maria’s counterattack

“There’s a chance he might be switching to men.”

Maria reminds us why she’s so awesome.


Are we in the Golden Age of Meido? Between Maria, Kogarashi, Fubuki, Sayoko, Matsurika, Mikuru, Wilhelmenia, Tome, Siesta, and hopefully Mio, has there been another two year span in anime where there were so many wonderful meido? This. Is. A. Good. Thing.

(And, yes, I consider Maria declaring Hayate’s sexuality for him her first assault on Matsurika for alpha meido of 2009. Maria won back in 2007… can she be the first ever two time champion?)


Hina wasn’t bad either. I loved her conversation with Hayate where she accused him of bullying girls and being a lolicon. Tremendous. Moments like these are when I remember why I watched 50 episodes of Hayate so diligently.


I like the Hinagiku ED, and I still think Hayate is at its best either when its a parody anime or a harem anime. It’s not very good when its bogged down in combat and competitions, unless it involves swimsuits.


I’m enjoying Hayate S2, but the change to JC Staff is a bit jarring. Their animation quality isn’t up to Synergy SP’s, and their eyes… my gosh… soulless. I don’t like it. Though I do hope we’ll get a Nagi-tan DVD special at some point in the future… come on JC Staff… you know you want to. Do it. Do it! DO IT! DO IT!!!


Yet another haremette for Hayate to not bag. He does seem to attract a lot of strange woman… though I’m perfectly comfortable stereotyping nuns in anime as hungry, curry-addicted combat freaks just by Sister Fortesia, Ciel, and Index.

(Densha Otoko reference feels almost dated now, doesn’t it?)


I like how Wataru isn’t even in combat gear. Though if I’m assembling an RPG party based on the Hayate characters, wouldn’t Hayate, Nagi, Katsura-sensei, and Wataru be one of the worst possible teams? Wataru doesn’t bring anything to the table, Nagi takes stuff off of the table, and Katsura-sensei will collapse in a drunken heap on the table. I’d go with Hayate (knight), Hina (fencer), Isumi (white mage), and Maria (moe).

(If I’m making a Hayate band, I’d have to go with Ayumu on guitar, Hina on bass, Sakaya on drums, and Klaus as the Pig of Capitalism. Hey, this is fun! If I’m making a Hayate Celestial Being, Hina in Exia, Isumi in Seravee, Nagi in Arios, and Kirika in Cherudim.)


The world is flat… the world is not round.

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  1. Speaking as a completely unbiased art school graduate, I actually prefer J.C.Staff’s character designs to Synergy’s. Giving the characters less shading in their eyes in some scenes seems to be a design decision, and the sometimes-wrong shape and placement of the facial features in the first series (that is inherited from the early volumes of the manga) seems to have been mostly avoided. As for the smoothness and consistency of the animation, I concede that Synergy may have done a better job, but I’ll need to rewatch the first season to be sure.

    Regarding the rest of the show, it’s been mostly faithful to the source and the jokes are delivered well. J.C.Staff has put Yoshiaki Iwasaki (Familiar of Zero, Bottle Fairy, Skygirls) in charge and he seems to be a good match for the subject matter. Really, when the world is flat, you want J.C.Staff in charge.

    Hoping for Nagi-tan as well.

  2. Maria has a good chance…if the 2006 winner doesn’t manage to upstage her with her multiple moe modes.

  3. Mio maid … brb heart-attacking.

  4. Ithekro said: “Maria has a good chance…if the 2006 winner doesn’t manage to upstage her with her multiple moe modes.”

    Keep in mind that if we’re going to see anything new from the “2006 winner”, it’s more likely to be the Disappearance “oblivious schoolgirl” version or the Sighs “battle waitress” version, as opposed to the Melancholy “moe meido”. She may not be able to qualify as meido, as the majority of her broadcast meido days are behind her.

  5. Once I saw Nagi include herself as part of the “team”, I knew it was going to be a joke party. I’m not familiar enough with everyone’s names, but the cast is robust enough to fill a fantasy sports league. But who would the #1 pick be? Maria? Hina? Or would you rather trade down to draft more role players like an Ayumu or a Klaus?

  6. The Dragon Quest/D&D/Druaga/ scene wins hard.

    I’ve never doubted you, Maria~

  7. dood jason, i demand a new meido power rankings. weve got to know, is kogarashi better than the rest! are bulging biceps, ridiculous speeches, questionable service methods and more gar than all but simon enough to topple other, more top heavy meido! your readers demand to know!

  8. Saki’s Nodoka in a maid outfit will be a serious threat to Maria and Mio too. Wait… did I just foresee a possibility against Mio-sama? Please forgive me… I’m gonna automutilate with a bass string for the rest of the day.

  9. Nagi is wielding a sword that’s even larger than Hayate’s.

  10. My Hayate-based RPG team would be Hayate, Hina, Isumi and Sayaka. Hey, those paper fans *hurt*.

    …oh. And also Dan Hibiki. Because Dan Hibiki makes everything better.

  11. Haruhi’s Meido will forever be Haruhi’s Meido, even time-space hax won’t stop this truth.

  12. I’m pretty sure Maria is an Orlandu class gamebreaker.

  13. i actually prefer the animation of 2nd season as well, well…
    if im making a party of 4,
    hayate would be a meido white mage(dont judge me)
    isumi front line tank
    hinagiku monk
    and maria the big metal hand in the sky

  14. My Hayate party would be Hayate, Hinagiku, Isumi, and Himegami. Maria will be the know-it-all sage who resurrects the fallen party member and gives wise guidance to the ultimate goal.

  15. >>hayate would be a meido white mage
    Please read Vol 9 of the manga, or wait till they cover it in the series: He DOES run around school as a white mage… to hide the fact he’s also running around as a Bunny-Eared Miniskirt Meido.

  16. Another great recent meido is Eineus, from Macademi Wasshoi. (AND she’s a demon beast.)

  17. I dont recommend taking Isumi as the white mage… you wouldn’t want your healer to disappear in the middle of combat do you >.>

  18. As far as Hayate RPG goes?

    If you take Hayate you have to take Nagi. Nagi sucks, but Hayate gets silly boosts from having her around.

    The white mage may be easily lost but your other options aren’t great here, and you ALWAYS want healing/magic offense/utility. Never know when you’ll run into some physical tank/immune enemy.

    Maria has been shown to be awesome but never in combat! She still warrants a spot just for said awesome.

    That one robot from the first season is probably broken but is a temp.

    The various other butlers and whatnot are totally bosses.

    Didn’t we establish that Hina was HAX in RPG form? Level 99, 9999 HP, 9999 MP. Probably gets brutal damage too, or at least Yuri Lowell-level comboability. She could probably solo whatever game she’s put in.

  19. Throw in the narrator as a summon for his libra/scan/analyze skills. Saki makes a decent backup meido, so you can conserve Maria’s MP (meido-points) for the big fights. Sakuya is the recurring joke boss, Santa and Nabeshin are secret characters, and Nishizawa wants to be a PC but is only accessible by using a game shark.

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