i fight to live on

I was in the middle of a humongous time-wasting Toaru Majutsu no Index marathon (14 episodes at that point) when I made the mistake of checking TT. Shit. Now I have to write something about Gundam. Gun-frickin’-dam.

Why am I suddenly getting flashbacks to Gundam Seed Destiny? Is it because towards the end of Destiny, Kira “Jesus” Yamato gave a rousing speech before Archangel/Eternal’s last fight? The one where Athrun continuously looked with googly eyes at Kira with and Meyrin at Athrun? That one? Yes, Setsuna F Seiei’s speech did bring back some memories. Though unlike Kira, one could argue that Setsuna deserves the “Jesus” handle more. Dude underwent innovation! Setsuna is the iPhone of Gundam pilots. There, I said it.

And, yes, the random moment of affection Feldt showed did bring back old repressed memories… remember Lunamaria randomly making out with Shinn before the big battle? The scene that caused fanboys all around the world to throw up a bit in their mouths? Though Setsuna, unfortunately, has a lot of gay debt he needs to pay back (much like Jake and Heath after Brokeback). It’s going to take more than speeches to even get the Gar Parthenon to read his app– he needs to bag Marina, Feldt, and woo Louise from Saji the way things are going.

She’s checking out his ass! Setsuna, this is your last chance to prove that you’re a man. Unless undergoing innovation is like Peter getting injected with the 2.5 week gay drug on Family Guy. Oh shi-

(Things are never easy for Feldt. The lesson, as always, if you’re a girl, never fall in love with a Gundam Meister.)

“Doesn’t have that kind of relationship with Marina.”

I still interpret that as “Whew, I’m glad Feldt didn’t ask about Lockon.” (And, yes, I was nodding when Tieira said Lockon’s name before launching… that was only a step lower in gayness than when Heath Ledger spit on his hands in Brokeback.) Though why did Katheron bring the kids to space? Isn’t it a bit dangerous, considering how soundly beaten they get?

(Another classic Gundam trick: Katheron’s Flags that couldn’t stop A-LAW before suddenly became dependable and feared. The NFL equivalent is if the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl next season.)

Taking bets on who will be piloting 0 Gundam. I’d say Graham! I like that possibility just because it’s similar to Viral. And one of my readers did bring up a point as to why they don’t just install those particle containers and field a whole army of Gundams. Great observation, except logic doesn’t work in a Sunrise anime. I’ve been on a quixotic quest to apply logic to Sunrise, and it’s been a struggle. Welcome to the club.

(Why does 0-Raiser have to launch separately from 00 Gundam? Couldn’t they dock before launching or something? And if 00 Gundam can completely override it, why another pilot?)

So do you think Sergei’s son has slept with Louise yet? I’d say that he has, but it’s not as fun for him now anymore.

I think the evidence is Sergei Jr’s “OMFG I can’t believe I slept with this lunatic” face after Louise kills Taiga.

More random betrayals… I’d be more shocked if Ribbons actually died. And the odds that Patrick would be fighting with the Gundams were pretty good too– he was the first guy that Setsuna made his bitch.

Just as satisfying as watching the Computer Club President get taken down by Haruhi’s fleet.

I’ve been enjoying Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. Dopey as heck, and Anakin’s padawan is annoying, but it’s solid entertainment. Love how Anakin always picks good over evil during this cartoon when he has the chance– the guy becomes Darth Vader!!! At least show a few more hints of evil along the way!

(No clue why I thought of clone soldiers when I watched this scene…)

Remember how in Destiny, Athrun and Kira had to stop the superweapon located, yes, on the far side of the moon? If I were the protagonist on a Gundam series, that’s where I’d look first.

(Is this new Full Metal Alchemist series a remake?! If so, they owe me the twelve hours I wasted the first season as well as the two hours for Shambala. Though I really enjoyed the cast party special after Shambala… the one where a drunk Winry confronts Eric about who he loves more, her or Al. I can definitely imagine a drunk Feldt asking Setsuna the same about Lockon.)

(But, actually, wouldn’t Feldt be open a Setsuna x Lockon relationship? Or am I over analyzing this situation?)

Such a wasted character… sigh. Didn’t even provide fanservice this second season.

(Marina also hasn’t done much, but she never did much. In terms of plot to screentime ratio, Marina’s is horrible.)

Yes… this was originally about solar power. Solar power!!!

(Sigh. I’m going to back to watch more Toaru Majutsu no Index… ooooohh… beach episode! Yes!)

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  1. And the moral of the story: Stop researching solar tech; start researching GN Drives.

  2. Sunrise is Sunrise.

    Hopefully they won’t fuck up FMA.

  3. The gayness never stops, And the winner for the most likely to jump on a man’s lap after the war is over is …….. “Locken, watch over me” Tieria. Oh god, in a way everybody expected that. Well at least I saw some heterosexual tension for once between Feldt and Setsuna though. Now if only he just get off the 00 gundam’s cock……pit.

  4. Did anyone see Ali Al Sachez anywhere? Haven’t seen him for the past xxx eps. Even Marina has more screentime than him

  5. The beach episode is less beach-y than one would like to believe…

  6. Is this new Full Metal Alchemist series a remake?!

    From what I have found out, it is a remake that is suppost to follow closer to the manga.
    Other than that not much info has been released about it.

  7. Marina finally nails down the title of most useless Gundam Girl in franchise history.

  8. I’ve always had a urge to go back t watching Gundam 00 after stopping around episode 4 or so but after reading these last few blog posts on Gundam I think I’ll just get my weekly dose of anime pain watching slow as hell Toaru Majutsu no Index.

  9. “Did anyone see Ali Al Sachez anywhere? Haven’t seen him for the past xxx eps. Even Marina has more screentime than him”

    I think I saw him in a glass holding cell wearing the same Brittanian-designed yellow dress for weeks now. Oh wait…

    “I was in the middle of a humongous time-wasting Toaru Majutsu no Index marathon (14 episodes at that point) when I made the mistake of checking TT. Shit. Now I have to write something about Gundam. Gun-frickin’-dam.”

    And Jason yet again reminds me that, yes, anime sucks. I’m going to watch some more episodes of Heroes now, if you don’t mind.

  10. “And one of my readers did bring up a point as to why they don’t just install those particle containers and field a whole army of Gundams.”

    That’s me! And yes, I know that Sunrise and logic don’t mix. If I were Sumeragi, I would be having more say in the weapons that CB was creating. “You know, GN Archer is working out pretty well. How about a dozen more of them?” Where do you get the pilots? Katharon is in sore need of some new tech and a lot of them seem to be ex-military. And why such an old suit like the 0 Gundam? Why not repair Dynames and Exia and put particle containers on them too?

    Also called Feldt x Setsuna last post! Although it seems a little too one-sided. Noticed the pan shot where Setsuna is looking at the Ptolemy crew and it stops just short of Feldt? That is just wrong. Who knows, it might be Feldt’s hand that is reaching out for Setsuna’s at the end of the OP.

    The one thing that I miss are the relaxation scenes to break the tension. So far, it has been all serious this season. We got 2 water scenes and quite a bit of shopping last season (although that would bring back bad memories of GSD ep 47 if CB decide to go shopping next episode) that were good taper-downss to the action and fodder for this blog. All I asked is an ep where Feldt teaches Mileina what Christine taught her. You know…stuff…

  11. Also just realized, Setsuna’s innovation allows him to read people’s mind. I wager so by how he was reacting to Lyle pointing a gun at him in ep 21. If this is true, then there is no way that Setsuna could not know that Feldt was hitting on him! Pre-innovation Setsuna had an excuse b/c all he thought about was his Gundam. But now, there is no way for him not to know! Three possibilities: 1) he is trying to play it cool (kind of a bad move b/c there is only 3 episodes left and they’ll probably be taken up by the battles and Marina is now close enough to run interference); 2) he doesn’t like girls; 3) he was lying about not having that type of relationship w/ Marina and is only thinking about her.

  12. now blog about nba and lucky star ova go go!

    d wade’s sick finisher and go lakers!!

  13. i dont think that tieria is gay for lockon(neil) or that setsuna will end up with either feldt or marina. look at the ending, they show all the gundam pilots jackets with the jacket of their love interest: lyle with anew, saji with louise etc. They show setsunas jacket with tierias glasses.

  14. I think the gay overtones in this series is more of a running joke than anything. Whoever wrote the script was obviously trying to flaunt the overtones on purpose than in previous series where gay overtones or rather undertones was just picked out by the fangirls.

  15. I’m finding this series both very sad and very remeniscient of Gundam Wing. It had potential to be Sunrises’ “we can make good mecha animes that don’t pivot around fanservice and tangles of subplotting”. We started out with three superpowers, modernish themes and conflicts happening and what did we get? We got magic-telepathy engines, ADD storytelling, Mr.Bushido, and a faction of hyper-androgynous antagonists. Way to go.

    Like, Ikari Shinji is more human and manly than practically all of the cast (cept maybe Ali Al (even though he IS a Gauron copy, so i guess I mean Gauron)).

    It always irritates me to see good potential in animes thrown away.

  16. I’d be more shocked if Ribbons actually died
    Thought the same thing when I saw Regene shoot him, although I thought I saw him in the preview for the next episode.
    So do the “particle” disruptors only stop GN Particle beams? Because it seemed like Katharon was kicking arse with it’s Dinosuits, and WHERE IS ALI AL SACHEZ?????? Him, Graham, and Setsuna were probably the best pilots in this series. Setsuna is now either “I fight for tomorrow,” “GUNDAMMMMMMMUUUU,” or “Sorry ladies, im gay,”and Graham is emo.

    P.S. Sorry if this post doesn’t make sense. I just got back to Arizona after a week of skiing in the mountains. 8500 ft. to 1100 ft.

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