for anime fanboys, everyday is halloween

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  1. Doh! the rear looks nice (the upper-leg is a bit large though)! Clearly a trap…

  2. holloween is an anime fanboy’s christmas and new year rolled into one. at what other time could you see your local librarian girl dressed in her slutty leather outfit out in pubic…. public.

  3. Local librarian girl? Leather?
    Clearly I need to get out more…

  4. zettai ryouiki :'(

  5. Given the number of people taking pictures, it is either an extremely attractive girl or a trap.

  6. The socks aren’t high enough to be zettai ryouiki :(.

  7. Trying to remember the hair color of that one girl in Ikkitousen that always had her eyes closed…

  8. Don’t leave me in despair, show us the front!

  9. Also reminds me of Tomoyo Sakagami….

  10. Tetsuei said “Trying to remember the hair color of that one girl in Ikkitousen that always had her eyes closed…”

    She had white hair, and was named Shiryuu:

    I’m pretty sure that’s who our cosplayer is trying for… and doing a pretty good job, as far as I can tell!

  11. Wait, according to the perspective, that girl should be a midget… or a loli. That bunch of japanese freaks would be so much taller than her if standing just by her side. She has motherly hips though.
    Oh… so it’s REALLY trick or treat.

  12. … the hell? Who are they cosplaying? And yeah, every anime con is Halloween for an anime fan.

  13. I’d like to say that mine was the best Halloween, considering that I saw girl in meido cosplay on the bus, WITHOUT ANY UNDERWEAR IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

  14. What? You call that a trap. That’s No fucking trap. The Camera man just didn’t have no room to go and take a picture in front cuz all the folks were up there, so he couldn’t stay in the front. Yes, this is a 100% cute girl. Awesome cosplay. LOVE!

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