yamamoto-sensei is awesome

Anzu has her work cut out for her, that’s for sure.


The way Hanamaru Kindergarten presents Yamamoto-sensei, it seems like she’s a cross between the Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa, Mariel, and Belldandy. That can’t be all that’s there to Nana-chan. There has to be some sort of sinister past a la Mariel. I refuse to accept otherwise: Nana-chan could have been a punk rocker, could have participated in the first future diary contest, could have lost her memory, etc., etc., etc. No one is that perfect. Except for Kira Yamato.

(But Kyou’s still my favorite kindergarten teacher. Come on. That ponytail Kyou had… *drool*)

(No, seriously, someone knock some sense into Jimmy Fallon. Here’s what he said about ponytails last Friday, “Thank you ponytails for making the back of women’s heads look like a horse’s ass.” He’s more of a hater than my average commenter.)


Wait, wha? Yui? Azu-nyan?

*blink blink*



“I was just worried you were being fooled by some immoral man.”

“You don’t have to worry Dad… nothing has changed…”

Finish Nana-chan’s sentence:

A. “… I’m still a lesbian.”
B. “… I’m still a hermaphrodite.”
C. “… I’m just playing around with him until it’s time for the sacrifice.”
D. “… I’m not real. No one as perfect as me could possibly exist.”
E. “… men just aren’t interested in me.”

Needless to say, it’s a suspenseful few milliseconds.

(Overprotective dad… I guess we won’t be seeing Yamamoto-sensei and Tsuchida-sensei lying beneath the stars in an open clearing any time soon.)



“What do you love about me?”

“Everything. What do you love about me?”

“I love your ability to build Master Grade Exia. I love how how you toss the Wiimote after failing in Monster Hunter. I love how the average age of your harem is less than six years old.”

(Okay, I admit there’s some kinks to be worked out here.)


Hii has some awesome outfits… thought I think it helps narrow down her parents. They have to be either:

A. K-On!‘s Sawa-chan and e-f‘s Kuze.
B. Genshiken‘s Ohno and Tanaka.




Can we call Yamamoto-sensei a homewrecker? Anzu and Tsuchida look so happy!

(Facepalm for Tsuchida for trying to impress Yamamoto by telling her about his Master Grade abilities. Dude. Go Perfect Grade or go home. No girl is going to be impressed by a Master Grade Gundam.)

(Then again, none will be impressed by a Perfect Grade one either.)


Plastic surgery run amok. There was an discussion on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me last year (I think?) where the panel was discussing why Barbie dolls have such unrealistic breasts. The reason? To lower the self-esteem of young women. Only in America.


Wait, he brings an NDS to work? I mean… this guy puts together Master Grade models, needs help from kids to finish Dragon Quest, and has no redeeming skills– why hasn’t Yamamoto-sensei jumped his bones already? By anime standards, he’s more pimp than Tiger Woods crossed with Derek Jeter.

(True, maybe Yamamoto-sensei is too dense to realize the AT field she tosses up against men, but has she been interested in a guy before? Maybe the correct choice earlier is indeed “A.”)

(I was addicted to Might and Magic Clash of Heroes on the NDS… until I beat the game and couldn’t max out my armies any further. It’s like a cross between Tetris and Columns with some RPG elements tossed in. More puzzle-oriented but just as random as Puzzle Quest.)


I liked how it took like three minutes to slide down the slide. Obviously, if male/female relationships are broken in this anime, so are gravitational physics.


Loved the battle of wits between Hii and the boys. I’m positive this team from Hanamaru could wipe the floor with class F from Baka to Test to Shoukanju. It would be Tyson vs. Spinks.


Favorite line, “I’m not going to kiss you after you threw up.” This doesn’t apply if you’re in college. In fact… it might go the opposite way.

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  1. “I’m positive this team from Hanamaru could wipe the floor with class F from Baka to Test to Shoukanju. It would be Tyson vs. Spinks.”

    I love what that says about typical anime heroes when they can easily be compared to kids in kindergarten. This post was almost as good as the anime itself (in that it almost made me laugh as much). Just to clarify that is neither a dig on this post or the anime, it’s more of a compliment to both…

  2. Wait, wha? Yui? Azu-nyan?

    *blink blink*


    Now I’m confused. Because I don’t remember seeing this scene ever.

  3. … unless, this encompasses both episode 2 and 3, of which one I haven’t seen.

  4. I’m positive this team from Hanamaru could wipe the floor with class F from Baka to Test to Shoukanju.

    Hiiragi could do it with one arm behind her back – while wearing a simply adorable Panda-cat outfit…

    I was disappointed that when Yamamoto-sensei joined in the ‘let’s jump on Tsuchida-sensei’ game that Anzu didn’t start going SHAAAAAAAA! like Potemayo….

  5. *rewatches ep 3* GWAH! I can’t believe I didn’t see the delicious wonder that is Azu-nyan~!?! *Head meets wall. Repeatedly*

  6. At least Jason watches for Yamamoto-sensei. Shin wrote a pornographic entry on this show.

    No wonder he left Australia -the cops must have been right behind hmm, and are trying to get extradition papers as we speak.

  7. Wow, when it comes to love, Nana-chan is about as dense as your typical loser male harem lead.

  8. The difference is that you actually want to jump her bones. In fact she nearly reciprocated when she tried to hug Tsuchi. Such a tease.

  9. But Shin does pornography of Shota-traps…and don’t know which country would take him in.
    Yamamoto-sensei looks like her only fault would be back and shoulder pain. I wouldn’t mind helping her with those problems…just a little scented oil is needed.

  10. Obviously Nana-chan was a banchou back in middle school.

    You went with the white neko over the panda neko? Heretic.

  11. I wish I had a kindergarten teacher with hopes and dreams like yamamato-sensei….

  12. ithekro: Many would imprison him for indecency and various moral outrages, especially after he posted about how he manipulated his loli neighbour into calling him ‘oniii-chan’.

  13. wtf we’ve got our next heidi montag…

  14. Yamamoto-sensei also reminds me of a more naive, bustier Yamada Ayumi… even down to the hair color and pure cuteness. Oh, and the overprotective dad.

    Tsuchida’s lustlonging for Yamamoto-sensei is more doomed than any possibility of a season without traps or lolis.

  15. Hiiragi appears to be the child of Pano Poni Dash’s Ichigo and Haruhi-chan’s Nagato Yuki-chan. They have the same eyes, Ichigo’s randomness and Yuki’s intelligence.

  16. Hiiragi appears to be the child of Pani Poni Dash’s Ichigo and Haruhi-chan’s Nagato Yuki-chan. They have the same eyes, Ichigo’s randomness and Yuki’s intelligence.

  17. K-ON Girls

    I still have the impression Nana is a total clutz with Love. That explains why her father is worried wayback then during her school dayts she probably is so lonely and alone. Another explanation for her taking up the role as a Kindergarten Teacher.

    No one noticed in episode 3 that Hii-chan is imitating Ranka Lee’s dance theme of their restaurant from the anime Macross Frontier. (So Gainax really helped in episode 1 version 1 of that series wayback 2007)

  18. Hiiragi looks setup to be able to parody anything.

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