delicious apple… you must eat it

We’re almost done with spring 2009, and the show I’m looking forward to week after week the most is, unsurprisingly, K-On!. Between complaining about lack of Mio fanservice, wondering if Yui is an idiot savant, egging Mugi into taking action, and being blinded by Ritsu’s forehead, it’s a fantastic show that exceed all my expectations (except, well, Mio fanservice). Number two would be Eden of the East, but this is really a show begging to be marathoned across two evenings instead of weekly. For three… it’s been Tears to Tiara.

I don’t have an inkling to watch Cross Game weekly (probably since I’ve read the manga), ditto for Hayate, ditto for Fullmetal Alchemist (though Hughes is dead now, so… mmm…), and Valkyria Chronicles is no fun. I thought I’d enjoy Kana in our lives again… but Alicia is no Kana. If she started crossdressing Faldio, well, then that’s another story.

(Asura Cryin’ might be 4. It’s just so chock full of mashed potatoes and train wreck. This show would have been #1 if Sunrise were involved. The three way lesbian love triangle really put it over the top.)

Tears to Tiara… well… it doesn’t compare to Shadow Warrior Chronicles. Though it doesn’t have to. It’s just a mindlessly enjoyable fantasy harem anime in its own right. It’s K-On! to Shadow Warrior Chronicle‘s Fumoffu.

Random stuff I like:


1. Apple-addicted house elves. Limwris and Ermin always steal the show when they’re on the screen. Limwris reminds me a bit of Maria crossed with Belldandy with some hidden Rena potential. I loved Ermin’s storybook… “Whack! Whack! Mio got attacked by barnacles. Whack! Whack! Mio got attacked by more barnacles. Whack! Whack! Mio got attacked by yet more evil barnacles…” etc etc etc.


2. Batshit insane villainness. “I want to cut your clothing to ribbons right now, then whip your soft, hateful flesh, and make you scream over and over again.” I love it when they add batshit insane characters. I have one key suggestion: her emo facial distortions need work– just not up to Sonozaki standards. Still, it would be more awesome if Lidia became yet another waifu for Arawn. He doesn’t have an yandere in his harem, yet.


3. Arawn’s harem. My gosh, instead of the “monster of the week” formula, it’s “waifu of the week.” I also like how most of them are obtained through misunderstandings as in Arawn burns a seal skin, therefore he is now married to Llyr. Or Arawn trips and falls, therefore he is now married to Nagisa. Speaking of Nagisa… right now, my Arawn harem rankings would be Limwris then Octavia then Morgan then Llyr then Ermin then Rathty (who is a cross between Fuko and Touma Minami) then Ogum then Arthur then Riannon. Yes, I’m tossing both Ogum and Arthur into Arawn’s harem. I believe, once upon a time, Ogum and Arawn were more than just friends (thus explaining their glances at each other). Arthur’s and Arawn’s bromance is almost bordering uncomfortable right now… though not at Oboro and Hakuoro levels… yet.


4. Octavia. Roy Mustang is right. Mini-skirts does improve military might. (And this says nothing about the brewing friendship between Octavia and Morgan. Or Octavia in a box. Or how she has that cool yet scared bassist character personality.)


5. Arawn’s facepalms and sighs. He has facepalmed and sighed more in nine episodes of Tears to Tiara than Kyon, Maria, and Azusa has combined in their lifetimes thus far. That’s impressive. Every scene featuring Arawn involves him getting yet another waifu, facepalming, sighing, and then stabbing someone. Though I expect my demon lords to be frightening… not to be the male reincarnation of Kyon.


6. Apples! We need to work Horo~n into this anime somehow. Desperately. You know, I’ve never had a roasted apple before… mmm…


7. Captain Morgan. Love her when she’s drunk. So far, when drunk, she’s challenged Arthur to numerous duels, tried to get a threesome with Arawn, Riannon, and her going, and sold Chrysler to Fiat. We need to get her and Kagura-sensei their own spin-off series much like E!’s Wild On where they go around partying and drinking.

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  1. Man, whoever voice-acted Lidia did a fantastic job; such range of emotion. The facial distortions were appropriate for this type of show. Anything crazier, and it would have been a different artist.

    Morgan is a bit fun, but she’s also a lot annoying. She doesn’t deserve a spot above Ogam or Arthur much less Llyr.

  2. Why need horo~n now when she’s coming next month in her own second season series? ;)

  3. > “We need to get her and Kagura-sensei their own spin-off series”
    Speaking of that and Utawarerumono, I am again reminded that I am STILL waiting for my Adventures of Touka and Karura spin-off OVA. WHERE IS IT, JAPAN?
    In other news: Octavia <3

  4. @wp: Lydia is Miyuki Sawashiro ;DD and hell yeah, she’s batshit insane it’s damn right creepy yet sweet.
    T3~~~ I’m only watching for Octavia! My new big obsession…swt. Coincidence that Arwarn’s seiyuu is Roy Mustang? ;D
    Facepalm ftw.
    The two elven meido apple loving err elves… they crack me up so much sometimes. Especially that storybook, I literally had to go “wtf” as i realized ami koshimizu was reading the same line over and over (HORO).
    Seals, LOL!! Harem + 1
    ♥♥♥ OCTAVIA ♥♥♥

  5. Any show involving a real story arc, I generally save for a marathon on a weekend. With this season coming to a close, I’ll finally be able to break open EotE and Tears to Tiara . . . and then go back and read what Jason has written for those episodes.

  6. Wait, Asura Cryin has a lesbian love triangle? I not informed of this development.

    Queuing it up now. :(

  7. Ocatavia is awesome. Miniskirt military ftw

    >>>not to be the male reincarnation of Kyon.

    That proves it. Kyonko is canon.

  8. You forgot to mention that two members of Asura Cryin’s lesbian love triangle are twins. These kinds of details are important, you know.

  9. I actually prefer to marathon shows like Tears to Tiara rather than those like Eden of the East. Eden I watch every week, ponder wtf just happened, give up and then read some message board for the explanation. Effort is required.

    Tiara I save for those times where I just want to sit back, turn off my brain and chill out for some time.

  10. Eh… Maybe I should start watching Tears to Tieria. But Asura Cryin’ has a lesbian love triangle? With twins? Dammit, I’m not going to have the time for both, I think.

  11. OHMAGAWD no Saki? Best sports anime ever!

  12. Alicia is not Kana, no. Less crossdressing, less crazy, less breaking people. The facial distortions are right but she is definitely no goddess of broken. She is however a freaking unstoppable goddess of war prone to giving pantyshots… in the game, at least (evade = getting on the ground facedown. She wears a skirt. The camera has an interesting angle of choice. She has a 77% evade rate…)

    I may have to check out Tears to Tiara now. Not sure whether to curse you or thank you.

  13. >and the show I’m looking forward to week after week the most is, unsurprisingly, K-On!

    My order of ‘must. watch. now.’ at episode releases is more like No1: Phantom (great diversity between episodes; not just another Bee Train show), 2: Eden of the East, 3: FMA, 4: K-ON!, 5: Cross Game, 6: Tears to Tiara and 7: Hayate. The only other anime I’m able to keep up with are Natsu no Arashi (a hell of a lot better after episode 1; awesome trap body-switching), Hatsukoi Limited (not sure why I enjoy this) and Ristorante Paradiso (also not sure). Everything else is a case of ‘will I ever catch up…?’

  14. >awesome trap body-switching
    Well it’s actually a guy exchanging bodies with a reverse-trap so I’m not sure what you’d call it.

  15. BBQing apples is a bit dangerous… they tend to explode as the skin is a good way to keep juices in, and the water expands quite quickly.

  16. >>Arthur’s and Arawn’s bromance is almost bordering uncomfortable right now

    Nothing says bromance like munching on the same apple while sword fighting during an OP. Doesn’t really get more clear than that in my eyes. I can’t wait until Arawn hooks Arthur up with his black sword and shows him how to use it like a man.

  17. *Pfft*

    You got it all wrong.

    It’s “Delicious apple…I must be/become it”

  18. >>Well it’s actually a guy exchanging bodies with a reverse-trap so I’m not sure what you’d call it.
    Fap material.

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