sora no otoshimono 11

“It’s important to know when to pull out.”


Tomoki’s mischief-making is legendary… he is the Tiger Woods of lecherous harem anime leads. The dude is just an impressive smorgasbord of pervertedness, pervertedness, and even more pervertedness. He also features a nearly indestructible body and has haremettes crawling all around him. (Honestly, if he asked Sohara or Mikako to get nakkid for him very nicely, what are the chances she’d turn him down? And he already ordered poor Ikaros to do so… and he turned her down!) He’s the only guy who could possibly hang with the great Onizuka-sensei.

And… you know what? Just when we thought he couldn’t be more awesome, he gets more awesome. By going she.


So he devises this plot to peek on the girls as they take a bath, but it’s no ordinary plot. Oh no sir. He goes the who nine yards. He decides to use one of Ikaros’ magical Doraemon-ish cards to turn himself into a girl. (Wait, wait, I know, I know. Let’s wait on that though for a sec.) But to complete the illusion and go that extra nine yards, he learns to become a proper lady. And when I say proper…


… I mean Rei Ayanami-class cock tease.

Yep, that’s right. Tomoki– err– Tomoko out-girls the girls. (Not sure if it’s sad or pure awesome that Tomoko is a better girl than the girls. I mean, it has to be anti-masculine for Tomoko… but it has to be anti-feminine for the girls? If you were a girl in his class, how would you feel about the most perverted guy in class turning into a girl and suddenly becoming the belle of the ball? But is it really that bad for Tomoko? Being in tune with girls is what a skirt-chaser needs to be, right?)

(And can someone explain to me how having two hair clip is supposed to symbolize some sort of transformation into womanhood? We saw this with poor Mako-cakes.)


And what does this say about Sohara’s intelligence levels? (Not that I would consider her a Rhodes Scholar… or even Student of the Week.) Geez, this “girl” sure looks like Tomoki. “She” even hangs out with the two freaky winged chix0rs. And “her” name is only a single “ko” vs “ki” different from Tomoki. And Ikaros does have this Doraemon-type card system… nah, it can’t be Tomoki. Tomoko is a completely and utterly different person.

(Needless to say, Sohara wouldn’t last long against Beatrice.)


So of course, it’s smooth sailing by Tomoko into the New World. His brilliant scheme… well… I honestly can’t think of any scheme in anime this year that tops him turning into a girl, getting trained by Sugata into turning into the almost perfect girl, and then infiltrating the bath… just for melonpan and groping. This tops Taki’s nakkid hikikomori plan, Hitagi’s first date plan, and Kadokawa’s plan to kill the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise.


(AIC is the Team Ninja of anime studios. Can we get AIC to remake K-On! and stick Tomoko in as the sixth band member? And there’s no doubt in my mind that the BD sales of Sora no Otoshimono is going to increase.)


He has both of the winged freaks helping him out, completing neglecting their issues and feelings. He treats Ikaros like crap… he’s no K1, and she’s no Belldandy. And Nymph doesn’t give him up even though she has no reason to like him. Or maybe he just bought her off with that new underwear set. Yes, Tomoko schooled her in how to pick out women’s underwear. He… her… whatever… is a fearsome, fearsome creature. Tomoko isn’t of the pantheon, he’s on top of the pantheon, much like Amun or Zeus.


The even more genius part of the plan? Tomoko gets Sugata to train him Rocky-style! The only way the ED for this episode could be more awesome is if Eye of the Tiger were blaring as Tomoko sweats… sweats… and sweats some more. Just an absolute genius of an ED.

(Aggressive ZoneDon’t say “lazy”Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari… you’re all second rate now. Sorry. That’s just the way it is. This was just genius. Anti-Sohara even.)

(The mystery girl in this show’s OP turned out to be Tomoko… and the mystery girl in Needless turned out to be Cruzko. I sense a pattern. Oh, I know! 1-1-2-3-5-8-13!)


And when things finally go wrong, they go wrong in the best way possible… tons and tons of nakkid chix0rs running for their lives as the one man grope fest fires off Mikuru beams. You just know that there’s no way any device could contain Tomoki’s burning libido and that would be his downfall.


Mikako turns his facet… and then divine retribution yadda yadda yadda for Tomoki.

(In my notes, I wrote down, “Take a refreshing sip from it Mikako! You know you want to!” but decided against using that line since it seemed inappropriate. Um, technically, I just used it… nevermind. Ah shucks.)


Yes, this show is devoid of any moral values, it’s sexist, it’s stupid, it’s silly… yet… entertaining as hell when it has no business being that way. Maybe it’s the Howard Stern Effect… sometimes, you just gotta push the boundaries to find the boundaries, and that’s what Tomoko does beautifully this episode. And what Tomoki does the rest of the series.

But… oddly… I want…


more… ?
















15 Responses to “sora no otoshimono 11”

  1. i’m somewhat dissapoointed that Tomoki/Tomoko didn’t completely enjoy all the new “perks” of becoming a woman I mean even the main character from Druaga wanted some alone time with him/herself

  2. Raise your hand if you didn’t expect Jason to self-destruct after this episode. *crickets* That’s what I thought. Anyhow, isn’t it a trope that after being gender-bent the target spends some time “exploring”? Tomoko had no inclination to do so? And the question that naturally follows: what would happen if Ikaros were to somehow create a second Tomoki, who ran into Tomoko?

  3. >>what would happen if Ikaros were to somehow create a second Tomoki, who ran into Tomoko?

    Oh, bad question, because we all know the answer. Tomoki (and by extension, tomoko) would be totally cool with transgender selfcest, and would likely require no more than a half second to get into it.

    But what’s even more disturbing? We all already knew that, and would think it was the most terrific thing we’d ever seen while watching it.

  4. Ok no doubt in my mind that I am coming to you when it comes to gender bending series. The funny thing about this anime is that I root for Tomoki when it comes to his pervertness … then again any man are like this if they live in a world where you can have your own big breasted U.M.A.

  5. Tomoko is voiced by Saki Fujita aka Hatsune Miku. Win

  6. Denial. And he says that I’m broken. ;)

  7. Most. Awesome. Title. Ever.

    I have to keep myself hydrated, with an ER team on-call every week. And just as you think I was watching Queen’s Blade…

  8. One-one-two-three

    Oh wow it rhymes.

  9. Its…its…its post-Op Mako-chan!

  10. ihekro: No, that’s beyond Mako-chan… since he just wants to LOOK like a girl instead of be a perfect girl. It’s more like a post-op Shiratori Ryuuji.

    Way, way more broken… but at least he’s doing it to get close to the girls, which was Mako-chan’s original intention, at least before he forgot what the mission was. But hey, at least he’s closer to Chiaki…

    I think I’ll stick with my Shiina Sisters ending, or maybe xXxHolic Chapter 195. Oh god, Jorogumo…

  11. Here, Tomoki has cemented his ranking in my eyes as a Man among Men. Never reject your inner man, imbrace it and brave through thick and thin!

  12. This episode made cry manly tears at the awesomeness that is Tomoko/ki.
    Only thing to say: Good Job !

  13. And everything is well in Heaven… and on Earth.

    Happy New Year Jason, K-ON! officialy got a 2nd season. Enjoy it!

  14. The show website has some samples of the “updates” in the uncut DVD version…

  15. Was that Dan-kun mike I saw?

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