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Generic harem overload. But it’s pretty!



Watching the first scene of Princess Lover with Teppei enjoying time with his parents, I had two thoughts:

1. This must be one of those anime where the boy suddenly has to save the world or something, because his parents will be dead by the end of the episode. They way they were winking… they’re more loaded than the Sanzenin.

2. “Mmm… ‘Princess Lover‘ sounds like a harem anime, yet it feels more like he’s going to find a giant mecha or something.”



By the time the OP is over, I was thinking… crap. Wrong on both counts. His parents didn’t die by the end of the episode, they didn’t even make it past the OP. And the OP… well… it screams, “I’m a generic harem anime!” Hell, I even figured out the four haremette choices: there’s a meido, there’s the end girl, there’s the possibly tsundere swordswoman, and the “normal” girl. I’m good at this. If there’s ever a $100,000 Pyramid-type of game show that focuses on harem anime, there’s no possible team in the world that could beat myself and Keima. We’d be the Kira and Athrun of that game show, minus the homoerotic overtones, of course.

(I thought the name of the OP was “Princess Pimp“. I don’t care. It’s a much better name than what it really is.)

(Generic harem moment count: 1)



Alright, so Teppei’s parents are dead, and his mysterious grandfather whom he apparently never met adopts him. (GHMC 2) Then, as he is recounting this, a horse-drawn carriage speeds by with a shot of the end girl looking a bit forlorn. (GHMC 3) Did I mention she’s in a horse-drawn carriage?!



There’s nefarious people chasing this carriage, as people in this version of Japan hates rich people (hence one reason why Teppei’s parents were gunned down, even though they lived meager and normal lives). I haven’t seen a jeep chase a horse-drawn carriage in anime since Ouran Host Club, and I think we’re about due. But, of course, Teppei goes off to save this girl even though these guys are packing serious weapons and he has a wooden katana. Great. (GHMC 4) I just hope it ends up like Hayate meeting Nagi with Nagi ready to jump Hayate’s bones at the end.



GoHands uses a lot of light and dark to cover up the haremettes in this series. I’m wondering if they’re gunning to increase their DVD audience as they don’t do this 100% of the time. You still get an eyeful once in a while. Andohbytheway, is it a good thing or bad thing that this anime is GoHands’ first anime production series? Is it a good or bad thing that the last anime they worked on was assisting Sunrise with Gundam 00 S2? Is it a good or bad thing that the company’s name is “GoHands”?



OMG! I thought that Teppei would save the girl, but, no, it’s Alfred the Combat Butler! I’m delighted. His name is “Alfred.” He just gave a, “Ojou-sama, as long as I’m alive, you’ll always be safe” line. And he just whooped all the bad guys. Alfred is bad ass. You guys will love him. Since I can’t remember the last time in a harem anime where the lead loser male gets beaten up and saved by an aging combat butler, I can’t increment the GHMC meter.

(Did I mention that his name is “Alfred”? I immediately want Alfred, Walter, Kogarashi, and Hayate to start their own band. With Hayate in the Sawa-chan Meido Fuku Mark II of course.)



The horse-drawn carriage spins out of control and tosses Teppei and the girl to their doom. Of course, I’m guessing they’ll survive because of her cushioning. No, seriously, why a horse-drawn carriage and not an armored limo? Was she leaving Ouran or something and they only had white horses?



OMG! AAM (Awesome Alfred Moment) #2! I might be watching this anime for Alfred. Forget the dime-a-dozen non-meido oversexed bimbo princesses… we have a new gar sheriff in town.

(Between Mikuru, Shannon, Chie-sensei, Maria, and Yu, is this season the summer of melonpan? I’d say “yes” if Mikuru hasn’t regressed to the point where I’m mistaking her for Yui.)



GHMC 5! Teppei was indeed saved by Charlotte’s cushioning. Typical harem couple collision leading to typical harem breast grab. The “spin” used in this anime is that Charlotte enjoyed it and teased Teppei about how much he enjoyed it. Needless to say, I was right in strictly basing everything on the OP that, out of the four haremettes, she’s not the tsundere girl.



“Do guys like girls with big breasts?” Welcome to GHMC 6. Two things to note, if I made a thin slicing post this season for which anime has the perkiest nipples, Princess Lover would sadly be only at #2 with Mr. Irrelevant being Haruhi Suzumiya. And, second, would you ever think that an anime featuring Haruhi, Mikuru, and Mikuru Prime would ever fail to deliver half-way decent cleavage shots?

(Teppei gives the generic, “Well, depends on the guy” line. Yes, I’m sure “guys” like Itsuki, Tamama, Kotetsu, and Lulu would be the exception to the rule.)



With Shannon dead, Maria being shoved out of the plot in Hayate, and Mikuru not doing any meido-related activities, I found my substitute! Yu! I stared at her. Intently. (Perfectly par for the course for this blog.) And I’m delighted that the grandfather is Onsakumaru.

(GHMC 7 for introducing a meido. Not that it’s a bad thing nor is it a bad thing to be high in the GHMC count. Though part of me is disappointed that it isn’t a Generic Giant Mecha moment Count, GGMMC.)



Another loli Maria? My gosh, I hope this one goes on a murder spree as well.

(I’m not even halfway done with watching all the shows for this season, and we have a Maria in Umineko, Princess Lover, Hayate, Zan, and Canaan. This is the summer of melonpan and Maria.)



Teppei completely ignores the hawt meido next to him and fails to even ask her for her name. I haven’t seen such a failure lead since Needless or Eva 2.0.



The poor man’s Saber is practicing by herself as the male lead decides he wants to spar with her instead of hitting on the hawt meido. Mmm… aw, it’s GHMC 8. Sylvia not only looks like Saber, she looks like she could be on the frontlines of Valkyria Chronicles.



Teppei’s kind of amazing… like two hours ago, he was tossed off a cliff chasing after mysterious girl A, and now he just randomly goes out and attacks mysterious girl B. Does he ever rest? Is the real difference between a typical harem lead and a normal human their inhuman stamina? Is that why they can have harems? Because they, uh, never run out of “energy”? There has to be something that separates them from normal people. At the very least, shouldn’t people like Yuji, Keitaro, and now Teppei be hawking 5 Hour Energy Drink? You know much much sugar those other energy drinks have? Well, Dero Doro Juice has 500 tablespoons!!!



And… it turns out that Sylvia is Teppei’s new fiance. GHMC 9. Am I disappointed we didn’t break 10? Or relived?



GoHands runs out of budget in animating the ED. Eh, I’m going to give this one a shot. I like ridiculous harem anime, and this certainly fits the bill. Plus, I wonder if Alfred is more gar than Hayate. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m only watching to get my meido fix.

(Plus the slight chance we’ll get the four princesses to start their own band. Hey, that’s a great idea for an anime… has anyone tried making an anime out of an all-girls rock band before?)

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  1. That last paragraph could lead to problems… Kami-sama taught us that in the latest chapters.

    “Poor-Man’s Saber” has melonpan that suggest that she’s more of a rich-man’s Saber. It’s like saying “Dwight Howard is a poor man’s Shaq” – it may be true historically, but dammit! at this moment, we can clearly see who’s superior.

    … yes, Rin Tohsaka fanboy loves the tsunderes…

  2. Saber traded in her ahoge for a nice rack.

  3. Saber ftw.
    Agreed. I like the name Princess Pimp better than Princess Lover. It would be like School Pimp days but a lot better (better haremettes) and there is a carriage instead of a boat waiting for Teppei after he’s done with all the girls.

    Gohands = “Go Fangs” Hmm.

  4. >> I immediately want Alfred, Walter, Kogarashi, and Hayate to start their own band.

    They can call it “Afternoon Tea Is Served” or some such.

  5. Excellent, I love twittered posts… this was hilarious. I love how this is a unabashed generic harem show, and a bit disappointed that the GHMC didn’t break the double digits, but I am sure there may just been some moments that still lay undocumented and just feels so much like the norm, we don’t even register it.

  6. Looks like Alfred has been taking lessons from his previous boss Mr. Wayne!

  7. @Dop: Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of Batman.

  8. I looked at the last picture and thought “Is Moka-san in this anime?”


  9. If you had been reading my posts, Jason, you’d know that the OPs reveal everything. They’re the biggest spoilers you could ever get <_<

  10. Walter from Hellsing, another good example of a badass elderly butler.

  11. Is Teppei Okazaki? He sounds like Okazaki.

  12. Why are people calling her Saber? They’re personalities are nothing alike, at least from what you see in the first episode.

    GoHands was the team responsible for that cool and spicy girl show. They’re using the same eye designs.

    >>I haven’t seen such a failure lead since Needless or Eva 2.0.

    You don’t like the new GARShinji?

  13. Why are people calling her Saber? They’re personalities are nothing alike, at least from what you see in the first episode.

    It was either Arthuria or Iris (who is a closer match), but not everyone who reads this blog has played Princess Waltz.

  14. Princess Pimp sounds like it would be so much better show than what we have here. I guess something needs to fill the generci harem show quota of the season. Painfully generic, I don’t think I’ll follow this past the first episode (despite it baiting us with meido) because… “I can already see the ending!”

  15. >> I’m only watching to get my meido fix.

    Try not to overdose on episode 2.

  16. I hope I’m not alone in wanting a yandere ending for this one. Just imagine if you will, bubbly pink-haired idealist is overcome with jealousy and brutally backstabs the tsundere (post Tsundere->Deretsun transition of course) and then, while Alfred engages in Yui in Meido Kombat, stalks Teppei sporting a bloody knife and slasher smile while muttering about how they are meant to be together because of the way they met. I think it would be glorious.

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