anime stereotypes at their best… worst… ?

Well, we can’t all be magical girls.

Alice sent me this post about an Utena-themed wedding. I was a bit disappointed that the two brides didn’t dance down the aisle to Rinbu Revolution a la the Forever viral video. Seriously, how could have you an Utena-themed wedding and not do Rinbu Revolution with a final sword extraction move at the end? But still, gratz to Anli and Laura.

(It’s a nice change from the typical Gundam Seed wedding. Come on. Where’s the Suzaku/Lulu same sex wedding? If you are planning a Suzaku/Lulu same sex wedding in San Francisco, invite me, and I’ll blog about it. I won’t even make an “OH GEASS NO!” joke. Okay. Maybe I will.)

All I can say about Princess Robot Bubblegum is that, if anything, the magical girl genre has been trending towards smaller bust sizes in recent history. Though, to be fair, Hollywood doesn’t portray women any better.

Conan visits Bang Zoom again (I know this is old, but eh)… I want to see Conan dubbing Kampfer. Make it so!

And, finally, Bakemonogatari 13 is delayed until November. I’m as sad as you are.

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  1. Conan is my hero.

  2. I won’t even make an “OH GEASS NO!” joke

    It may become necessary after the “You may impale the Groom” part of the vows.

  3. Since this post has a few unrelated comments I shall post one equally unrelated comment that still deals with something the blog covers quite well, traps. I got blind sided by one today in episode five of lovely complex, this was even a bigger surprise than mariya in maria-holic. I know it is quite poorly drawn but you should at least watch episode 5, the trap works fast and is horny as hell.

  4. PS. though I do agree that the only reason I was more surprised was because of the type of series it happened in. Mariya is by far the better trap.

  5. If someone goes for a trap-themed wedding, which anime would you prefer they chose? Remember it’d be man+trap, although perhaps a woman+trap maria holic wedding would be better…

  6. A true Code Geass wedding would need to be Lelouch/Kallen/Suzaku, and someone would have to die at the end of it. So don’t get your hopes on it happening.

  7. Watching that GTA parody reminded me of being a Cleveland Browns fan. Everyone has a joke to say so the first reaction is get defensive… but calm down to think about it and realize there is truth to the parody… then just be sad that you spent your falls watching Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Jeff Garcia, Trent Dillfer, Charley Frye, Derek Anderson, and Brady Quinn.

    and then realize your starting quarter back is ranked 35th in a league that has 32 teams.

    So Railgun & Kampfer or Browns vs (ANYONE)

  8. It’s a nice change from the typical Gundam Seed wedding.

    Bah, these days a Gundam themed wedding without a 1:1 scale Gundam can hardly be considered a Gundam themed wedding at all.

  9. What do you think would be more surprising to a just married couple. If they are straight and the bride happens to be a guy or if they are gay and one of them happens to by a woman or a woman with a sex change?

  10. To be honest, the video is hillarious. Parodying the mahou shoujo genre and bad dubbing?

  11. Hopefully, I’m not the only person that correlated Conan with the kid detective.

  12. We can’t all be magical girls? Is that some sort of dare? Reverse psychology?

    I like Conan, but there is no way I want to hear him doing a girl’s voice.

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