oto x maho oh noes!

Giant Humanoid Robot: What a sad state of affairs, when people call for traps over Mio. The correct answer, of course, is to clamor for both.

Noblesse oblige. Please continue being a messiah.

Well, thanks to Markwar, I discovered Oto x Maho, a manga about a boy who was forced to become a magical girl because of his mom was a magical girl and wanted to pass it down. Apparently, this series started as a light novel (?). The setup and outline is oddly familiar to The World God Only Knows where the guy and his helper have to battle monsters and demons in our world, only the execution is nowhere as great. The story seems rushed (too much, too soon), and it doesn’t have the classic “OMFG RED FIRE TRUCK!” moments that TWGOK has.

That being said, Oto x Maho has a trap… err… technically is it a trap if the guy actually becomes a girl during his magical girl phase with the revelation that “the important bits disappear during transformation”? But he does return to being a guy again while not in magical girl mode? And if he screws up his gig as a magical girl, he becomes a girl forever? And why does a magical girl wear bloomers? So confusing.

Have some Mio to ease the confusion…


K-On! 6 when I get back from the east coast.

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  1. Wait, WHAT? There’s no Mio in that last picture Jason, unless you shine the Seitenkan mirror on it…

  2. They’re already gender-flipping K-ON!? Fans are amazing creatures. (And is “Mugi” wearing gloves?)

  3. That’s merely his deathly pallor.

  4. not a bad picture but….
    do not want!


  5. Man-Yui is cuter than regular Yui.

  6. Would genderswapped Mugi support consensual bromance?

  7. 10 days until Mio was otoko-ed.

    The part of me that wants to slap my forehead is currently deadlocked with the part of me that wants to commend you for lasting 10 days.

  8. Hate and rage and hate and rage.

  9. Impossible is only another word for innevitable in the anime world.

  10. need this person’s name and address, then he will spout no more traps…

  11. So…. if we’re looking at Gender swapped mio… what would Gender Swapped Sawako Sensei dress him/her up in?

    Since he’s a guy, would it be a butler uniform? Maybe a Doctor uniform? Or perhaps a speedo?

    Maybe dress him up in a cat boy outfit with leash and collar….

    Ow… my brain hurts…

  12. pre-thought: If I enter “s1x” into the spam protection box, will it understand me? I mean, the Haruhi-damned thing wants me to understand it when its doing it….

    When I first saw the picture, I thought you had posted some weird Hatsune Miku fancomic or something.

    I think its ultimately worrying that my brain looks at this concept and thinks “Yeah, that will work.” My brain wants to see how the main character would handle stuff like that. I think it also wants to give the Magical Girl genre another chance before officially reclassifying Nanoha so its no longer a “different type of magical girl” but more a “different type of shonen action”

    My brain is not broken. It just found itself standing outside the White House with no personal memories and nothing but a mobile phone full of Kyon-ko pictures, and a full copy of Otome wa Boku….

  13. >>>“That being said, Oto x Maho has a trap… err… technically is it a trap if the guy actually becomes a girl during his magical girl phase with the revelation that ‘the important bits disappear during transformation’?”

    Nope. Cold water, magical girl maho-babble, whatever. If Ranma Saotome wasn’t a trap, this guy isn’t. During transformation, he’s a girl who thinks like a guy.

    A trap is a guy that other people think is a girl. That “other people” part is important. I don’t think anyone would contend that Man-Faye, for instance, is a trap. To be a trap, there has to be the possibility of catching something. The whole world knows there are “important bits” somewhere under that plastic, and are trying their damnedest not to think about it.

    Now if the OxM protagonist is able to dress up as a girl and be convincing without transforming (or transform and then convincingly dress up as a boy), then at that point, yes, he is a trap (or she is a reverse trap).

  14. Yeah, I wouldn’t consider the guy a trap when he is in Magic Girl Mode, because from what you said, he actually becomes a girl, not just dresses up like a girl.

    And is it just me, or does Gender swapped K-On! remind anyone else of Ouran? Anyone? Bueller?

  15. Oto x Maho sounds like an non-Japanese fan’s fanfic… or was there an OEL manga with that premise? It sounds so familiar…

    Would genderswapped Mugi support consensual bromance?

    Mugi-kun has the Itsuki Eyes. Eyes that say that he will be patient, but be will not take no for an answer…

  16. Same here. I also thought it was some weird wet Hatsune Miku related doujin or something. Then I realised Jason was never into virtual idols.

    In other news, my eyes burnt.

  17. The premise of Oto x Maho does seem a little too close to the premise of the webcomic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (http://www.sgvy.com/). Though in that case the main character stayed a girl after transforming back.

  18. Maybe I’m not broken enough, but this was NOT the way I wanted to start my Monday . . . sooo wrong.

  19. …and Mio remains the most delicious. Throwing some fanservice at your female readers, eh?

  20. Can you imagine a male character as airheaded as Yui? uguuuu. do. not. want.

  21. Skrib: There was (is?) a webcomic called Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki that used the boy-as-a-magical-girl concept. That what you were thinking of?

  22. Oooooh, I’m a Selecao now?

    Juiz, I’m going to need Mio, Mikuru, Makoto, three each of: french maid outfits, regular maid outfits, gothic lolita costumes, sailor fukus, bunnygirl suits, swimsuits (two bikinis, one school), and miko robes (all in appropriate sizes, I’ll leave the particulars up to you, Juiz), a camera capable of recording IMAX video, three doses of the aphrodisiac from Moyashimon, fifteen pounds of butter, and a barnacle. And that’s just the beginning, Juiz, get ready for global mass genderswaps. Thus by breaking the world shall it be saved.

  23. Can you imagine a male character as airheaded as Yui? uguuuu. do. not. want.

    I could see a “Yuji Hirasawa” who was delinquent, lazy, sloppy, irresponsible, and bad at schoolwork, but redeems himself by being a diligent, hardcore perfectionist and technical wizard with perfect pitch and peerless coordination whenever he has that guitar in hand.

    Rich, princely, classically trained pianist (who wears gloves to protect his hands) and gourmand Mugi (there are guys named Mugi right?) would also work well in my opinion.

  24. Oh, and on EotE, someone in another forum/blog (can’t exactly remember where) pointed out that one of the Selecao has an uncanny resemblance to Stephen Colbert…

    @rikchik & @Kikaifan

    Yep, that’s the one. Man, I feel old. I can’t believe I forgot that I used to have correspondence with the author…

  25. mio genderbending

    is relevant to my interests


  26. damn you coming East…. Damn you need to come out here more often

  27. Vaguely on-topic since it’s another obscure manga lovingly followed by this blog- Mirai Nikki is about to be released in the States, so says Japanator and Amazon.

    Not being a fan of the “people screwing over other people for a game” genre, I haven’t followed this series, but I’ll consider picking it up.

  28. I’m still surprised that we have a topic of this nature and yet… Haesslich is nowhere in sight.

  29. Mirai Nikki is about to be released in the States, so says Japanator and Amazon.

    So an anime adaption will not be far behind then. Apparently anime studios read this blog.

    Just as planned.

  30. It is scary how it seems that anime studios might read this blog and actually run with its suggestions.

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