i swiftly approve of where yui’s hand is on mugi

(High Res)

(If there’s any character who cowers, is ruined for marriage, and has ample hopes and dreams, it’s Yuki, right? Oh wait…)

(Can’t believe no Kyonko as Azusa. Easy layup… missed. Or at least have Kyonko for Yui and bump Haruhi to Sawa-chan.)

(And where’s Imouto for Ui?)

(Looking at this, I feel like a golden opportunity has not been properly seized… in other words, I feel like I’m staring at the 2008-2009 Cleveland Cavaliers.)

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  1. Words cannot express . . . deeeelighted . . .

  2. I’ve the same feeling, they wasited the potential within this picture.

    LBJ was all alone in that team Jason and you know it. Koby and Gasol will blast away the Magic of Orlando.

  3. I-Itsuki..? Oh geass no!

  4. Oddly, Itsuki playing Ritsu makes Ritsu less manly in this image…at least until Itsuki starts laughing like Hosaka.

    I approve of Haruhi’s corruption of K-on. Mugi would enjoy it. Mio would like being able to defend herself.
    Traditionally (can that word even be used yet?) Haruhi would be in Ritsu’s place (due to the headband and active spirit). Mikuru would be Mio due to the moe moe kyun and ruined for marriage. Yuki is hard to place so we save her for last. Kyonko would work for Azunyan and Itsuko would fit Yui I guess, though she could easily be placed as Mugi as well. Thus leaving Yuki as Mugi. Else you put Yuki as Yui’s friend and LOL-Fang-tan as Mugi or Yui and Itsuko as the other. Kyon’s sister is still Ui even though Ui is a total siscon. Mori can be Sawako just to see something different (miedo cosraping others to be miedo while Haruhi/Ritsu approves or not depending on the situation).

  5. Yui-ruhi probably didn’t even realize what she’s doing to Mugi-ru. Mugi-ru’s on overdrive now.

    …Eh, total mismatched, even from a meta standpoint.

  6. If Cleveland is so outmatched that their king can perform at an epic level and still be silenced, how does Los Angeles have any chance against Orlando? The Justice League will get rings this year.

    Also, the standards have been raised. From now on all K-On pictures must have Azusa to pass.

  7. Ritsu and Haruhi. Headband, Leadership, Abuse of sidekick, Although Ritsu lacks melonpan/God powers.
    Mio and Mikuru. Costume Raped, ample melonpan, shyness, lack of marriagability.
    Mugi and Itsuki. Don’t know why, they just fit in my mind.
    As for Yui and Azu-nyan, I don’t think either match Yuki or Kyon.

    Love Kyon’s expression.

  8. Nice idea, shame about the artwork. And Yuki and Mikuru should definitely be flipped.

  9. Just what the mind needs during a midnight paper finishing session…

  10. I sincerely feel your pain bro..

  11. Any picture where Haruhi in a neato costume gropes Mikiru in a neato costume is a great picture. And poor Kyon’s reaction just makes the whole thing work. I can hear him in my mind saying, “Even for Haruhi, this is *ridiculous*.”

    I can’t help but wonder, though, why Yuki puts up with the teeny, tiny hat. I am not more logical than she is, yet I realize that she looks pointlessly silly in it.

    I’m not a fan of crossplay, but darn if Itsuki’s willingness and reaction aren’t canon.

    And if I turn my head 20 degrees clockwise and look at Itsuki… I can see the hidden celery in his hair! Thank you, Jason!

  12. Ritsuki is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

  13. You’re right.

    But fear not – here’s the ultimate buzzer beater.


  14. go!! the lake show!!

  15. seize the day
    seize the chance
    seize the melons

  16. After careful consideration, I’m gonna go with:
    – Mikuru for Mio
    – Haruhi for Ritsu
    – (Kimidori) Emiri for Mugi
    – Tsuruya for Yui (after a haircut)
    – Kyonko for Azusa
    – Yuki for Ui
    – Asakura for Sawako-sensei

  17. Wow, Ristu is looking better than usual.

  18. Itsuki…. no… just no…
    Approve the rest though.

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