a few more cagayake! girls

Love the Mio / Yomi thing that’s ongoing. Keep it going!

(Do I want the Ga-Rei girls to form their own rock band club? Yes. Yes I do.)


So I’m reading the new Nanoha Vivid series where VIVIO (worst. name. ever.) grows up and becomes a magical girl herself. Of course, she has two moms (Nanoha and Fate), and she gains like 50 cup sizes after her transformation. In any other franchise, I would be thrilled. But for Nanoha… well… uh, where did we go wrong with the Nanoha franchise? I feel like it peaked with A’s and StrikerS was a letdown. Definitely a mistake to time slip Nanoha and Fate and expand the cast to War and Peace proportions. And definitely a mistake to focus on relationships and pointless plots rather than epic battle sequences.

(And, yes, the Nanoha girls need to start their own rock band club as well… I even have… Nanoha on guitar, Fate on bass, Hayate on keyboard, and Signum on drums. Shamal would be the advisor. Wonder how many of my readers remembers Shamal’s secret costume fetish?)

(Yomi) (Nanoha) (Fate) (Signum)

9 Responses to “a few more cagayake! girls”

  1. Now all we need is a Celestial Being/Code Geass version.


  2. Cagayake! Kyonko

  3. Shamal = Mugi? FUND IT

    …Wait, would that make Signum=Mio, Hayate=Ui, and Vita=Azusa? YES PLEASE

  4. You know what we need? A Utawarerumo vs. Tears to Tiara harem(ette)s, Dr. Jack-style. XD

  5. Mio is moe!

  6. So can we get a “Lost Paradise” version with K-On and Nagato Yuki on vocalsi?

  7. Oh, just realized something… A Ga-Rei band would be basically an anime version of Paramore. No, really.

  8. Speaking of which, the artist’s K-on renditions Hayate and chibi-Reinforce is posted on his pixiv site.

  9. There’s something amazing about Azusa Fate…

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