winter 2009 goes rogue

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Winter 2009 doesn’t look like the near apocalypse that was fall 2009. Oh, who am I kidding? Positive thinking can’t make good anime. I already covered Nodame‘s finale previously, I can’t believe Hidamari Sketch is getting a third season, and… hey, I can’t think of something bad to say about Durarara. Katanagatari is doing an one episode per month release, which I hate since it kills all momentum (i.e. Bakemonogatari 14 anyone?) but at least it’s not as bad as Hellsing‘s one year per episode release schedule. And I much prefer anime’s preference for loli vampires than the Twilight variety… Bund will be, what? Shaft’s third or fourth series with a loli vampire? Though I doubt Shaft will be able to keep all the gruesome violence and random nudity that permeates Bund.

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  1. Hmmm, Hanamaru Kindergarten looks like a bunch of Potemayos running around.

  2. “Hmmm, Hanamaru Kindergarten looks like a bunch of Potemayos running around.”

    It really does, and that’s what I thought it was when I first looked at it.

    Nothing else really jumps out at me, although the bit about the Qwasar guy controlling iron and getting powers from breast milk raised an eyebrow. I almost wonder if Queen’s Blade has lowered the standard to which some series are willing to sink…

  3. Lets see if I can summarize some of these…
    Chu-Bra – Your hopes will rise and fall faster then Superman: The Escape.
    Omamori Himari – Catgirl Samurai ecchi degenerates into typical harem blah.
    Vampire Bund – Meme called. He wants Shinobu back.
    Sora No Woto – KyoAni called. They want their animators back.
    Hidden God – Hinamizawa called. They want their Oyashiro-sama back.
    Qwaser of Stigmata – He gets his powers from Hopes and Dreams.
    Durarara – Baccano:Japan
    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de # – Male. Harem.
    Ladies vs Butlers – Nagi called. She wants Hayate back. Maria said “Good Riddence!”
    Hanamaru Kindergarten – Pedobear called. Again. And again.

  4. I expected you to be all over Baka to Test to Shōkanjū, given the alleged epic trap

  5. Ugh. Over the past 2 years it seems like all I do is follow one or two shows per season. This SUCKS.

    The only thing I might consider watching is Omamori Himari since i’ve been reading the manga and who knows. it can’t be worse than kanokon…right? Where are my TWGOK, HSOTD, and Mysterious Girlfriend X adaptations? I do hope however something will come out of nowhere and blindside me with its awesomeness. Can’t I get a second season of Shigofumi?

  6. Well, Hidamari’s going to gain two more residents, one of whom makes Yuuno look like Miyako in comparison so she gets to be a big sister to someone else… for once.

    And at least this isn’t another season of Haruhi S2, with 8 episodes of absolutely nothing…

  7. “Can’t I get a second season of Shigofumi?”

    In my personal opinion Shigofumi ran out of good characters after the first few episodes and didn’t develop its overall plot well. They’ve also resolved the main conflict, I don’t think another season would be beneficial. I’m not overly impressed by the preview but I’ll give Hanamaru Kindergaten the benefit of the doubt since it is Gainax. Hopefully some of these shows will surprise us.

  8. Well, I know I’m going after Hidamari Sketch this season. And then there are other shows I still need to watch as well.

    @cheez-it: Those summaries are awesome, got any more of those?

  9. Being a fan of Refuge-in-Audacity, WTF comedies like Bobobo-bo Bobobo and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, I looked at the poster and am now preparing for a long, cold winter. ;_;

  10. I thought the kid in the foreground of the Hanamaru Kindergarten looked like Potemayo as well (now if only they have a Guchuko-alike, it might be worth watching).

    Wasn’t Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu mentioned in Seitokai no Ichizon?

    Nodame and Hidamari are the two must-watch shows, after that I’ll be trying things out.

  11. I think this is just a preview of the preview- the full list should come later. Also, while I appreciate the effort put into assembling these charts, the descriptions are inevitably terrible or don’t summarize what the show is really about (an impossible task when the show hasn’t aired yet). Perhaps someone should go back and do a second chart when the season is done, with true summaries? This is the kind of thing Zetsubou-sensei rants about.

  12. On the plus side, this looks like the perfect time to catch up on the anime I’ve missed over the last few seasons.

  13. Dustin: Kinda my joke there, A hodgepodge second season of Shigofumi still gets my views before any of the dreck thats getting churned out for next season.

  14. Definitely watching Dance in the Vampire Bund, just because I wanna see Tepes’ transformation (and whether it gets Shafted).

  15. Niles, thanks, I was having Sekirei withdrawals there. Here’s hoping it makes the list this season.

    Yes, my taste is low. In fact, Omamori Himari is one I’m looking forward to also, though the manga’s not far enough along. (or maybe just the scanlations aren’t, which is another matter.) Staying a continent away from Baka to Test…. It’s between Dance and Hidden God for my “dark” series this season.

  16. Shaft + loli vampires = pure win!

  17. Bleah, Vampire Bund is probably the first Shaft show I’m not looking forward to. At least there’s Hidamari Sketch to fill in the void.
    Durarara has a good pedigree.
    SoRaNoWoTo: the K-On girls join ROTC?

  18. Hidamari Sketch x ***

    Good stuff.

  19. @Phil Collins
    XP I get it only too well and too late.

  20. Eh? No one has burning and prurient desire to see Chu-Bra!!??

    It’s about freaking underwear!!

    What is wrong with you people!!??

  21. Fat Nakago: Not all of us get off on the idea of women’s underwear because we’re older than the age of 10… or we don’t get off on wearing it, so it’s a pass. It sounds like K-On with underwear as the focus instead of guitars, except with no Mio or any appeal. Besides, for that sort of thing you might as well grab a Sears catalogue, if you’re so interested…. ;)

  22. Fat Nakago: because it has the potential to suck really badly. Please tell me this isn’t based off a light novel or something. o_O Actually, based on current trends, I’m calling it: there will be a character who periodically wets herself. It would actually fit here.

  23. Eh? No one has burning and prurient desire to see Chu-Bra!!??

    It’s about freaking underwear!!

    What is wrong with you people!!??

    Because the original manga is actually pretty boring. Probably better off with the Shizuoka-centric parts of Umisho instead.

  24. Niles: It’s based on a manga which is drawn like the artist loved Ichigo Marshmallow a bit too much and copied the character designs. So you’ve got moeblobs who make Yui from K-ON look like an adult, much less the Lucky Star bunch. And they’re prancing around in underwear.

    If you tell me that’s not at all disturbing or maybe boring, then you’re more of a lolicon than Shin.

  25. Oh wow, it looks like only Hidamari Sketch will be worth watching next season, barring the appearance of a surprise hit or guilty pleasure. Hmm, good thing I have a good-sized backlog of shows in my HD… Ah, Darker than Black or Ichigo Marshmallow?

  26. I did not realize that Katanagatari was only one episode per month…..
    ……that, Ireland being robbed of a world cup place and Liverpool being knocked out of the Champions League is really bumming me out…..
    …..for the next two months….

  27. Moon Phase, Negima, Bakemonogatari, and Bund. So yeah, four series with loli vampires for SHAFT. Roughly one hundred if you count each Negima TV/OVA series separately.

  28. Omamori Himari is only interesting because of that awesome little demon girl. Ill watch it for a few episodes, get my fill of demon loli goodness and drop it like Shana’s skirt.

  29. Hyperion: Darker than Black, I’m told, is very good. Ichigo Mashimaro Encore, on the other hand, screwed up the character designs… a lot.

  30. Hope the new season brings some good. This season wasn’t much but Nyan-Koi was a nice surprise later on. Especially with the addition of the Olsen twins.

    Duarararara and Qwaser seems the most interesting additions. The Qwaser manga is a nice read…

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