fire trucks 4 life

Sorry guys, totally derailed by a shiny red fire truck. No, seriously, my DSL modem died, and it took over a week to get a new one. By that time, I saw Dustin’s comment, “I’m pretty sure at this point Jason is just laughing at our guesses” so I just laid low to see what other crazy theories you guys can come up with. Sadly, it’s more disturbing than funny. Anyway, I’ve been writing this blog for almost 7 years now and been feeling a bit burned out since the summer. I think it’s a good time to take a break. Merry Christmas, and see ya in 2009.

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  1. first! hope you’re feelin the magic again sooner or later, we all missed you :[ in the mean time take it easy and happy holidays!

  2. I am in total shock. Just a DSL modem. How boring. Oh well and least your back.

  3. HE LIVES! and yeah how boring only a dsl modem. What happened to Jasmine?

  4. Huh… and here I was thinking that you found twincest meido before me, and the endless barrage of sex you were enjoying, kept you from making new posts. Reality seriously bites. In the meantime, I’m back to hoarding more twins for my infinite collection. Medio are perfect, but futago are divine!

  5. Good to see you’re OK Jason.

    Everyone deserves a break every once in a while :)

  6. Glad to see you’re still in one (broken?) piece.

  7. “It’s a TRAP!”

    Well, now we know he’ll be blogging Maria+Holic, among other things (Oekari is the only other one which springs to mind). Maybe.

    … and damnit, my plans of derailing the blog permanently have been themselves derailed.

  8. Take a break man.

  9. lulz. Figured at least some of it was him sitting back and watching what was going on. Damn sadist. Shame on you, Jason… ^_^

    Bad DSL modem? Christ, man, get a cell phone with a data plan, so you’re at least connected in some way. Isn’t it against the law in California to have fewer than two connections to the interweb active at any one time, anyway?

    Enjoy your break, and glad to see you didn’t end up as the first 2 minutes of a CSI episode… Looking forward to your 2008 best ofs come the new year (full of raep, puripurrin, and fufufu, if they’re anything like mine).

  10. Happy holidays and take care man. Don’t forget us!

  11. I kept imagining this post will have some epic title like “your thoughts summoned me from hell” but you already used that one.

  12. You’re alive! I feel relieved. Take your break man, enjoy the holidays.

    Let’s take it easy together! Yu yu!

  13. Well phew – thank the Big Mecha in the sky.

    choo’r gonna have a metric ton of material to cover when you get back.

    If not – at LEAST cover Sanae-san’s Rainbow Bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. if he takes a break can the thin slicing still even be considered thin now?

  15. Hooray, that horrible picture finally got bumped from the top of the page, though it’s still visible.

    … guess I shouldn’t have left those 99 voicemails.

  16. Guess that means no giant sized thick creamy delicious slicing.

    Oh well, enjoy the holidays. Sure sounds like you need one.

    Now to get back to drawing Jasmine in a sundress.

  17. And thus the readers got Jas-rolled. Hehe, I’m not sure if everything ended up for the better or worse, crazy theories and all. Nonetheless, enjoy your break, and prepare to revel in brokenness when you come back.

  18. Woah man I was worried that a bad end was going to happen to this blog. Have a Merry Christmas and I hope your email doesn’t flood with trap images as presents to your email lol.

  19. 7 years is seriously long… It’s always good to have a break once in a while. But if it took over a week to get a new modem, why did it take almost a month since you last posted :S

    Anyway, have a good break, Merry Christmas and Happy 2009 :)

  20. Enjoy your holidays, whichever you may celebrate. And since the readers of this blog will like still flood your inbox with them anyways, let me be the one to ask: Which trap would you prefer to receive images of?

  21. Hey glad to hear that you’re doing well, cya in 2009.

  22. I’m just glad nothing bad happened. well dead modems are bad, but not fatally bad. And through this crisis I have come to realize…I am nothing without this blog. I need to find another crutch so that when one breaks I have another to hold me up.

  23. merry christmas jason-ko and hope you enojy your trap fill holiday.

  24. As for our theories being more distrubing then funny….well we are you readers. What did you expect?

  25. Aw how boring just a modem, I thought you were saving the world with a combat meido or….as one.

  26. Don’t ever leave me like that again.

  27. “Isn’t it against the law in California to have fewer than two connections to the interweb active at any one time, anyway?”

    That’s county by county I think. Contra Costa it is pretty much two or more connections or you aren’t playing right. San Francisco is getting that way after some minor delays. Hell in some cities they’ve experimented with Free wireless internet service city wide. (Didn’t last, but they did try it for a year or two). Ventura County is still one connection….on a good day, though.


    Merry Christmas, you broken bastard.

  29. … betcha the nude Saji x Setsuna shots in Episode 11 will keep Jason from blogging for another two weeks. Why did they have to show those two naked, of all people? WHY?

  30. Hey, man, no pressure. We’re just glad that you’re still with us. Take a break, enjoy your Hannukwanzistmastivus.
    (Yes, that’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas AND Festivus rolled into one.)

  31. N here I thought I am gonna miss my anime gundam bashing. Well see you next year then :D

  32. I think only someone with a high tolerance could run such a crazy blog for this long. I applaud your work.

    Happy holidays!

  33. I’m personally very glad you’re taking a break. For awhile now it almost feels like you’ve been stuck in a rut cranking out the things that were expected of you (a few “OH GEASS NO”‘s throw in a trap and then talk about sunrise trainwrecks) basically I’m amazed when you’re able to talk about some of the episodes at all. With nothing as amazing as Haruhi or Gurren Lagann around to inspire thoughtful words it just becomes the same old drizzle of harem comedy. Sure you can pick at the differences between them but you’ve already defined most of the stereotypes that are being rehashed every season.

    Perhaps some of the wonder of many animes have lost there luster, or more likely you aren’t feeling any of these things at all and I’m just pushing my feelings onto you. That’s not to see I haven’t enjoyed Daisetsu’s fantasies in Kannagi though.

    I think I can speek for many of us though, you’re one of the most active bloggers on the web who talk about content other than laying out the plot or your basic reactions, I for one appreciate that. I certainly don’t have anyone to discuss anime with so it’s always nice reading your take on all of the hillarity that happens. So, Jason, when you do come back to blogging just know that you are appreciated here and I will definitely be reading even if it is only to be derailed by darry.

  34. New Year’s Resolution : Get studios to start cranking out some better-produced anime. :)

    Welcome back Jason!
    PS) Merry Christmas~

  35. yea i feel yea i didnt like 2008 either

  36. I’m just glad none of those HORRIBLE experiences we thought up in the other thread were true.

    Enjoy your Holidays.

  37. Yeah, enjoy Christmas, The New Year and straight from Mexico: a Feliz dia de Reyes! :)

    Gotta say, It’s a real shame you couln’d blog Kannagi. :(

  38. I don’t know. Some of the ideas were pretty awesome.

  39. … shit. Chapter 117 of Minami-ke introduced…

    Damn it, I need a drink. This black hole’s event horizon just keeps growing, and now space-time is being warped.

  40. How many books have they done now, five, six?

    And your reaction does not bode well. Well actaully it sounds like things will become more broken…which around here seems to be situation normal.

  41. Let us merely say that the Broken is highly contagious. Jason-ko/Jasmine will be next, I reckon. Chapter 117 was linked to in a moderated post here. We shall see if Jason reads it.

  42. Wow 7? Seriously good for you for taking a nice break, good slap on the face big man. Have a good Christmas and happy new year ^^

  43. the office totally ripped off gurren lagann. The catchphrase of the princess unicorn doll is “my horn peirces the sky”

  44. So that´s what happened. I feel sorry for you that it had to happen.

    But as you said, it would almost seem like a good thing it came right now when you needed a break. I hope we´ll all see you in 2009.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  45. Bah, what a slacker.

    Seriously though, I’m eagerly awaiting your next posts. Rest up during the holidays. I hope you have a flurry of art when you return to make us even more broken.

  46. Yay! He lives! Santa delivers presents early this Christmas.

  47. haha! My last comment on the Gundam post dragged him out of the woodwork! I deserve a prize >_>

  48. So the episode from a Sunrise show that had a normal boy/girl couple making out didn’t break Jason but his modem… interesting.

  49. Val: So the episode from a Sunrise show that had a normal boy/girl couple making out didn’t break Jason but his modem… interesting.

    He didn’t say how the modem got broken – perhaps he broke it with a hammer after seeing Tieria in a dress (with breasts)?

  50. Why would one who embraces brokenness destroy his own access to the broken?

  51. Turambar: For the same reason Mako-chan crossdresses despite not doing it for Haruka’s sake anymore. Because he can.

  52. Too excited and caught in the moment?

  53. Here’s a hint: It wasn’t a hammer.

  54. Haesslich: But Mako-chan’s crossdressing outside the Minami residence follows a logical pattern of progressing further down the path of broken while Jason’s actions seem counter-productive to his conditions.

    Wait, why did I just try to apply logic to brokenness. Oww my head.

  55. Turambar: What’s so logical about what Mako-chan’s doing? Especially as he’s doing it so WELL? He forgot his original purpose.. and later on, the meme spreads.

  56. My previous comment hasn’t even passed moderation yet. Bah, I knew I shouldn’t have included a link. I don’t post on stuff much…
    Anyway, for the day it finally does pass moderation, I take back what I said about ch. 117 being in vol. 5. Vol. 5 only goes up to like 102 or so, so Ch. 117 must only be in magazine form for now and will eventually end up in vol. 6.
    Yes I know this topic was like 15 posts ago…

  57. Good to hear you’re OK.

  58. hang on a tick, doesn’t this post just mean that instead of spamming the previous post and waiting for jason to blog, we’re just… spamming this post and waiting for jason to blog? dammit, jason, we need a forum.

    by the way, rest well. take care and all that, eh? you know we love you and all, we’re just too tsundere to say it.

  59. Its that broken drug….we need a hit…or some symmetrical docking.

  60. I wonder if the new Kamen no Maid Guy OAD can revive Jason’s interest in blogging? It has Fubuki in a micro-bikini, Naeka repeatedly stripped, and Eiko and Miwa with swimsuits. Did I mention Fubuki in a microbikini?

  61. Does it have Naeka+Fubuki Symmetrical Docking? Because if it does and it does not draw out Jason….we are dooed.

  62. No, but it has Naeka in an apron.. and nothing else. And much stripping. I’m still watching it now to see how many AKM’s can be found. And I did mention naked-save-for-microbikini Fubuki, right?

  63. Are we talking drunk Fubuki or embarrassed Fubuki?

  64. Both, we hope?

  65. Actually, I think the main antagonist in this episode is actually a non-broken Jason before he got turned into a traptastic blogger. There are five AKM’s in this episode (he manages to kill a tree with an elbow).. and takes a few metal shiskabob skewers in the head. Oh, and a cursed turtle… but I’ll let you all watch it for yourselves. And I think that Kogarashi somehow programmed Kosuke with a precursor to Maid Guy X-Ray Vision… and there’s the tentacle Fubuki raep… and as Kosuke terms it, the “hadaka apron” Naeka. As for the Fubuki type, to quote the Miko in episode 10, “Being bashfully aware of them is truly fine. God’s reasoning is profound.”

    It’s horribly perverted. And fun. It’s Maid Guy being Maid Guy.

  66. Oh… and Keroro Gunso Vol 16 has Oka Nishizawa (Momoka’s mom) meet a tank-top wearing Aki Hinata in hand-to-hand combat.

    Jason, go read.

  67. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, etc., to all of us. No matter how broken we are, we are all one tonight, I think. :)

  68. Also, Sankaku Complex has a “Delicious Trap Gallery” – which has, among other things, Lloyd in meidofuku. Cannot unsee. But it also has Sheryl Nome with a riding crop and wearing an SMS jacket… but nothing else, in another article. Merry Christmas.

  69. Merry Christmas Jason. I hope you receive all of the anime miniature’s you can fit on your shelves.

  70. hmm.. Glad I stopped by tonight. spur of the moment FTW.

    Glad ya’ll had a good Christmas. I did too. Take care and have a safe, and hopefully trap free new year.

  71. “…hopefully trap free new year.”

    Snerk, he he he, AH HA HA ha ha…he, wheee!

    With Minami-ke coming back for a third season in less than a month…we will have Mako-cakes.

  72. Ithekro: You forgot Maria+Holic…

  73. Didn’t have to…Mako-cakes is enough.

    Plus the new promotional trailer for Minami-ke making it sound like they read Derailed now….”YES, WE, CAN”. ~Kana Minami

  74. “Otsu otsu Baraaaack Obaaama~”

    Yes We can! Yes We can!

    Youtube Search Keyword: Miku Otsu Otsu Obama

  75. Don’t forget to check out that Touhou Anime, Jason. Link in my blog ;)

  76. Happy New Year! I look forward to it. :3

  77. ok, it’s 2009.

    I’m in need of derailing.

    (in exchange for more posts.)

  78. He is either waiting for insperation (Minami-ke) or for the 20th for a “YES WE CAN” Day post.

  79. Maria+Holic got subbed by gg. I think Jason’s busy watching that show for ideas, so he can return in all his (her?) glory for the first post of 2009.

  80. “by the way, rest well. take care and all that, eh? you know we love you and all, we’re just too tsundere to say it.”

    It’s not like you’re a good writer or anything geez… I don’t even like fire trucks.

  81. I know, I know, i’m just trying to bide my time, and this season doesn’t seem too hot, I don’t know of anything new that i’m interested in watching. bummer city.

  82. Only a few days until Minami-ke returns, so at least that is something.

    More Haruka is Amazing moments
    Hopefully some Hosaka fantasies about said Haruka.
    More Mako-chan (the “Broken” demand their Mako-chan)
    And hope for more comedy/slice of life, and less forced drama.

    Other than that….no worries.

  83. It’s 2009.

    I’m ready.

  84. Lest we forget, the everlasting rumor of Otoboku Season 2.

    Yes. I’m THAT broken, that I know that. =P

  85. Forget Ox, 2009 could end up being the Year of the Trap.

    Or is that every year?

  86. 2009
    Minami-ke Season 3
    Newtype January Edition announced like 6-7 new works
    I know you’re tempted

  87. Hold on fellas, I’m sure Jason already has enough stuff to do. He’ll return when the time is right.

  88. comon jason gogogo new post

  89. Relax, feRfe. He has other things to do with his time than post on here, and being pressured won’t exactly encourage him.

  90. I’m going to avoid dividing by zero, though I know I will come close to the event horizon with this thought…

    Maybe Jason has come to feel as if he’s created a monster (the community here) and he feels things have gone too far. Maybe hes searching for his sanity again, and this is the last place he can do that.

    I know I’ve had to ‘reset’ my life like that some times. It can be painful letting go, but..sometimes its necessary.

  91. Minami-ke Oekari 1 is out. The episode had Haruka in a kimono… and ended with a stripping Hosaka.

    Yup, it’s back… for now.

  92. Oh, and the broken nurse shows up at Chiaki’s for a ‘health visit’…

  93. so i herd u liek chiakis

  94. >I wonder if the new Kamen no Maid Guy OAD can revive Jason’s interest in blogging? It has Fubuki in a micro-bikini, Naeka repeatedly stripped, and Eiko and Miwa with swimsuits. Did I mention Fubuki in a microbikini?

    Does any one know of any subs yet,or are they unnecessary? :-P

  95. Mmmm broken nurse.

  96. Another chapter of The World God Only Knows is out.. and it has fire trucks ^^


    You need to get back to blogging. Using your online inputs as a gauge for my own sanity has worked well for a long time. For years, in fact.
    Now, after friggin months of no posts, my sanity is wearing thin.


    Then, after reorganizing the toolbox, I hung up the pictures from Comiket using a hammer and nails. I smashed both index fingers repeatedly.
    Now, after completing the last of my games on 100%, getting AA on all the stepmania songs and alphabetizing my DVDs after both genre AND title.. I’m starting to think I need help. I’ve re-read most of your old posts, shimmed through pretty much every webcomic worth a click, and traveled to the weird asian shop and bought a set of sporks.


    The interwebs has so little to offer when you are not there. Please, come back to us.
    I’ve already readied my Visa for online poker with russian proxies. Don’t make me go there, Jason. For it is a dark place.

    Come back.

  98. Yeey more firetrucks! Thx deadguy!

    But on a more serious note, how long is your break going to take roughly? I can’t browse the archives forever you know. I have already been looking for ather blogs but couldn’t find any as funny or derailed as this one.
    You leave me in despaiR!!

  99. Hey guys. Been a while. Hope everyone had a good holiday. But on a more serious note, my broken levels are steadily dropping. Just look at my grammar.

  100. Top ten ways to spend time while waiting for Jason to blog again:

    10. Watch a classic pre-BT anime series.
    9. Bake some melon bread.
    8. Add “yes we can”, “uso da”, or “oh geass yes/no” to the end of your sentences.
    7. Drive a firetruck.
    6. Write a post of your own and put it in the comments.
    5. Start a support group for the broken.
    4. Finish that Darry x Yoko x Nia doujin you’ve been working on.
    3. Kidnap a girl and dress her up as a nekomimi meido.
    2. Finish that Lulu x Suzaku x Rollo doujin you’ve been working on.
    1. Kidnap a boy and dress him up as a nekomimi meido.

  101. Or, for the keen-brained, “na no desu yo” at the end of every sentence will do. Just to irritate him out of hibernation.

    In all seriousness, while I do hope he’s getting his rest, I also hope he returns soon. I’ve been needing my doses of brokenness.

  102. Well…does drunk Nagisa count as broken?

  103. In the meantime, we had a stripping, laughing Hosaka and Banchou Haruka.

    Oh, Oekari’s subbed. Keroro Gunso volume 16 had Powered Natsumi, and gg did the official broadcast version of Maria+Holic – that should hit all of Jason’s triggers. Traps, Powered Natsumi, and Banchou Haruka.

  104. I think he’s been re-derailed by another shiny red firetruck this time. Maybe it’s knocked him into Jasmine mode and forgotten about the intrawebs.

  105. He probably just doesn’t have anything he really wants to say. It happens sometimes.

  106. Well, there is the “seven years, I’m tired now” line. But also nothing major has happened yet. Well nothing that just screams “oh pick me, pick me, I’m broken enough for Jason.”

    Also no serious miedo or symetrical docking either. Though a drunk Nagisa or Sanae is fine too.

  107. Nuclear launch detected.

  108. Drunk Nagisa = WIN!

  109. The new Hosaka fantasy as the curry fairy had me laughing like Kana on cookies.

  110. All Woman Chiaki + Chihara Minori doing a sexy voice + Curry Fairy Delusion Hosaka = win.

    Maybe the reason Jason’s not blogging it is because Mako-cakes has yet to show up?

  111. He’s waiting for something. My imagination says he’ll post on the 20th of this month.

  112. Minami-ke Okaeri


  114. Mable his Internets broke again.

  115. Evil Chiaki totally gave me a boner.

  116. Jason will get befriended by Hosaka.

  117. I’m starting to get a little worried. We’re about halfway through the year, and still no sign of Jason. Perhaps by “2009”, he meant “February”? A sign of life would be appreciated; hopefully we haven’t lost Jason to that Void of Brokenness aforementioned in previous posts.

    In other news…
    Unrelated and self-whoring: The link in my name goes to my album on iTunes. Prease buy if you liked Initial D or the better songs in DDR.

    Yes, I’m a music whore. Deal. :U

  118. Ithekro: No, Hayami-senpai’s more likely to befriend the hell out of Jason than Hosaka, who’s too lost in his own head to do so.

  119. I feel a emptiness in my life that jason can only fill with his broken.

  120. “We’re about halfway through the year, and still no sign of Jason. ”

    zoop do you live in a pocket dimension where a tiny earth goes around a tiny sun for about a months time? Are you a giant among it’s native people? How do you get your interwebs to cross the inter planar mish mash?

  121. Brainfart on my end. I meant “month”.

  122. He’s just so broken the months seem like years.

  123. Well, with Kumada-sensei appearing in episode 2 as well as in the OP, along with Haruka-banchou, we’re apparently back to the old Minami-ke, even if the art kinda sucks now.

  124. … oh, and the way they brought back Hosaka’s theme from the end of the first season when he was making those grabby-grabby motions with his hands was… very Hosaka being Hosaka. Kimoichiwarui indeed.

  125. Heavily talked about scenes seem to be a mix of Heave or Hell Chiaki, and Hosaka’s Curry Song…with a little of his Kimoichiwarui scene.

  126. I’d be just fine if Jason didn’t post anything while he was working on thin slicing.

  127. Ohhhh man – had no idea what you guys were talking about with all the “drunk Nagisa’s and Sanae’s” being thrown around – until now.

    That has got to be the coolest household in any anime I’ve seen for a really long time.

  128. I was having much more fun thinking he was a quasi planar song artist.

    p s some of us are waiting for the ws clannad and are so full of hate for the bass achwards release schedule….

  129. OMFG. To Aru Majutsu no Index 15.

  130. jason
    if you become one of those people
    that cool down
    and suddenly get sucked into the “pit of non-blogging”
    i know your at a slump
    and i know its a recession
    but we need you
    we’ve had you for many years now!
    don’t give up on us T_T

  131. seconded akira. Index 15 wins the internet.

  132. It is too quiet.

  133. I begin to fear the worst…

  134. Well – he didn’t say the exact date for “2009” – so ya. He’s got us there.

    In other news – Akio-san prolly got as close as he’s ever going to get to strangling the life out of Tomoya. Man. . . still dosen’t sound right for what happened in ep 14 . . .

  135. I think he will come back soon. He wouldn’t pay for a domain he wouldn’t use right? Right? RIGHT?

  136. A glowing Nagisa is fine too.

  137. I dedicate this song to Jason. Because I’m broken, and I don’t feel right when you’re gone away…

    Cause I’m broken when I’m open
    And I don’t feel like I am strong enough
    Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome
    And I don’t feel right when you’re gone away

    Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome
    And I don’t feel right when you’re gone…
    You gone away, you don’t feel me here anymore

  138. AOMM/DBD still dead, Lurker are sad…. =(

  139. I’m going crazy without by daily Dbd.

  140. no more lies jason
    no more lies

  141. Jason come back, we miss you.

  142. I’m beginning to think that Jason could disappear for years and I would still check his blog everyday for a new post. Either this is saying something horrible about me or good about Jason. I don’t know which, but I’m hoping for the latter. Even if that’s true though you shouldn’t make it an excuse for not blogging anymore. Maybe you should just write your own light novel and post the chapters here. I’m sure plenty of people want to read more about the academy where they train mecha pilots and maids.

  143. Oh he’ll come back, they always do, nobody can get away for long, nobody…
    Jason will come back……
    yes he will…
    yes he will…

  144. I think I am being derailed by Derailed derailing.

    We can only pray to Chiaki-sama now. Oharuhi-sama is getting busy for her return next month…as is Hanyuu.

    Hear the pleading Broken, Chiaki-sama and provide.

    “Don’t worship me, Bakayaro!”

  145. I’ve been so bored I’ve read most of his posts since mid 2006 until the end of 2007. Sadly, I suppose, it was only yesterday that I found out why this site is named “Derailed by Darry”…. You know reading all that made it feel like he was back, but reality is cruel.

  146. I’m gonna have to change my vote on the poll pretty soon…

  147. Mariya-sama wasn’t enough to bring you back either??
    … are you un-breaking?

  148. Maybe the writer’s block got him.

  149. i see wut you did thur
    you logged in at 1/26/08 to check yer blog
    at approx 9:32PM
    from the silicon valley, california
    zip code 95129
    i see wut you did thur


  151. When will the next time a new post appears on this blog?

    over a year / never -> 46% (598 Votes) 46%
    two-six months ago -> 15% (197 Votes) 15%
    a month ago -> 15% (190 Votes) 15%
    a week ago -> 13% (162 Votes) 13%
    a year -> 11% (142 Votes) 11%

    This is what I am resorting to, to keep myself amused.

  152. As you can see from my last post (above), I’m not even thinking straight enough to format the poll correctly! It doesn’t even make sense! COME BACK, I NEEDS DERAILMENT!

  153. im stuck in a freaking speech/debate practice
    and i have nothing better to do
    than to look at a semi-hiatus-jason blog :(
    damn it

  154. Ahh bummer, doesn’t look like you can put links in without it having to await moderation. I’m sorry for trolling, but if anyone wants to discuss Clannad 16 I wrote a post about it on my blog and without Jason around my main resource for satisfying my curiosity of other people’s takes on the situation, I’m left to trolling.

  155. Was Jason stabbed to death by a 13-year-old girl?

  156. A month into the new year and still no new posts…

  157. Okay…Next week we get Haruka is Amazing in a bikini again….so I fully expect some kind of reaction.

    Also Mako-chan has returned.

  158. Kinda lost here… i rely on thin slicing to judge which new anime to try… any suggestions… a good action hopefully.. or comedy

  159. …and here I was hoping there’d be a link between the Steelers amazing win and Haruka’s amazing…-ness.

    Hopefully that’s coming soon. Jason, we miss you, your talented and hilarious blogging, and your sports & pop culture references. Nobody derails their audience quite like you.


    I repeat, MAKO-CHAN HAS LANDED, and in a fetching purple outfit.

  161. Another Jason: I wrote a far inferior, thin slicing like object on my blog. It’s not even close to the quality of a Jason thin slicing, but if you’re just looking for some info on good shows you can look there.

  162. Jason goddamn it
    recession got you?

  163. hmm… well lets hope not… if recession got him he would’t be able to afford the hosting fees anymore :-X

  164. as if Epic Yandere Sadistic Dombitch Trap was not Epic enough, now we have Epic Yandere Sadistic Dombitch Trap Cosplaying (Maid and Nurse editions sold separately). [/kanako nosebleed]

    There is a new god. all hail dorm leader!

  165. I figure, between Maria+holic and Minami-ke Okaeri, we’ve got what’s necessary to bring Jason back… or for me to permanently derail this blog. Needs more Mariya in a nurse’s outfit, though.

  166. Well, Punxsutawny Phil saw his shadow today, so we’ve got 6 more sad, dark weeks without Derailed.

  167. You definately need more Haruka if you are going for the teenaged trap now.

  168. Tonight on “To Catch A Predator With Chris Hansen”
    We bring you the case of Jason Miao
    This person said when caught “It’s a Trap”

  169. One wonders if Jason will return to worship Oharuhi-sama if the reported rumors of a Haruhi series starting in April are true.

    Or at least return to screencap Mikuru.

  170. Even if the rumors are false, that chibi Haruhi and lol-Fang-tan parody web series is starting in about a week. Maybe the bastard child of Shana-tan and SHnY can inspire.

  171. No, I’m fine with the Haruka – but the teenage trap option is what broke Jason in the first place (Mizuho from OtoBoku, Jun from Happiness), so a third one might lure him out of hiding.

  172. if maria+holic couldn’t do it, nothing can.

    i think it is best we say a prayer service for Jason-ko and leave it at that

    dear friends and trap, we gather today under the watchful eye of Haurhi-sama to bid farewell to jason-ko, the man(are we sure) who broke anime blogging…

    *feel free to continue.

  173. I recently posted the seventh installment of Miao Diary. Will that help bring our dear Jasmine back?

  174. Sixten, has Jason not talked to you since he posted “Fire trucks 4 life”?

  175. Not even once.

  176. That’s pretty serious.

    And, taking a look at the “About” section under “Omake”… he once said, “if it stops being fun, I’ll stop…” and above he’s said he’s been burnt out.

    I fear the worst has finally come. This is pretty awful news, but… all evidence points to it, and who am I to deny that perhaps he feels like he needs to stop for now?

    Jason… unless you plan on returning and just haven’t gotten back to us, you’ve made this a great ride. You helped me ease into being an anime fan, even back when it was just “Anime On My Mind” and the only series I really cared about were Ranma ½ and Lucky Star. I imagine others have similar stories, if not better than my own.
    You are/were a master blogger amongst men. If this is farewell, we wish you the best of luck..

  177. Crap. Please correct “This is pretty awful news” with “This is a pretty awful assumption”.

    Teaches me for getting all emo when I comments. P:

  178. Well, if Jason is gone, there’s nothing we can do, just wish him luck.

  179. There is one thing to do – derail the blog for good.

  180. Occasionally posted here-
    Not that Jason owes anyone here anything but I think as you enter adulthood one of the things you try and do is to properly conduct your business even if it’s unpleasant or difficult
    To do things this way is to disrespect a lot of loyal readers who may have formed a real bond with this site- better to “man up” and spell it out instead of hiding.

  181. I wouldn’t want to read anything Jason was forcing out. The only things worth reading are the thing Jason has a zeal to write. You catch a bit of that fever. Go back and read the first Haruhi posts and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  182. I think he’s saying he wants Jason to just come out and say it if he’s going to stop blogging.
    Personally, I think the most likely explanation is that he’s indeed “burned out” and tired of it, and that he’s taking a break to see if he can get the zeal to write back. Maybe it never does come back, but I assume that he wouldn’t leave people hanging if he didn’t intend to return eventually…maybe on 12/31/2009…

  183. you guys do know there are other blogs and bloggers out there? Either Patiently await a new post… or go search around… or do both. Your moaning about ‘maning up’ isn’t going to guilt or convince anyone that they have a duty to you. Especially for a free service that Jason provides for his own enjoyment as well as ours.

    So sit back casually check back every once and a while… and go watch some anime in the mean while… thats what this blog is about anyway…

  184. The slump has hit Jason real hard.
    Jason doesn”t to blog anymore.. but I say, in some time Jason will maybe or probably update.. or check this blog..

    I know Jason is on a “hiatus” hopefully..

    I just hope he’ll restart later on.

  185. If this blog let me link pictures without immediately moderating them, we’d be well on our way to derailing this blog for good. :D

    Damn it, I need to find some way of seizing this place…

  186. Well, I expect a few Haruka is Amazing momemnts later today.

    Aside from that I’ll assume Jason is waiting to watch Clannad AS in HD…so he is three weeks or so behind.

  187. As a reader who adds a (very) occasional comment, i’ll just add my own little word or two. It would be a shame if it ends, but if its anything like my own experience, when I was avidly playing online games+blogging+all sorts of other bits, I then took a break for a month or so, and I found it VERY difficult to regain the momentum again – there was a definite feeling of “this is work, not fun” when back at the keyboard Which is not what it should be, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason was feeling the same. It would be nice to have a formal announcement though.

  188. D-d-Did Maria+Holic just put Aya Hirano in the Mikuru character position? Or am I reading things wrong?

  189. gundam 18!

  190. Haesslich: open a blog and start rehabilitating dbd addicts needing their fix. it’s your one chance to do some good for the world, to wean the “”filthy readers”” off their trap addiction and to introduce them to more wholesome ideals and things, like amazing Haruka* or or or

    Needs more Mariya in a nurse’s outfit, though.

    Yeah…wait, hang on a tick-

    I repeat, MAKO-CHAN HAS LANDED, and in a fetching purple outfit.

    …oh geass no.

    *I’m surprised whenever I visit some random, outlying blog that appears to have no connection with Dbd whatsoever, and I read how Haruka is amazing. It’s fairly heartwarming and also pretty mother scary.

  191. Will they are just quoting Chiaki-hime…..

    But Haruka is Amazing.

    It is when they start quoting “Mako-cakes” is when you know you have a Broken present.

  192. Ink: It needs more trap to get Jason back, if he’ll be back. Otherwise, I need to take this place over.

  193. OH HIGH AND MOST WONDERFUL GOD, IF JASON IS OUT THERE, SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE… a holy sign would be appreciated, thanku.

  194. Well, Minami-ke Okaeri Ep 8 is out, and Mako-chan has way, WAY more accessories than I thought he would, and did three wardrobe changes in as many scenes. Well, four if you count his guy clothes.

    Pink, green, and purple hairclips. And matching skirts, blouses, sweaters….

  195. Hey, Jason-kun, Jason-kun! Do you have any smoked cheese epic traps?

  196. Just watched After Story 17 and 18. It got to me man . . . like. . . man. Like Ushio is FIVE. Nearly had waterworks occur – nearly.

    The new fairly heavier direction Clannad has taken is one I am enjoying.

  197. Makoto is doomed. Chiaki likes Mako-chan.

    It is “unfortunate” that we can’t see what Mako-chan sees sometimes. (Haruka is Amazing). Bastard Idiot Trap has seen the Promised Land is all it’s glory.

  198. sooo close to 200… haha, maybe I’ll post 2 more times…

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