9/9/9 9:9

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  1. Dang it. I just slept through it… (-_-;)

  2. I was in a team meeting.

    @zodmaner: There’s always tonight (unless you are a military type…)

  3. The Cirno fans are having a field day with this…

  4. Even the spam protection was 9. XD

    But, hell, Jason, no Touhou reference, what are you doing ?

  5. Cirno, ⑨.

    I don’t even like Cirno or Touhou period, but Cirno is still superior to Mio.

    At least Cirno can be entertaining with her stupidity. Mio…Mio should have barnacles stuck in her big, shiny moeblob eyes.

  6. Happy Dreamcast Day!

  7. Yesh, today needs moar Cirno.

  8. Same~ Cirno’s day~

  9. I also cast my vote for more Cirno.

  10. ?????
    Cimo? I have no idea what you guys are talking about. All I know is that I’m pissed that the touch has no camera -_-,

  11. Let’s math.

  12. Ironically, I was listening to K-ON! on my iPod all day. Or maybe it was written in the stars . . . everything seems to add up, regardless.

  13. It’s not the ⑨ we should be celebrating, it should be 20:09 20.09 2009!


    Mio is loev. <3

  15. can we get the above image as a full wallpaper?

  16. While, of course, a picture of Cirno would’ve been most appropriate for 09/09/09 09:09:09, I think this is fine too. The choice of colours is nice too, with these cold blues. Really, that picture of Mio is pretty cool, so chill guys.

  17. It appears that it was also Kyou and Ryou’s birthday.

  18. Um. What has Mio got to do with Cirno day?

    Senjougahara, now. She’s a ten.

  19. Happy Cirno day…and uh…some musician kid as well I guess…

  20. Jason, what the hell have you done to me? I find myself enjoying shows with stapler-armed girls, and trap manga like No Bra.

    I mourn my normality, and I blame you.

  21. Spam protection was 9 =)

    09/09/09 is fun but not as fun as 9/9/99.

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