the story you don’t know

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Surprisingly long (but good). Can we get Afternoon Tea Time to do a cover for it?

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  1. You’d want Yui to perform the vocals, no doubt, right?

  2. Checking it out now- won’t have an opinion until I’ve listened a few times. The site’s popup ads are giving me the willies. Also, I noticed the other upload is Maria Holic manga. That’s being released very soon- seems like every property mentioned on this site has gotten licensed. Is there nothing that can’t get licensed? (And don’t say Kodomo no Jikan- that’s been rehashedr many times.)

  3. Let me just voice current vibe:
    “SUBS, WHERE??”
    been a while since we had a series that made us felt like that.

  4. Yui’s voice wouldn’t sound as good with this; her voice isn’t powerful enough for the chorus. But, what Jason has neglected to mention that vocalist “nagi” here is none other than “gazelle” of nico nico and Miku Hatsune fame.
    Supercell involvement, of course, speaks for itself.

  5. Choice of music is Shaft being Shaft again. And it’s a good ‘Shaft being Shaft’ moment.

  6. I love rock piano.

    This song is simply awesome. It is now on instant and continuous repeat.

  7. Listened to it a few times, then a few times just to make sure. It does bear some superficial resemblance to the K-On style (or vice-versa), but to reference a term used in the Tipping Point, it lacks stickiness. I can’t remember a single riff.

  8. That’s because there aren’t any memorable riffs and that’s not where the catchiness of the song lies; if you listen, it lies solely in the vocal lyrics and single melodic line that piano mirrors in the beginning; it’s not ‘rock-catchy’ ; it’s more ‘pedantic classical catchy’. The actual chorus is somewhat boring, but still out of range for Afternoon Tea Time, though, unless Mio is singing.

  9. love & roll is pretty good too, its on the same album… love her voice there >>
    now where’s staple stable?

  10. It is a great song. This post’s pic of the city might just be my new background.

  11. Good song – my favourite of the season, definitely. It’s the energy of it – slightly restrained at the start, and then lifting into the first chorus. Lovely.

  12. episode 6 gg sub is out!!!

  13. I’m so glad now that I preordered the CD… definitely worth it!

  14. Hmm not bad, kind of think this song would be the third FMA ending for this type of beat.

  15. btw jason do you live in japan? is that how you got this uploaded

  16. I wonder if someone can me an English compatible lyrics….. It could be something awsome

  17. The song was fantastic and Love & Roll was a great repeat. Had it playing nonstop all day while playing CoD4. Backgrounds nice

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