you would succeed just as well in other medians. Your writing doesn’t have to be contained to anime, you can write about anything you want and I would probably still read it. You don’t have to do a thin slicing, that’s too much to ask of anyone to suffer through some of that crap.


    Your Loyal Reader

  25. Long time no see. I suppose the best thing to do is blog at your own pace – if you want to continue in the first place – regardless of any pressure from audience. I don’t think anyone would enjoy reading an anime blog written by aperson who finds himself not wanting to write an anime blog.

    As for Clannad, my interest in the After Story has largely faded for same reasons you stated. The comedy has nearly completely disappeared and the story focuses on the less interesting characters; Tomoya was never too interesting character and Nagisa is amongst the least interesting characters. Not to say still one of the most annoying… well she did grow up a bit but what I said about her during the first season still largely stands.

    I also find it somewhat difficult to believe that Tomoya’s friends would completely abandon him in his time of difficulty, but the show seems to be trying to solely focus on him and Ushio, cutting everyone else completely completely. Probably the same reason why we didn’t see a funeral of any kind – they would have been there, and we can’t have them show up on screen to break the impression of isolation and solitude.

    Also: what, no word on Minami-ke? :D Is it due to near-complete lack of Mako-cakes?

  26. You’ve got some interesting entertainment choices. I can’t watch office comedies because I’ve spent my career in an office environment, so I don’t find bad behavior and incompetence funny.

    If the tragic ending you made up for the Office actually were true, and you found out about it before you started watching the show, would you still watch it? Cause that information is available for Key, of course, but it doesn’t seem to stop anyone. Except for me. After I watched the Toei version of Kanon, I looked up spoilers for their other works and decided I’d had enough punishment.

  27. And… there’s no comedy. Zip. Zilch. Nada. They took everything I enjoyed about season one and went the other way to the point that the characters are the same, but it’s no longer the same.

    This is pretty much how I felt about season 2 of Minami-ke.

    Hope you find the spark again. I also came as soon as I saw the RSS update.

  28. Jason,

    Suffice to say, I’m very glad to see you posting again. I agree entirely in regards to Clannad ~after story~’s change in direction, and even in a somewhat introspective, short-cut post (not a bad thing at all), you’ve managed to hold my interest in what you had to say about it.

    If you continue to post, and have the joy and drive to continue doing so, I will be overjoyed. However, if you simply can’t find it in you to continue for the time being, I will respectfully stand by your decision. If that means coming back a few months later fired up and ready to go, or never updating again, so be it. I’d be very sad with the latter, as would many others of us, but… I imagine they will join me in respecting your decision as well.

    I’m hardly one of the veteran fans here. I’m not even a sports fan at all. Hell, I’m hardly an anime fan by today’s standards. I complete your average series about one per Season, at BEST. I have far too much outside of that to devote much time to anime.
    …I think that makes your posts all the more surprisingly well-done, that even when I didn’t always know all of what you meant, it held my interest in a very strong way.

    It is entirely up to you. (continued in next post)

  29. (continued from last post)

    …however, if I may suggest something, a sort of compromise, I’d be glad to propose something of the following sort:

    I happen to write Eurobeat music (think Initial D) on a very regular basis. I listen to it even more frequently. But, after a long time of that, I get very tired of the same dance beat, the same vocalists, the same blah blah blah. So I take a break. A long one. A week, two, a month. Then I try writing Eurobeat again, perhaps even taking what I’ve experienced in my break into account. Not only was I fired up again, but I had more to lend to what I wrote. (Hardly a miraculous story about a genre whose beat is “boom-tsssh boom-tsssh” and the lyrics tend to consist of any combo of “Fire, desire, higher, night, fight, light, boom, baby, dollar and love” but the point stands.)

    Perhaps it would be beneficial of you to do the same? My suggestion:
    Take a break of a scheduled amount of time (no need to disclose this number to us), don’t touch any anime you don’t feel like watching (if you choose to watch any at all during the break), and then ease your way back into the swing of things. Thin slice the upcoming season, or post about episode one of a new series at that point, whatever you feel like posting. Even post about your experiences, if you feel. It’s entirely up to you, depending on how you felt about how things went during your break.

    People who write with as much detail and analysis (be it analysis of plot or analysis of delicious thigh meat) as you do in Derailed by Darry, tend to get paid vacations and salaries. The way you write your blog, for my money (and in a perfect world), would earn you such benefits. Perhaps your vacation is just 7-6 years overdue?

    Again, this is just a suggestion. How you handle things is entirely up to you.

  30. Stop whining and get to work again!

    All you need is tough love.

  31. I haven’t been around as long many of your readers but I have gotten to like your blog. I may be out of line here but I suggest the following.

    Get advertsers and profit from your work.

    You write quite well I think you understand it’s hard to justify spending so much time doing something you get nothing in return for. I started writting my own blog. While it’s kind of fun for now, I can very much see it becoming wearing at some point.

    I know some people may think it’s evil to make money from your hobbies but it is gets hard to justify writing for nothing when you’re working a full-time job. I can’t speak for everyone, however facing the choice between something or nothing, I rather have something.

  32. Jason,

    I’ve been reading DbD for several years now, and every time I returned here to find a new post I was excited to read it as soon as possible. I often laughed loudly as I read and it brightened my day a little. It sounds corny, but reading DbD became a part of my daily life. I often return to read old posts (Kyou’s thighs get their own post) or find myself referring to a post in my head (Meido Power Rankings).

    To be short, thank you for all the writing you’ve done these years. Thank you for bringing attention to Kyou’s thighs, thank you for Mako-cakes, thank you for emo facial distortions and thank you for all other memorable expressions (I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a penis on this one. None. I won’t accept it.)

    If you ever feel like writing anything again, I’ll be here to read it.

    Thank you,
    Another Broken Loyal Reader

  33. Thank god, i thought you got knifed. Burnt in a californian wild fire. Or knifed while being burned in a californian wild fire. The point is, you’re alive. Few anime blogs are as consistantly witty, or at least floating enough to be noticed.

  34. Nice to read another one of your post hope you stay on even if you reduce blogging anime and start blogging US shows I don’t care keep on doing what your doing…

  35. Enjoy your timeout!

    And… don’t worry. There is (a little) more Kyou (and Fuuko) to come.

  36. I blame you,you know. Thanks in part to your deranged director’s commentary-style reviews,I’m a fan of several obscure,cheesy,cutesy and just plain weird anime series that no-one else likes and would normally pass over:Minami-ke,Potemayo (ah,Potemayo),Ramen Fighter Miki,Kamen no Maid Guy… and TTGL. I wrote the Potemayo entry on TVTropes for heaven’s sake ;-P

    After all this time I totally understand wanting to stop,but it would be a shame to leave the media of the world unmolestedtouched by your unique style. Doesn’t have to be anime – US TV,music,even old and crappy manga would do.

    However,it’s your choice. Do it for the love or for the art,but don’t do it solely for us.

    I’ll manage.


    Thanks for your blogging over the years.

  37. Just an odd note: Fan service Higurashi Rei episode RAW is out.


  39. The problem with Toradora is it’s gone into the same territory After Story is currently in. Yeah, the comedy is still there, but the last few episodes have seriously lacked in the Minorin department. She is just upset all the time. That isn’t fun to watch.

    I know the series has to come to an end, but I want more of what we had. I guess it’s the same with this blog. I don’t want it to come to an end, but I know it may happen.

    Maybe the fact that so many people are still in the trenches for you will give you something, even if you end it. Thanks for the ride.

  40. I believe he still should even at this point. He and she is like 25 right now, and in reality, Asian girls peaks in their beauty between 21 to 28.

  41. Well, this post made my night.
    I hope you continue blogging, but we all understand
    if life gets in the way and/or it is not fun any more.

    Just know; Gundam will never be the same again with out you.

  42. My prayers to kami-sama has been answered.

    Jason I love you, forever and ever!

    I think you’re from San Jose, and I’m from Silicon Valley too..

    Hope to see you in 2009 Anime Expo at HP Pavilion.

  43. I don’t know where you live, but maybe it’s a case of the winter blahs that’s making you feel so depressed. Maybe what you can do is bring on-board a few other writers so you don’t feel like you have to watch everything and write so much. You should be able to attract good writers and only write when you feel like it.

    I know a lot of people think DbD is a comedic blog but I read because I like how you analyze a show and which shows you recommend. There’s been many shows like Kamichu that I’ve picked up because of what you written about them. I haven’t really thought about the second of season of Clannad like you have but it does make sense once you say it. And I have been liking Toradora because it is such a character driven show.

  44. If it’s not fun anymore, quit. There’s nothing sadder than forcing yourself to have fun.

  45. >> Beowulf Lee: Seeing this blog die is like seeing an old friend move off somewhere

    A perfect metaphor. Anyway, regardless of how many posts you have left in you Jason; I’d like to thank you for all the posts you’ve written over the years. I’ve found no other blog where episode coverage feels like bonus content to an episode I’ve watched.

    From serious analysis to lighthearted observations, to memes, to moe, to tangents on honeycrisp apples, to traps, to indecipherable NBA references and all the comments posts generate it’s all been good.

  46. Welcome back Jason! We missed you.

  47. Needs moar br0ken.

    But seriously, this has been my favorite blog for years and would probably still be if you got tired of anime and changed it to Derailed by Dunder-Mifflin or some such.

    Just make sure to fully archive all the posts and comments when you do finally decide to close up shop. One day some anthropology grad student will stumble across this stuff while looking for a thesis project and make you famous.

  48. oh jason we’ve missed you! don’t ever leave us again! Who else will i turn to when i need someone to really bag on Geass type shows or just give it to us straight yet still make me piss myself laughing!

  49. Why are these things happening to me..

    My friend dies after a 3 month battle with lupus..

    And now DbD too?


  50. Here’s a change of pace comment, trade deadline’s coming- My cavs are talking about Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic for SHAQ!


    What’s worse, is that the suns are “demanding” Wally Z instead of Wallace?

    If this happens…. it feels like my team is turning into a season of Gundam.

  51. I should’ve just summed that post up with an “OH GEASS NO!”

  52. I agree. This is the only anime blog I read. You watch less anime = I watch less anime.

    But then again, nothing lasts forever.

  53. Welcome back Jason, for all its worth.

    A break isn’t really that much of a bad thing… The feeling of wondering, well, why you’re still doing something for so long, it strikes everyone.

    That aside… What? Nothing on Maria+Holic? Or Minami-ke Okaeri? After we had that Imagine Spot of Mako-chan? For shame.

  54. i missed you >:D<

  55. Why didn’t you train a dread blogger jason and threaten to kill him/her every night before he/she went to bed if he/she didn’t provide a good post?

  56. Speaking of Fuuko, Jason, she’s back in CLANNAD ~AS 19. Oh my.

  57. You know, Jason, you really should check out Sora Kake Girl… It’s right up your ally. You can even make fun of Sunrise if you want, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, it seems to be the kind of anime YOU would make.^_^

  58. Here’s hoping Jason gives me permission to epically derail this blog in order to send it to its rest.

  59. Haess: No. The blog ain’t dead yet.

  60. I’m enjoying both anime and glad to see you back Jason.. Though the post felt a little cold without all the warm n fuzzy Jason feeling I usually get reading your posts. Cheers for a Minami-ke: Fourth helping, with the return of Doumu’s art style!

  61. Ah, I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to check the site today.

    Hope you’ll continue Jason. You just need something to rekindle your fire to write.

  62. Anime.miao.us was the first url I memorized. Ever. I’ve accessed it from Iphones, smartphones, web cafè’s, pay-4-net base stations, hacked umbrella transmitters, every computer at every place I’ve worked except gardener Terry’s iMac. It was just that good. Anime on My Mind? Not always, but when it left, the awesome stayed.

  63. I have to agree. I loved season one of clannad. But when the new season came out, I started watching After Story and Toradora at the same time. I’m still watching Toradora. As for After Story, it just kind of fizzled out.

    Anyway, I’m to see your back for at keast one post. 2 months was a long time without you. Hope you get back into the swing of things.

  64. If you hold out long enough, you might be rewarded with delicious Kyou in upcoming episodes.

  65. The first third of After Story was still fun imo. Especially scenes like Nagisa pulling out her mother’s bread and death by jam.
    But after they graduated from high school the tempo changed, and while I’m not watching the show for the reason’s I started too, I still find it an enjoyable show that holds my interest.

    Toradora, on the other hand, I almost dropped it near the beginning. The plot looked to as plain as could be, The fear that it would end up just like every other Kugimiya, Rie voiced show loomed about. And I just wasn’t laughing much.
    But after the vacation episodes, school president arc, and then the christmas arc, this show has simply amazed me.

  66. Well something changed. I don’t recall nationality flags being displayed on the “recent comments’ section before.

  67. Indeed it has. A nice change, if I may say so. Jason wouldn’t update something like that needlessly, I think. ;3

  68. OH MY GOD He’s back.

    I really need to check this site more often. Glad you’re enjoying Toradora, Jason.

  69. I follow numerous anime blogs, checking up on new shows. I’d seen a few of them document Clannad, but after hearing how sad Kanon turned out, I was hesitant to try it. Then After Story started airing, and I found out about Ushio. At this point, I had read the wikipedia article on Clannad, so I knew all the major plot points and how it would end, but one scene caught my eye, so I decided to watch it on you-tube.

    I had not seen anything in the anime beyond some random Fukko clips. The scene in question is the one where Tomoya finally realizes what a horrible father he has been and asks Ushio to be with him.

    Let me once again re-state that I had not seen ANY of the scenes before this. I cried. A simple clip made me tear up. Not full out ‘BAWWW’ing, but enough for me to notice.

    I realized that this series was powerful. I downloaded it, and I’ve cried twice more. I expect I’ll be crying again once it’s all said and done, even though I know how it ends.

    Why the hell did I wait so long to watch this wonderful story?

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